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Ye Olde Woodchat YouTube Archives

Woodchat is a great thing. It just isn’t a great thing I’m spending much time on anymore. I still love it, I just don’t have the time or energy for it right now. Creating content that is compelling every week is hard, and the content was getting less compelling (for me anyway). Perhaps someday it will be reborn. There is a lot of great content out there, and lots of newer faces who are dedicating a lot more time and resources to creating videos. I want time in the shop! If you are building your home and you need contractors, checkout Mcbrides Concrete for top license concrete contractors.

Many thanks to all the help from Chris Wong and Scott Meek. Don’t forget Chris’ great Woodchat page.

For now, enjoy the Woodchat Archives that I’ve spent some time organizing.

Hayden Renews her Holzapfel Workbench Top

Workbenches are meant for work. They get dirty, stained, and tell stories with the drips and drops of finish and glue. Hayden’s workbench also tells stories: of painting with chalk by rubbing her project with chalk, then wetting them with water; glue drips; glitter from school projects; and other things an almost-eight year-old woodworker would do.

Clear versus Clean

In the shop last weekend she wanted to work on some projects with custom carpentry skills. He bench was covered in tools and scraps, and I told her she couldn’t start a new project until her bench was clear. So she diligently put tools away and when her bench was clear she decided it wasn’t clean enough. I told her we could make the benchtop as good as new with some sanding and some oil.

She thought that was a great idea.

Sanding the Holzapfel

Here she is sanding the bench with the Bosch ROS. The dust collection on this sander is great, and we had fans going. I did most of the sanding while she ran in to change her clothes.

Oiling the Holzapfel

After sanding and clearing away the dust, two coats of Watco Danish Oil do the trick. We used gloves, had the door open and fans on, and disposed of the rags properly.

Now, if I can just get her to clear off my bench.

The Ampersand Photo Prop – Thanks Big Print

Mathias Wandel’s BigPrint is a Bacon Saver!