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Woodworkers First Woodchat of 2012: Woodchat Transcript January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

A great big group of woodworkers kicked off the year right with #woodchat.

Woodchat Transcript January 4, 2012 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

@DyamiPlotke: Don’t forget, kids, #woodchat tonight at 9:00 eastern.

@uppercutwood: I’m back from vacation and excited to #woodchat tonight. Hey kids, what did you give or get woodworking related for the holidays? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: 6pm Pacific tonight and I can’t wait to hear what your #woodchat woodworking New Years’ resolutions are? #woodchat

@woodbard: @Tumblewood @RenaissanceWW ^Plus you have #woodchat tonight.

@WoodWhisperer: Have a good #woodchat folks!

@RhodyFurniture: RT @DyamiPlotke: Don’t forget, kids, #woodchat tonight at 9:00 eastern.

@DyamiPlotke: @WoodWhisperer care to join us, Mr. Spagnuolo? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Testing…testing This is a test post from tweetchat in the android browser. Tweetdeck for android doesnt work as well #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @benjamenjohnson test received. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: Anyone know what the topic will be tonight? #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @sonicfedora That’s always a safe bet! #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: good evening #woodchat

@Tumblewood: Hello all …I’ll be trying Chirpstory to record the Twitter #woodchat tonight. http://t.co/Dmu65bzj

@Tumblewood: Just an FYI, Tweetdeck is bugging tonight. Not showing all #woodchat and not keeping the ones it does show! I’ll try Tweetchat, too..

@Tumblewood: Great..completely lost #woodchat column and not allowing me to add it back!!! on tweetdeck..

@JustSqEnough: hi vic#woodchat

@asliceofwood: Hi all. #Woodchat

@MansFineFurn: RT just an FYI, Tweetdeck is bugging tonight. Not showing all #woodchat and not keeping the ones it does show! I’ll try Tweetchat, too..

@JustSqEnough: @asliceofwood hey Tim #woodchat

@piratecolie: @asliceofwood hey sexy #woodchat

@Tumblewood: OK…I’ll try to keep Tweetchat. Hopefully, it doesn’t refresh and dump. It did last week. I’ll monitor. I’m working tonight. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: Sorry, #woodchat, but I’m still doing my homework. I’ll be late if I make it at all. Have fun.

@asliceofwood: any topics tonight? #Woodchat

@MansFineFurn: evenin’ folks. tweetdeck appears to be broken. Looks like Tweetchat is the place to go tonight http://t.co/gxrfSTpX for #woodchat

@bltww: @asliceofwood I heard new years resolutions was one of them #woodchat

@bltww: Here are my resolutions: http://t.co/9Zen1dZf #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @bltww I have no newyears resolutions releated to woodworking ill be putting the shop into storage for part of the year and movi.. #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @bltww ..the other part , maybe the second half, well see. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @bltww heck most have already probably broken their resolutions. #Woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I found that the android version of Tweetdeck wouldn’t update fast enough and wouldn’t automatically append #woodchat #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @bltww thats a nice list Erik #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @bltww Great Idea to blog the list- forces you to write it, and others can keep you on track/accountable – may have to do that too #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @asliceofwood I resolve to stop reading your handle as alice of wood. #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @benjamenjohnson @asliceofwood haha, glad im not the only one#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @bltww Good idea, but it still wouldn’t stop me from breaking them #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Whats the topic tonight? #woodchat

@mamader: evening all#woodchat

@bltww: @benjamenjohnson tweet chat is working pretty well in the android browser for me #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @benjamenjohnson did you have any good resolutions? #Woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson haven’t checked to see if it works tonight on the’droid, but I use it all the time for ‘non’- woodchat tweets#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @bltww I plan on switching over to my tablet in a while when I sit with my daughter while she reads. #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @mamader hey Mike #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’ve been using Osfoora for my iphone. I like it strings together all responses.#woodchat

@HighRockWW: #woodchat good evening, how’s everyone doing tonight?

@benjamenjohnson: @asliceofwood To try to be more funny this year πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@theboisshop: Hey, first chat of the new year and I’ve already broken 7 resolutions. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @theboisshop 7?!? which ones?#woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @theboisshop haha, sounds like your list is to long Rob.. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @benjamenjohnson it will happen. #Woodchat

@HighRockWW: @theboisshop that’s why I don’t even bother making them! πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@woodbard: Is TweetDeck wonky tonight? #woodchat

@theboisshop: Oh wait, it was just one resolution but I broke it 7 times so far. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Alright, anybody working on anything cool. I’m in the middle of my first prototype mallet mallet. I’m using a 4×4 for the head. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: #woodchat I don’t make resolutions but with the new year I do have a list of projects. Anyone else?

@benjamenjohnson: @benjamenjohnson echo, echo.. #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: What’s up everyone? Missed the last couple chats. Happy New Year! #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @LaMacchiaDesign happy new year! #woodchat

@theboisshop: I’m working on a design for a mahogany sideboard myself. Looking for a good source for sinker mahog – any ideas? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Some of mine: Organize the shop (get rid of lots of cutoffs), move tools around, plan for spec work for the whole year #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @benjamenjohnson what are you going to make it out of? #Woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @woodbard on blogging and G+, I think we disagree about what permanence means. I see your point about stopping blogging though. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @HighRockWW Yes, one of my resolutions was to make the list. Took up several pages! #woodchat

@sharpendwood: Question: What’s your preferred method of transporting finished work? Pickup, trailer, van, etc..#woodchat #woodchat

@Torch02: @HighRockWW I’m the same (project goals, not resolutions). My project plans are a Roubo & a low entertainment stand #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @theboisshop @renaissancewoodworker? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @sharpendwood preferred: enclosed, but rarely have that option, so usually: trailer #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @asliceofwood eventually maybe a piece of cumaru I have for the head. I haven’t thought about the handle. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: I need to build a more suitable bencg this year. #Woodchat

@theboisshop: @sharpendwood I just watch the weather and use my truck. Got burned once in a storm though. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Hello all #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @Torch02 the Roubo is the biggest project but I am coming along. Been sketching a lot of other projects. #woodchat

@sharpendwood: @MansFineFurn Does stuff bounce around a lot?#woodchat

@HighRockWW: Ò€œ@MansFineFurn: @HighRockWW Yes, one of my resolutions was to make the list. Took up several pages! #woodchatÒ€ good for you!

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy Hello. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: I resolve to get a job so I can start building stuff I like. Selling it will just be a perk. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Happy New Year all. What’s the topic? #woodchat

@UserOfWood: what’s up woodchatters #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @sharpendwood I strap it down heavily on a couple of carpet covered runners to protect it from the bed, wrapped in blankets #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @benjamenjohnson I am thinking about making a mallet as well, but just dont know the best material for it #Woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @thewoodninja what line of work are you looking for Kenny? #woodchat

@Torch02: @HighRockWW Yeah, I have at least one smaller project that I’ll do as well. Others may come up as the year unfurls #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @HighRockWW I’ve been wondering about sketching, I rarely ever do more than a quick sketch, usually I work it out in the proto. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @UserOfWood how’s it going Mike #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @JustSqEnough LOL! The kind that pays much better than custom woodworking in South Louisiana! #woodchat

@Torch02: @asliceofwood @benjamenjohnson Something hard for the head, something stiff for the handle #woodchat #stupidanswers

@benjamenjohnson: @asliceofwood I just thought the Cumaru would be good, it’s really hard like Ipe. (it can be used for decking.) #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @JustSqEnough I actually have an interview next week with the co. that laid me off in ’09. Marine Transportation. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @HighRockWW everything is good #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson One of these day we should do a topic on sketching, drafting, prototyping and design #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @thewoodninja haha, ok well my next question was going to be your location. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @benjamenjohnson Sketching helps me remember my ideas from the middle of the night! #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @thewoodninja good luck #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Torch02 Yeah, I was thinking maybe ash for the handle. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @MansFineFurn Now there’s 6 months worth of content! #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: I’m making a mantle-shelf to display a cafeteria tray my friends took from college. Then it’s on to a Vegas-coin display box. #woodchat

@woodbard: @thewoodninja Could the job take you to the offshore rigs, or something else? #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @JustSqEnough Thanks! #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @MansFineFurn @benjamenjohnson yes, i enjoyed an article in finewoodworking on drawing using perspective paper #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @thewoodninja like @JustSqEnough said, good luck. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @woodbard Not if I can help it. I am applying for the mid-management position I had when I was laid off. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @benjamenjohnson not sure if you got my last message, you should check out #askwoodman’s youtube series on mallets#woodchat

@UserOfWood: are we talking about current projects? i’m working on a TV stand/console. #woodchat

@theboisshop: That’s one of my resolutions, sketch more. I’m really bad at it, so I need practice. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Me too!! RT @theboisshop: Thats one of my resolutions, sketch more. Im really bad at it, so I need practice. #woodchat

@Torch02: @benjamenjohnson Hickory is another handle wood I’ve seen a lot #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: on sketching, I’m an engineer, I plan the hell stuff, I like being able to just go into the shop and build. #woodchat

@woodbard: @thewoodninja Great – good luck, Kenny! #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @Torch02 suggestions for the head of a mallet? #Woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson me too (engineer). I’m trying to develop my artistic side to compensate for my over-developed engineering side #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Wood_Jedi Thanks, I’ll take a look… holy cow, he’s got a lot of videos on mallets. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @asliceofwood maple, walnut, hornbeam, really anything hard will do. Phil Lowe did a FWW article on it years ago #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Me Too!! RT @theboisshop: Thats one of my resolutions, sketch more. Im really bad at it, so I need practice. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @theboisshop you never said which resolution it was you broke 7 times? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @benjamenjohnson its a 42 short video series on making metal hoop ringed mallets…he makes about 5 of them..#woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @BobbyHagstrom Solidworks Here. Been doing whole projects in it #overkill to keep up the old CAD chops #woodchat

@woodbard: Broke the little box, made a new one. Quarter’sawn sycamore, finger joints, four coats of Waterlox varnish #woodchat http://t.co/9k0rqvmo

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn @asliceofwood here’s the article http://t.co/NZU7TFtB #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson Same here..I like having fully dimensioned drawings as if I was machining. It’s overkill but it’s too engrained #woodchat

@Torch02: @asliceofwood If you can find a piece that will work for your mallet – lignum vitae #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: So im a little late getting here, whats the topic for tonight?#woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson can you post the link to the mallet site? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn Which site? #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @HighRockWW @benjamenjohnson Drawings help me avoid mistakes when I’m tired and prone to brainfarting #woodchat

@JimAAshley: Evening, everyone… #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @Torch02 alriht. I was thinking about maple, but I will look into the other type. #Woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Tooltutor I want to try an un-designed project a-la @flairwoodworks ash table#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @MansFineFurn http://t.co/lwrXfKaU #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @JimAAshley Hello there. Happy New Year. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: #woodchat Any recommendations on a dovetail fixture for making drawers. I’ve zero experience.

@thewoodninja: @MansFineFurn That would be nice. I haven’t had that luxury in over 12 years. All I’ve built since has been for a customer. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @WoodworkGuy Thanks! Happy New Year as well! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @MansFineFurn @flairwoodworks #woodchat That ash table actually looked like a cool thing to model in SolidWorks. I aspire to improvise

@TheRealNeal: Evening all! Kind of late to the party, how’s everyone doing? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @woodbard since the miss’ liked mallets take a look

@ http://t.co/lwrXfKaU#woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Hey guys! I just got in the door. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @FlairWoodworks speak of the devil#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal How are you tonight?#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @FlairWoodworks Hey Chris #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @MansFineFurn Yeah, I know! Your tweet reminded me. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Aside: does letter case matter in twitter handles? #woodchat

@woodbard: @Tooltutor What size drawers, and thru of half‘blind dovetails? #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @FlairWoodworks hey, Chris #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TheRealNeal Good, Happy New Year… #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @MansFineFurn did you get th link to the mallet videos i just posted?#woodchat

@theboisshop: @FlairWoodworks Always entering with a Flair #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @MansFineFurn You’re not allowed to start thinking about the project until you start! So stop thinking about it! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Wood_Jedi yes thanks! #woodchat

@woodbard: @MansFineFurn No. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @Wood_Jedi A tad under the weather, but not terrible. I know you’ve been busy Laney! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @MansFineFurn It shouldn’t… you can set the caps/lowercase for readability under your twitter settings I think. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @JimAAshley Same to you Jim! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard I’d like the option of both full/half blind. No more than 12″ tall drawers. #woodchat (forgot the hashtag)

@ChrisHasFlair: @theboisshop You should have seen me maneuvering a CT36 with side stabilizers and a boom arm through doorways! #withflair #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: RT @MansFineFurn: Aside: does letter case matter in twitter handles? Supposedly not #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @ChrisHasFlair how do you know if you’re gonna build something? just puttering around the shop and say, ‘guess i’ll make a table’? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal Yes i have, I jumped right into a new project, remodeling an old 1977 boat for a client… what a mess… #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @MansFineFurn Well, for me, I woke up and thought, “I have no idea what to get for my brother for Christmas!” #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @ChrisHasFlair Side stabilizers on a vacuum? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal also trying to film my new project video at the same time…I took a break for woodchat#woodchat

@MansFineFurn: To whomever is building a mallet: what kind? what intended use? carving, chiselling? what styles do you like-turned, square, club? #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @benjamenjohnson They make the Festool dust extractors less tippy, which is a side-effect of the tall boom arm. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard #woodchat didn’t realize the HB DT complications. immediate need is thru.

@MansFineFurn: Check out my Froe mallet I made on sunday: http://t.co/EfF7UaA2. Someone called it a ‘womper’ #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: Hmm. My #woodchat column doesn’t seem to be updating properly.

@TheRealNeal: @Wood_Jedi Wow. Is the work on the boat mostly interior stuff? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @MansFineFurn I have always wanted to make myself a mallet, but not sure what wood to use I thought about my hickory but not sure #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn Twitter chokes on the link #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @MansFineFurn hmmm, link didn’t work for me… #woodchat

@woodbard: @Tooltutor Not *real* complications – but the price goes up quickly. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @ChrisHasFlair Tweetdeck is wonky tonight go to http://t.co/gxrfSTpX #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Try this one instead: https://t.co/lU2Ia8mw #woodchat

@woodbard: @Tooltutor Started using the Leigh R9Plus – makes both dovetails and finger joints out of the box. http://t.co/rkY2v4He #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal rebuild the stringers, fiberglass, floor deck, carpeting, seating, and storage #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn Mallet: a club style I think. Use: beating pieces of wood together. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @MansFineFurn ooh, nice!! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard #woodchat I saw that sitting on your bench. It’s purdy. Will check it out some more. Thx.

@Wood_Jedi: is there a tweetchat app on the android market?? I cant find it anywhere i see a twtcht but i dont think thats the same #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Wood_Jedi Don’t overthink it, make it, abuse it, then make another years down the road with what you learned from the first. #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @Wood_Jedi its a website, http://t.co/2VlAd8m1 #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn From the comments…Whomper…Nice. I didn’t think about the most important aspect: a name! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson like this: https://t.co/lU2Ia8mw only smaller? #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard woops, that’s not right. could’ve sworn I saw someone post a Leigh DT jig today. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Okay, I’m back. #woodchat #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Wood_Jedi I Tweetchat in the android browser works well. #woodchat

@woodbard: @Tooltutor For $160 you get the R9Plus. The Super Jigs start about $100 higher – http://t.co/PP7UAyVt #woodchat.

@Wood_Jedi: @JustSqEnough Yes, im on that website…lol just wondering if there was a phone app just like the site… #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Wood_Jedi PS. hickory will work nicely #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @Wood_Jedi That sounds like it’s going to take a while. Good luck man! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @benjamenjohnson Me not tweet english good. Oops… #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: There aren’t any dovetail jigs on the market I have looked at that I am happy with. I cut ’em by hand currently. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @JimAAshley more handtool less power, but there will always be power in my shop. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @benjamenjohnson is that how i find it?? “I Tweetchat” ?? cause its not under “tweetchat” #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard thx, I’ll definitely check ’em out. Will need them for a custom closet build soon #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn I’m not really sure about the types of mallet. I just plan in making one with a big square head. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Hey everyone #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @FlairWoodworks they’re all too fussy. In the same time you can cut ’em by hand with less fuss and dust. #woodchat

@woodbard: @FlairWoodworks I do, too, when the client is willing to pay for hand-cut, Chris. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Wood_Jedi No I meant the tweetchat website using the android browser, not an app. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal if the weather holds on, ill be done by saturday night..The boat is parked undr a carport..So i can work long hours #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @Wood_Jedi If anybody would know about an Android app, it’d be @DyamiPlotke #woodchat

@woodbard: @Tooltutor Give me a shout any time. I am always on flex time #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: oh ok…. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @woodbard @MansFineFurn I’ll cut ’em by hand when the client is willing to pay for that! #slow #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @benjamenjohnson duh..lol i didnt even think of that…lol…thanks #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard Thx Al, much appreciated #woodchat

@JustSqEnough: @Wood_Jedi ha ha, no app that im aware of. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @UserOfWood cool! I just ripped down an old decrepit pegboard that was here when we moved into the house. Will redo New & Improved #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal oh yea??? is he the for most authority on apps..lol.. gottal love Dyami…ha ha #woodchat

@woodbard: @MansFineFurn @FlairWoodworks Who said anything about dust? I get just about nil dust – #woodchat http://t.co/FRA5IkND

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson my first one was square head (laminated maple) with ash handle, wedged blind tenon = solid #woodchat

@thewoodninja: I made an app, but it has nothing to do with Twitter (or Andriod) #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @woodbard I find dovetail jigs either take too much set-up and learning curve is too steep or don’t allow enough adjustability. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @JimAAshley I still have a little pegboard left, but only for non-woodworking stuff πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @MansFineFurn that is true…you can always make another one..lol and like the iphone, it will just keep getting better…ha #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @woodbard I’ve got the same one. I use it to collect dust…where it sits, on the shelf, while I give my LN DT saw some love πŸ˜‰ #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @thewoodninja I had a nap. Oh wait, that’s different. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @UserOfWood yeah, gotta keep the “general” stuff somewhere πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@thewoodninja: Dust is scared of Al! RT @woodbard: Who said anything about dust? I get just about nil dust – #woodchat #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @ChrisHasFlair You never sleep dude! #woodchat

@Handyguys: Hey #woodchat chatters @ChrisHasFlair @MansFineFurn @Wood_Jedi @UserOfWood @ChrisHasFlair @thewoodninja @woodbard @JimAAshley @JustSqEnough

@Wood_Jedi: @JustSqEnough Thank you… :O) #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: I was running Festool routers with dust extractors today and they don’t throw dust. However, straight bits leave dust behind. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn how did the lamination hold up to abuse? #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: That’s an urban legend. RT @thewoodninja: @ChrisHasFlair You never sleep dude! #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: Spiral bits left zero cleanup. #woodchat

@theboisshop: Twertchat is pretty good on Android browser #woodchat

@woodbard: @ChrisHasFlair Here are some hand’cut, half’blind dovetails I cut on a stand’up desk for a client – $$$$ – http://t.co/rr7EQXfZ #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Routers and DC = noise, even if you do get the dust. How can I listen to my tunes with all that racket? πŸ˜‰ #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @ChrisHasFlair like the picture… did you bring enough for the rest of the class? I like cake!!#woodchat

@HighRockWW: @Tooltutor @benjamenjohnson I have kept a notebook by my bed for years to write when my mind goes into overload. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @benjamenjohnson 5 years and going strong. chipping out on the edge where I aimed badly, but nothing I can’t clean up… #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @Wood_Jedi @chrishasflair he never shares with us! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @Handyguys How are you tonight?? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: what is this Handyguys stuff ? Is the podcast for real or is it just spam ? #woodchat

@woodbard: @thewoodninja I am like @Tumblewood – I hate dust, so DC on every jig. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @woodbard Nice work. For four drawers, it would have been far quicker for me to cut them by hand than fumble with a jig. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @woodbard Although, with practice, I could probably do better. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @Wood_Jedi Dyami’s great, and he seems to know his Android stuff. I gotta check out early tonite, see you all next week! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @Handyguys Hi there, How goes it? #woodchat

@bltww: @woodbard Me too. HATE HATE HATE dust #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @woodbard Personally, I don’t like the angle of the tails, but you got nice fine pins. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @woodbard beautiful desk Al! Is it finished? I would love to see the final work. I have a thing for desks..:) #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @TheRealNeal Have a good night#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @woodbard nice #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @MansFineFurn Try this http://t.co/00KoJurT #woodchat

@woodbard: @MansFineFurn You use ear protection with tunes in them! πŸ˜‰ #woodchat

@theboisshop: My last project had 104 hand cut dovetails, and was still faster by hand than it would have been by jig. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: Turn up the music!!! RT @MansFineFurn: Routers and DC = noise. How can I listen to my tunes with all that racket? πŸ˜‰ #woodchat

@Handyguys: @Wood_Jedi #woodchat I’m multitasking between taxes and contemplating a gate design for deck, posted here http://t.co/pgrMrIZn

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson It’s real. Seen a few episodes. They’re ok. more #homeimprovement than #woodworking #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @bltww i hate dust and noise. not using routers in my shop anymore! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TheRealNeal Have a good night! #woodchat

@bltww: organzing boards for #konkbench top #woodchat (Broadcasting live at http://t.co/LCoJctJ9

@ChrisHasFlair: @Wood_Jedi @HighRockWW This piece of cake is over two months old. Still want some? #woodchat

@woodbard: @ChrisHasFlair Who fumbles with a jig??? ;-( Mon Dieu! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Yep: RT @theboisshop: My last project had 104 hand cut dovetails, and was still faster by hand than it would have been by jig. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @ChrisHasFlair well when you put it like that…No i dont want any now.. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @theboisshop You must suck with a router jig ;), or had many different drawer sizes. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @woodbard still need to be able to hear other things (kids, wife, dog, cat, UPS, etc.) and the music. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: You haven’t seen me dance, have you πŸ˜‰ RT @woodbard: @ChrisHasFlair Who fumbles with a jig??? ;-( Mon Dieu! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tooltutor @handyguys just giving them a hard time. their tweet looked kind of spammy #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @MansFineFurn @theboisshop I’d sure like to see some video of hand cut dovetails faster than a jig. That’s some mad Hand skills #woodchat

@woodbard: Should have used this image instead – http://t.co/0SAF1p7y #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: Well, that half hour went by fast. #Canuck game is starting soon, and I need to eat. I’ll say bye now, but will be around. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @ChrisHasFlair oh my god, i did video of me doing a shop Jig..it was funny..but got edited out of the final video… #woodchat

@woodbard: @ChrisHasFlair If you put it that way… I suspect there might some video at WIA suirreled away, of you dancing #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: What’s with the scribe lines? Hand-cut or routed? RT @woodbard: Should have used this image instead – http://t.co/LZpn2Dwu #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @woodbard wow those look flawless #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @Wood_Jedi POST IT!!! #woodchat

@Handyguys: @benjamenjohnson @Tooltutor I hate spam #woodchat – Just give me more shop time and I’ll b happy.

@MansFineFurn: @Tooltutor Once the jig is setup, maybe, but not, tweaking, testing, adjusting, & making a unique DT pattern 4 diff sized drawers #woodchat

@RKOSaw: RT @uppercutwood: Hey everyone #woodchat

@woodbard: @ChrisHasFlair Good nitght, Chris. I hope they win! #woodchat

@woodbard: @ChrisHasFlair Those were hand’cut – again, on the stand-up desk. $$$$ #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @woodbard if youkeep posting pics like that I’mgoing to swear off woodworking #woodchat

@JimAAshley: Good night all, have a good one! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @ChrisHasFlair no body wants to see me dancing acting a fool lol only Steve @MereMortalsWW can pull that off and make it look Good #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @woodbard Why did you decide to use hand-cut over routed? Design? Speed? Prestige? #woodchat

@woodbard: @Wood_Jedi They pretty much were. The reason for cost – a good example, actually. The entire fropnt was cut from one board #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Tooltutor …and the more you do, the faster it gets #woodchat

@theboisshop: @Tooltutor When all your drawers are different sizes, cutting by hand is faster. No time wasted on setup. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Well, I missed woodchat. First day back at work since before Christmas. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @Wood_Jedi I didn’t say anything about it making you looking good. πŸ˜€ #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood we’re mostly still here! #woodchat

@woodbard: @benjamenjohnson No more pix for tonight then. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @woodbard And they were hand cut? ok im impressed.. you got skills my friend!!!! #woodchat

@bltww: @uppercutwood it’s still liming along #woodchat

@ParadisePuzzles: RT @woodbard: Should have used this image instead – http://t.co/0SAF1p7y #woodchat

@woodbard: Good night, everyone. #woodchat

@bltww: @uppercutwood er, still limping along that is #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Looks like tweetchat in the android browserisn’tthe best solution either. I’m having scrolling issues #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodbard G’niight Al, and nice dovetails! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: ok got to get back to shooting this video..Talk to you guys later.. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Yeah time to call it a night.. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @benjamenjohnson ah really??? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I need to go too. I spent 5 minutes in woodchat. I’m a bad person. #woodchat

@BillGriggs: does this meet at 9 or 10pm#woodchat

@Tooltutor: @theboisshop That makes sense but without actual hand skills myself, seeing is believing =) #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @benjamenjohnson have a good night. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @BillGriggs 8pmcentral #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @BillGriggs 9est#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair: @BillGriggs We just finished the hour session. It starts at 6pm Pacific. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs 9 pm #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs how are you tonight ? #woodchat

@BillGriggs: Late obviously ;-)#woodchat

@JustSqEnough: good meeting everyone, g’night #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Wood_Jedi yeah that and my keyboard is misbehaving. oh, well the search goes on. #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @Wood_Jedi good. I ‘ve been making videos all day.#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs its all good.. atleast you made it.. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs same here.as a matter of fact i was on my way out to finish working on a video.Are you on youtube? I need to subscribe #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Goodnight all! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @MansFineFurn goodnight!! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @woodbard @ChrisHasFlair Those look incredible Al! I’m more engineer than craftsman & jigs make voices in my head #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @Wood_Jedi yah. I’m on youtube. Don’t you hate how you can change user names to something useful? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: Any chance someone else got #woodchat recorded? My connection crashed at 6:17 evidently.

@BillGriggs: @BillGriggs Can’t change.#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs yes i do!! I wanted to change my user name to my company name but cant, id have to create a new channel..dont want to #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @Wood_Jedi what was the video about?#woodchat

@Handyguys: Gota run #woodchat, sorry I couldnt stick around. Happy dust making.

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs It is my project video : “How to etch a brass plate” #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @Wood_Jedi Make sure to post a link to Twitter #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs a follow up video of a video i made a while back ago this time im showing a different method #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs yes i always do.. if you would like to see my video channel http://t.co/lTKeYded #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @Wood_Jedi I’ll check it out. Here is my youtube channel. http://t.co/VT42SOY7 #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs the video demonstrates how to etch a plate like this http://t.co/Lrh1fm3k #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @BillGriggs just subscribed to your channel #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @Wood_Jedi I subscribed to yours too. #woodchat

@BillGriggs: Good night woodchat.#woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: Missed #woodchat today:(

@DyamiPlotke: @TheRealNeal @Wood_Jedi Sorry I missed #woodchat tonight fellas. When I follow on my phone I use a dedicated #woodchat column in Tweetdeck.

Woodworkers Last Woodchat Before Christmas: Woodchat Transcript December 21, 2011

People are preparing for Christmas, finishing those last gifts and spending time with family, but a great group of woodworkers still made time for #woodchat.

Woodchat Transcript December 21, 2011 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

@DyamiPlotke: @asliceofwood there is a #woodchat tonight, though I will likely miss it.

@DyamiPlotke: @asliceofwood yes. @Tumblewood is working on a G+ method, but #woodchat is still on twitter for now.

@benjamenjohnson: Anyone have a topic for tonight? How about comparing woodworking scars? :>) #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Hello? anybody out there? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: hi Ben #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @benjamenjohnson Good evening benjamen! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: I get the feeling it’s going to be limited attendance tonight #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Tis the season @MansFineFurn … and hello. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy @MansFineFurn Hi guys. #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: Were here! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: You’re such a cut up… πŸ˜‰ RT @benjamenjohnson: Anyone have a topic for tonight? How about comparing woodworking scars? :>) #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn: Yeah, family in town vacation, etc… #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Hi Jeff #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Hello @RhodyFurniture Welcome to #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy Ha ha! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @RhodyFurniture Hello. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Hi Michael (do prefer Mike?) where in RI are you? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I wasn’t sure I would make it to #woodchat tonight. Been a bear of a week at work. #woodchat is a nice place to chat and unwind

@benjamenjohnson: I didn’t see a suggested topic tonight. I just mentioned the injuries because I just took a 1mm2 chunk out of my index finger. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I’m here all week. Be sure to tip the waitress… RT @benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy Ha ha! #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @MansFineFurn Mike is good. Im in Cumberland, RI you? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: OWWWWWWWWWWWW RT @benjamenjohnson: I didn’t see a suggested topic tonight. I just took a 1mm2 chunk out of my index finger. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy #woodchat is a nice place to chat and unwind. Got that right! I’m enjoying some homemade schnapps. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @RhodyFurniture Mansfield MA, not too far #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: ummm @benjamenjohnson … you didn’t hit the schnapps BEFORE the accident. did ya? #woodchat Just checkin…

@benjamenjohnson: @RhodyFurniture RT Anyone know a friend that makes chairs? What kind of chairs, I’ve helped my dad make some Adirondack s(sic) #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @MansFineFurn not too far at all, nice to meet you. We should grab a beer sometime. #Smallworld #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy No, yesterday I was sharpening a chisel when my boy walked up behind me. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: I know a couple of folks that make chairs #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @RhodyFurniture Absolutely —>beer #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Heading to the kegerator for a pint of craft Weizenbock to enjoy #woodchat

@dividedlight: hey everyone! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood #woodchat been looking into dust collection lately. anyone have experience with the Wynn Environmental filters?

@RhodyFurniture: @benjamenjohnson dining room chairs. we build tables but dont have the time to do chairs as well #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @MansFineFurn ok perfect, this #woodchat thing is great!

@Tumblewood: Hey Guys..just ended WTO…I’m recording now..I’ll post on G+ Woodchat #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Glad you’re enjoying #woodchat @RhodyFurniture

@benjamenjohnson: @Tooltutor No, I just looked them up, what problem are you trying to solve? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: hey vic, I’ve got the earlier posts if you want them #woodchat

@Tooltutor: Also, is there a decent off the shelf Thies vortex filter trash can top pre-separator. Most of what I see is scratch built w/pvc #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Hi there @dividedlight #woodchat

@mamader: evening all #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Thanks @Tumblewood #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: evening all #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @MansFineFurn are the chair makers local? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Hello @mamader and @JC_McGrath #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @benjamenjohnson I use Tweetchat, but I want the group to move to G+ Woodchat..much easier for me to follow and auto record #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @MansFineFurn I have all the way to 6:03 #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson Seems filter bags clog easily and even fine filter bags aren’t as efficient as rated (not third party tested). #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @Tumblewood @benjamenjohnson is there audio for this #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tumblewood Do you just copy and paste or is there some other functionality I’m not seeing of TweetChat? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I need to go change and get to work.I’ll record and post..but have a hard time following this many conversations on Twitter #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson Link to Wynn Filter cartridges http://t.co/iZiyKezS #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: See you Vic Roubo :”_) #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I have a Rockler Vortex on my Shop Vac, but you need to check the filter from all the fine powder that gets from the Vortex #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @RhodyFurniture No, we just mean record all the tweets so you can repost the entire chat later. #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: i am going to have to catch up on the transcript, too much stuff to finish – Gnite all! have a Wonderful Christmas/Holidays! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @JC_McGrath lol..thanks Jon..my cam is up if anyone wants to follow. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Happy Holiday to you and yours @JC_McGrath #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Sorry I’m late #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tooltutor Yeah, I know form other applications that you can’t necessarily trust the stated filter efficiency #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @benjamenjohnson I am working on doing a G+ hangout panel discussion, too! To enable us to be a real guild..shop tours etc. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @uppercutwood I’m recording..I’m off to change and get to work on my project. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @WoodworkGuy That’s the part I’m trying to catch effectively, fine dust, with the Wynn http://t.co/iZiyKezS #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tumblewood Cool. I can’t wait to see it work. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I will do a transcript again #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @benjamenjohnson gotchya #woodchat

@uppercutwood: So do people have good jigs to share #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @Tooltutor that would be really handy to capture the fine dust. Really tired of clearing filters #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy Is the Vortex worth the money? Does it work that much better than a simple separator (non vortex) #woodchat

@Seanw78: #woodchat Happy Holidays to one and all #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @benjamenjohnson It works great – except for the fine dust on the shop vac filter. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood Define good :>) #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I’m curious to see how that works @Tooltutor #woodchat

@dividedlight: @uppercutwood I have a neat way that I make my cope cuts but I didn’t have time to prepare anything. Couldn’t find any photos. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @WoodworkGuy It’s also that fine dust that causes the health issues. I’m pretty paranoid about the toxicity of some wood species #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @dividedlight I’d definitely be interested in that! I can cope simple molding OK, but start adding curves and shadowlines…Yeck. #woodchat

@dividedlight: @Tooltutor Tropical woods? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I totally agree @Tooltutor Might have to break down for a better DC system #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tooltutor Yeah, I hear you on the toxicity part. My solution is to wear a respirator when I think about it. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I wore a respirator today when cutting and routing cherry. Ounce of prevention. #woodchat

@dividedlight: @benjamenjohnson I wear one for mahogany, etc #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Good plan @benjamenjohnson #woodchat

@dividedlight: @uppercutwood routers are really bad for dust. I just completed a bunch of template work with a router. Nasty. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I need to use a laser cutter before next wednesday. The createspace in seattle has one for $2 per minute. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @dividedlight Even common woods can be toxic. Here’s a chart I found http://t.co/TIZILsFa #woodchat

@JimAAshley: hi folks, a bit late tonight #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson I have a respirator too but I don’t always wear it and I usually take it off long before all the air is clear #woodchat

@uppercutwood: My favorite jig is a router dado jig used with straight cutting bits that have bearings. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I am going to get one of those dust bee gone masks for general use. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Odd thickness plywood is no match for it, and you don’t need lots of bits. Just good 1/2″ or 5/8″ guide bearing straight bits. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: Holy smokes, am I late? πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I need to make a jig for cutting key hole slots in some plaques. For hanging them on the wall. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Hey Tom @TomsWorkbench welcome. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @TomsWorkbench Hey Tom buddy! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I just found a list on the toxic woods, Hmm…didn’t realize Ash was on there. http://t.co/0DRcbz3u #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: Gosh, this is embarrassing… I was out in the shop installing some pull out shelves in the pantry unit! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TomsWorkbench hi Tom #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @WoodworkGuy I’m looking into a Delta 50-760 with a Wynn filter and a pre-separator http://t.co/N1h934SN #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @WoodworkGuy one of these? http://t.co/Vq41qyGp #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: We limit the dust by using mostly hand planes on our furniture #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Thanks for that chart @Tooltutor Interesting and scary… #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: I guess the best question for tonight – who is on the ‘naughty’ list, and who is on the ‘nice’ list? πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood Any particular model of jig? #woodchat Could use one for my closet project.

@WoodworkGuy: That would be a great DC system @uppercutwood #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood If you ever need a rapid prototype machine with Polycarbonate, I’ll give any #woodchat members a deep discount.

@uppercutwood: @Tooltutor I made the jig, similar to Woodwhisperer’s #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Naughty here… >;-) RT @TomsWorkbench: I- who is on the ‘naughty’ list, and who is on the ‘nice’ list? πŸ™‚ #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @WoodworkGuy no problem. it scared ME too! hence all the research on dust collection #woodchat Breathed enough bad stuff in my life

@uppercutwood: @Tooltutor you have a laser cutter or CNC? #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy I’m on the ‘to be decided’ list… :-0 #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Yes. RT @uppercutwood: @WoodworkGuy one of these? http://t.co/40SJ1bp1 #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @TomsWorkbench If you’re not on the naughty list, you just ain’t livin’! =P #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I think I’m on the list of those “who must not be named” #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @Tooltutor You are taking some serious risks there, hombre. πŸ˜‰ #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Billy Joel says “only the good die young” RT @Tooltutor: @TomsWorkbench If you’re not on the naughty list, you just ain’t livin’! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood I’ve got a 4 axis CNC at work but I don’t know G-code. no laser cutter, only 2 rapid prototypers, a Fortus & ZPrint #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood thanks, I’ll look through the whisperer archive. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @TomsWorkbench Yeah, but you just made points for wife’s b-day… #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: I had a Festool Domino on the wish list I sent to the North Pole.. not sure it’s gonna make the sleigh… #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @TomsWorkbench shh…don’t tell my wife πŸ˜› #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tooltutor Only 2 rapid prototypers…Hey that’s two more than I have. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy I did. She did like the helicopter ride… Maybe this will be my lucky year… HA HA HA HA HA…. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson Wish I had more ideas to abuse them instead of making #starwars ships for the CFO. He writes the checks afterall #woodchat

@uppercutwood: #woodchat I’d like one of these, Santa http://t.co/Zq850Knc

@uppercutwood: I’d like a better router table setup, with Dust Collection too #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: I’d like some freakin’ lessons on how to hand cut dovetails! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @TomsWorkbench I was late playing Jetpack Joyride on the #ipad. At least your excuse is #woodchat related

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood Yikes: the shipping on that Dust Collector costs about as much as an entry level DC #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Sorry I had to bail on #woodchat tonight. The fever is kicking my butt. Delusions and everything…off to bed, & read transcripts tomorrow

@WoodworkGuy: @TomsWorkbench that was a cool gift, but rumor has it that Iggy will score the choice gifts… #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: FEEL BETTER @MansFineFurn and happy holidays #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood oooh…that’s nice! Put me down for one of those too. Throw in some extra shop space while you’re at it Santa #woodchat

@uppercutwood: #woodchat or one of these, with the remote please http://t.co/ubIpKHKW

@JimAAshley: @MansFineFurn ugh, feel better! #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @uppercutwood $1900 is a little steep for Santa :/ #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn Get better soon! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @MansFineFurn Feel better, I’ll do the transcripts. Sorry I missed a couple and now can’t get them from twitter. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy Iggy is ALWAYS getting the good gifts… #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @MansFineFurn Feel better Nick. #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @MansFineFurn nice meeting you! Feel better and Happy Holidays! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Such is life Tom… @TomsWorkbench #woodchat

@uppercutwood: #woodchat where is @Tumblewood or @DyamiPlotke or @DJOfurnituremkr

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy I know I’m gonna get a bunch of bananas… And Iggy’s gonna get the domino… #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood Vic had to work and Dynami couldn’t make it. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @uppercutwood It’s getting close to Christmas… probably at a mall doing last minute shopping #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @TomsWorkbench but bananas are a-pealing… Maybe the monkey will share. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Well glad I got here, even if I got here late. So anyone have great jigs to share? #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy That hairball? Not a chance… #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @uppercutwood Matt – a bench hook is so damned simple… and effective… #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I drilled a hole in a piece of wood to make a guide… #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @TomsWorkbench I agree on the bench hook. I think bench cookies are a bust though. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: Bench Hook article http://t.co/CuKIwkzV #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I took some shelf liner and hockey pucks for bench cookies #woodchat Work pretty well and cheap.

@TomsWorkbench: @uppercutwood I’m with you, Matt. Those gripper/riser things don’t necessary work as advertised. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @TomsWorkbench I had to route some pieces today. Those cookies just don’t work on 4″ wide by 34″ long. Too narrow. #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: @TomsWorkbench this is great thanks for sharing, def will use this #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @WoodworkGuy I have a 2ftby3ft router mat I use when I don’t want things to slip.I can’t see much used for expensive hockey pucks. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @RhodyFurniture My pleasure. That’s why I love blogging.. helping others. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @WoodworkGuy I might make large triangular ones but today I just used the router table instead. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson This piece needed to be lifted so the bearing didn’t rub on the workbench top. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: OK, folks, I gotta roll.. the kids are digging presents out from under the tree and shaking them! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @benjamenjohnson I use old, used pucks. don’t buy new ones #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @benjamenjohnson @WoodworkGuy Glad to hear it from others. Thought I was losing my mind when I couldn’t figure out why I’d need’em #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @TomsWorkbench Take care Tom. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Adios @TomsWorkbench! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I usually use the router table with pieces that size. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @TomsWorkbench C’ya Tom, I’m out too. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend with their families. g’night! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @Tooltutor Take care and happy holidays #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @Tooltutor When they first came out,I was offered some bench cookies for free if I’d write a short review. I couldn’t see the use. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: take care Tom @Tomsworkbench #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: the pucks are nice when I need to elevate something to cut with jigsaw or router #woodchat

@JimAAshley: G’night all, happy Holidays to all! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I wouldn’t buy the fancy store types though. they are pricey. #woodchat Mine are old hockey pucks and scrap shelf liner

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson That’s what I did, but routing the ends required extra special safety and tearpout attention #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. #woodchat

@RhodyFurniture: Gnight fella’s and Happy Holiday’s! This was a great first #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Anyone ever used a laser cutter or engraver? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Alright, my son is calling for me, time to call it a night. Merry Christmas all! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: G/night all, time to get the little one out of the bathtub. Transcript within 48 hours (or so). #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @uppercutwood Take care and happy holidays! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: take care @benjamenjohnson happy holidays! #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @uppercutwood I have. Sorry I missed the #woodchat.