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Woodworking in America: Photos from Day One

It’s late at night after a great day one here at Woodworking in America. I finally met some of the guys from the guild in person and hung out with them during the day, at dinner, and during the pub crawl. The show floor was packed with about 65 vendors showing anything you could imagine.

It was great to run into Kari Hultman and wander through the Sindelar Tool Museum with her. She has a real appreciation and knowledge for antique hand tools, and I can’t wait to see her complete some of her planned reproductions.

I bought a Lie-Nielsen progressive pitch dovetail saw for my dovetail class with Frank Klausz tomorrow, I can’t wait to use it when I get back to the shop. After Christopher Schwarz’s class on planes, I bought the Veritas Router Plane for cleaning up tenons, dadoes, rabbets, etc.

It was a busy day and after the following seven classes, I’m beat:

  1. Sharpening & Using Chisels and Scrapers, Marc Adams
  2. Understanding the Many Forms of Chisels, Ron Herman
  3. Better Design Using Simple Shapes & Forms, George Walker
  4. Planing Impossible Woods, Christopher Schwarz
  5. The Essential Router Plane, Christopher Schwarz
  6. Put Some Mojo in Your Designs, George Walker
  7. Set Up a Band Saw, Michael Fortune

Some pictures are below, enjoy. More detailed posts to come.