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Video Post #4: USFA Trophy Bases: Repairing Voids in Walnut with Epoxy

The stock for the USFA Trophies has been roughed and stickered in the shop for a while. I’m on vacation from work, and now that Christmas is over I had five hours in the shop today and made good progress. Before I did the final thicknessing and dimensioning, I had to repair a split in one board. I’m a member of the Wood Whisperer Guild so I’ve watched Marc Spagnuolo’s tutorial demonstrating a solid tinted fix.

The Supplies

For this fix I need the following supplies:

  1. Blue Tap to mask the area around the split
  2. Epoxy to fill the split
  3. Tint to make the epoxy look all Walnutty
  4. A tub to mix the epoxy and tint
  5. A stick, brush, or some other implement to deliver epoxy from the tub to the split


You can see that I’ve already masked the end of the board and the bottom face of the board. I don’t want epoxy leaking out the end or through the bottom and making this board a permanent accessory to my bench.

The Application Technique


I used my compressor to blow any loose pieces or dust out of the split before starting the repair.


And here you can see the epoxy applied. The procedure is: glop on some epoxy, push it into the split, slam the board down on the bench to work out any bubbles, repeat. Beware, this Gorilla Epoxy stinks pretty bad.

The Cleanup

I waited a full 24 hours to let the epoxy fully cure, and then I used my Stanley Sweetheart Block Plane to cleanup the split. I am very satisfied with how this turned out, and although the epoxy is darker than the walnut it looks similar to the streaks in some of the other boards.