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Router Upgrades and a WoodWhisperer Guild Contest Prize

Last Thursday night when GAKMAN and I were in the shop, I ruined the fixed router base for my PC690. I was trying to install a large offset router base for safer routing, and couldn’t get a screw out. It was old, the screw was locked in, and I trashed it with a screw extractor. The screw never came out but the hole sure got bigger. It ended up cupping the base and instead of fixing it I trashed it. I ordered a new fixed router base, and installed it and the offset router baseplate. I rarely use the router baseplate as my reference edge when routing, so I’m OK with the larger size. It’ll be more stable, and I’ll feel safer, so I’ll get better results.


Here’s that big baseplate installed. Not sure if it’s on there exactly the way I want it, but glad I have a new base. Now I need to fix the cord on the router, and I might need to motor brushes soon.

Another upgrade I made was adding the Woodhaven baseplate for my Bosch Colt. The stock base plate (seen below) is just too small for me to feel safe and get a stable cut. Again, I don’t use the base plate as a reference edge very often, so I’m fine with the larger size. Although it does have a nice flat side if I do want to use the plate as a reference edge.


Here you can see the new base plate with handles, the old small one, and my shop mug from The WoodWhisperer.


Large flat surface, not wimpy like the stock baseplate.

I am a member of The WoodWhisperer Guild and a recent project was a Greene and Greene inspired frame. Well I was pretty excited when Marc emailed me to tell me I won a set of templates. These are high quality templates produced on a CNC and they arrived in perfect condition. Pretty psyched and thanks to Marc Spagnuolo!


MDF templates cut by CNC with centerlines for alignment.

Here’s what the finished frame looks like.


That’s Marc Spagnuolo, The WoodWhisperer, captured this picture of his finished mirror.