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Thomas Walnut Dresser – Could Shop Night Go Any Better?

Wow. What a couple of nights I’ve had in the shop. Last night after Fifi (the three year-old assistant) went to bed, I cranked on the drawer boxes making sure they were installed so that the faces would be flush with the fronts. The cut edges on the top got rounded over, sanded, and two coats of shellac. I was in the flow all the way to midnight.

Tonight was even better. I spent less than two hours in the shop and finished the trim along the bottom, and got all the drawer faces cut perfectly, even when the opening wasn’t perfect. The faces are from one piece, so the grain will flow across the front of the dresser continuously.

Next time in the shop I’ll trim out the faces and install them, making any final adjustments for a flush fit. After that all that is left is to apply the finish!

Walnut Thomas Dresser – Drawer Boxes Built and Installed

Today was a great day in the shop! Things were definitely going well and moving along at a nice clip without problems. Tons of thanks to my wife for giving me so much time to dedicate to the project today. I’m behind on this project so I really want to put in the extra hours to get this finished and delivered. I am confident I’ll be delivering the dresser next Sunday.

The faces of the plywood used for the drawers were already finished. The tops of the drawer sides and backs are rounded over, sanded, and coated with shellac. This makes them super smooth so clothes and fingers won’t catch on them.

Here are the pictures showing today’s progress.

Drawer Lock

The drawer fronts are locked into the sides with groves, here’s a top down sketch of how they’re locked in. The grooves and roundovers were done on the router table.


Here’s what the dresser looked like at the end of the day. Eight drawers all done and installed and they pass the “can you pull it open from the corner” test.



I put a bit of shellac on the corner to satisfy my curiosity and I’m happy with how this will look when complete.


Next steps

  • Get the final faces for the drawers cut, trimmed out, and installed. I need to spend some time thinking about how I make sure these drawer fronts line up just perfectly with the face of the case when they are shut.
  • After that, it’s sand and finish. I’ll put a sand and finish just about every night this week to build up a nice coat.
  • Right before delivery I’ll install the base.
  • I’ll either install the pulls on site, or email with the customer this week to finalize their position.

Thomas Walnut Dresser: Pictures of Trim

Tonight after spending some time with the family and putting the kiddo to bed, wifey helped me in the shop a bit. I started to plane the trim flush with the case. Here are the pictures I promised yesterday.


Here you can see the trim down the back and along the top. I’m carefully planing it flush with my Stanley Sweetheart #60 1/2  low angle block plane.


Slow, careful, shallow strokes. I am so glad I used blue painters tape to keep the squeeze out from getting out of control. I’ll need to sharpen this blade soon.


The case trimmed out. I know it looks like the top is bowed, but that is just extra trim resting on top.

Just drawers, then finishing!