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Tom’s Workbench Spotlights Matt Gradwohl and Upper Cut Woodworks

The Woodworking community is very supportive and dedicated. Woodworkers are actively preserving the materials, designs, tools and techniques. Some of this preservation is happening on the Internet via traditional magazines bringing content to the web, but a lot of it is being preserved by the dedicated woodworkers themselves. I am a big fan of blogs and online woodworking communities, check out the Blogroll in the right side bar of the main page to see some of my favorites.

Tom Iovino is a long-time member of the woodworking community, and is doing his part to advance the craft. Tom is the Managing Editor of Tom’s Workbench which is one of the most popular woodworking blogs on the internet. Tom’s Tips are featured on Wood Talk Online and he is a published woodworking author. He currently writes the Shop Monkey series of articles for Wood Magazine. I met Tom at the Woodworking In America conference and he’s a great guy, super friendly, and a top craftsman & blogger.

So, with credentials like that I was surprised and pleased that Tom was interested in featuring Upper Cut Woodworks on his blog. I quickly agreed. It’s always great to talk to another woodworking blogger, and Tom and I had a great conversation. This was a really fun process.

Tom’s article about me, my woodworking, and Upper Cut Woodworks is on Tom’s Workbench, here.

Taking a break from chopping out some handcut dovetails in the shop.

Taking a break from chopping out some hand cut dovetails in the shop.