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Woodchat is Yours: Vote on the Woodchat List of Topics for Woodchat Wednesday

Last Wednesday 48 Woodworkers got together to bring #woodchat back to life. After mining through the transcript and finding lots of gems I’ve summarized, paraphrased, and organized topics into the following list. Because Woodchat is Yours we need to know which topics you’d like covered first. If there are topics I’ve missed, please write them in the comments section. For those of you who are more experienced, you’re encouraged to participate in Woodchat Wednesdays to share what you know about these topics.

Getting Started and Motivated

  • Encouragement to get moving and focus on the craft and worry less about mistakes
  • Identifying causes of inertia – things keeping you from starting or finishing projects – and getting past them
  • Starting with simple projects to build success and teach techniques
  • Conducting project retrospectives to learn from success and failure and get you moving on the next project

Learning Design and Prototyping to Increase Confidence and Success

  • Learning about design: classic forms, proportions, and techniques
  • Free or Cheap Design Inspiration Sources (books, museums, catalogs, blogs, designers, nature, …)
  • Building a prototypes in foam or inexpensive wood
  • Design for error-free production and repeatability
  • Sketchup and other software tools for design Q&A

Safety in the Shop

  • Controlling dust, cleaning air, protecting lungs
  • Toxicity of certain woods
  • Chemicals in the shop
  • Jigs, fixtures, and other safety equipment

Getting the Right Tools and Taking Care of Them

  • Starting with basic tools and buying on demand to avoid GAS
  • Inexpensive tools you can’t live without, Expensive tools you can live without
  • Jigs you should buy/build
  • Maintaining power tools (rust, lubrication, wear) and tuning them to high specs
  • Acquiring, restoring, and maintaining hand tools

Choosing and Using Materials

  • Choosing materials
  • Hardest wood to work with
  • Great woods to work with
  • Hardware choices and sources
  • Local woods from local mills, urban wood
  • Incorporating other materials (wood, glass, stone…)
  • Storing materials correctly (straight, dry, pest free, …)
  • What to do with waste (chips, dust, scraps, rags, chemicals)

Tips and Techniques for Successful Woodwork

  • Stock preparation
  • Practice drills to increase speed, quality, and confidence
  • Cutting classic joinery
  • Finishing techniques and products to embrace
  • Durable finishes for cabinetry

Shop Tips

  • Controlling the environment (humidity, temperature, lighting, dust, …)
  • Avoiding common problems, fixing them when they happen
  • Small Shop setup, tools, projects, and other tips
  • Keeping the shop tidy
  • Avoiding the Square Dance and Being More Productive (shop layout, material flow, …)

Starting and Running a Successful Woodworking Business

  • Types of Woodworking businesses (LLC, Sole Proprietor, Corp) and how to create them
  • Online resources for the woodworking business
  • Woodworking markets (cabinets, crafts, furniture, gifts, …)
  • Marketing strategies for finding clients online and offline
  • Selling your work online on your site or through Etsy or other sites
  • Shows as a way to promote business (swap meets, farmers markets, fairs, …)
  • Webhosting for woodworkers, web technologies, sponsorships, ads
  • Shipping large items (KD furniture)
  • Reducing the cost of supplies internationally or through a group buy

Learning and Sharing

  • Newbies guide to Online Woodworking with Woodchat, Blogs, and Podcasts
  • Starting local woodworking meetings or guilds
  • Introducing kids to woodworking with fun projects and easy lessons

Thanks for your vote, and we’ll see you Wednesday November 9th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern on Twitter.  Just follow #woodchat on Tweetchat for the easiest way to participate.