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46 Woodworkers Chat About Tools: Woodchat Transcript November 9, 2011

Another great night for #woodchat with 46 woodworkers contributing and sharing their knowledge about great places to get tools and how to care for them. A lot of focus on buying used hand tools but not excluding bigger items like a router table or a table saw.

Tonight’s topic was chosen by the #woodchat participants through a poll. Next week’s topic will likely be “Getting Started and Motivated.” If you want a different topic covered, make sure to vote in the poll.

Woodchat Transcript November 9, 2011 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

@uppercutwood: Getting the Right Tools and Taking Care of Them” is leading and pulling away! http://t.co/Lso22hrR #woodchat

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@DyamiPlotke: RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Don’t forget to join #woodchat tonight 8pm Central. It’s the right thing to do 😉

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@uppercutwood: Tonight’s #woodchat topic is set “Getting the Right Tools and Taking Care of Them” See you at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern http://t.co/RvI4yfOP

@uppercutwood: So tired today, but so ready to have some fun and laughs tonight during #woodchat. @Tumblewood got any G+ info yet?

@TomsWorkbench: RT @uppercutwood: Tonight’s #woodchat topic is set “Getting the Right Tools and Taking Care of Them” See you at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern http://t.co/RvI4yfOP

@Tumblewood: @BobbyHagstrom we could use your insight in tonight’s #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood @Tumblewood maybe we now set up a #woodchat company page on G+?

@Black_SheepWW: @DyamiPlotke Hope you fell better soon. Are you going to make it to #woodchat tonight?, I hope you do.

@DyamiPlotke: @Black_SheepWW thanks, Rich. I’ll be on twitter for #woodchat unless by some miracle I’m asleep.

@cobwobbler: I might not be awake for #woodchat tonight. need to be up at 5am in the UK.

@Tooltutor: Going to miss #woodchat tonight. Looking forward to reading the transcript afterwards though. #woodworking.

@TwtrChat411: #WoodChat is coming at 9:00 pm ET moderated by @AdamKingStudio don’t miss it!

@theboisshop: @Tumblewood @DyamiPlotke @uppercutwood I may not be home in time for #woodchat tonight. I feel like such a failure.

@DJOfurnituremkr: Only 3.5 hours until #woodchat. Who will be joining in tonight?

@mitwoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr I’m in for #woodchat !

@TheRealNeal: Finally leaving work, minor server meltdown. Stopping for some wings and then home to #woodchat!

@ebeckham29: Almost forgot about #woodchat tonight. We still using tweet chat for it?

@sleepydogwood: #woodchat what is woodchat tonight?

@thewoodninja: @sleepydogwood “Getting the Right Tools and Taking Care of Them” #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: RT @ebeckham29 Almost forgot about #woodchat tonight. We still using tweet chat for it? @uppercutwood: 1 hour and 22 minutes until I am full of #woodchat AWESOMESAUCE!

@csp2430: Where is everyone #woodchat?

@thewoodninja: @csp2430 one more hour #woodchat

@csp2430: @thewoodninja Thanks. Having trouble with international time zones. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Ready and waiting… YeeHaw!!! #woodchat

@sduffy68: Cna anyone explain how to easily follow the #woodchat without having to refresh and rerun the search to get updates? I am a Twitter Newbie!

@thewoodninja: @sduffy68 http://t.co/KQm1YcNx #woodchat

@dividedlight: @sduffy68 You can sign in at http://t.co/72z7D6LO and then enter woodchat in the hash tag box. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Holy Moley Batman this chat client thingy-do-whatty is mad excellent. Thanks Wood Ninja!!! #woodchat #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @csp2430 #woodchat starts in 40 minutes. 9:00 pm Eastern.

@sduffy68: didn’t mean to overlook you either @dividedlight #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @sduffy68 glad you like it! #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @FlairWoodworks are you going to pop in on #woodchat tonight?

@FlairWoodworks: Only if I can schedule benchwork at that time. Not likely. RT @asliceofwood: @FlairWoodworks are you going to pop in on #woodchat tonight?

@Tumblewood: Woodchat has a G+ page..#woodchat

@Tumblewood: Woodchat address on G+ …I’ll get the actual url soon. http://t.co/UVUSYDQ6 #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’m adding people to Woodchat G+. I’ve got a hangout going. I’m trying to find y’all #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: RT @Tumblewood: Woodchat has a G+ page..#woodchat

@Seanw78: Get your drink of choice, it’s almost #woodchat time! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Looking forward to it. Couldn’t make last week. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @Seanw78 not yet Sean…working on that #woodchat

@UserOfWood: my drink of choice is Fat Tire tonight #woodchat

@Seanw78: @UserOfWood sounds good! #woodchat

@imaginer99: New Belgium makes some great beers! I’m having Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout! #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @imaginer99 Hop Devil, Sierra Nevada Torpedo & Great Lakes Elliot Ness are my main beers. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: I’m out of Stouts, need to go shopping! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: um, is it weird that I just poured a big glass of milk?

@maybe I should go back to the fridge for a guinness? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @DJOfurnituremkr I like Sierra Nevada and Great Lakes too. Haven’t had the others, but sound interesting #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @MansFineFurn I’m drinking black tea so no worries. #woodchat

@Torch02: @MansFineFurn Don’t feel bad – I’m usually a Diet Mountain kinda guy for #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Topic tonight is getting the right tools and taking care of them #woodchat

@asliceofwood: What is the most important tool you think should be taken care of? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: How long do you guys normally go for, I have to put the kids to bed right now? I’ll be drinking a Lake Superior Oatmeal Stout #woodchat

@sduffy68: Maybe next week could power tools and alcoholic beverages? How to properly stock the shop fridge!!! #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: Evening #woodchat How’s everyone doing tonight? #woodchat

@sduffy68: Doing great @mitwoodworks!! How about you?#woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @asliceofwood I think I would put mine as all equal. I’m pretty much a hand tool guy. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Welcome to #woodchat for 11/9/2011. Tonight’s topic is acquiring and caring for tools. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: I feel like i’m at AA. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Great @mitwoodworks. And you? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: There are some interesting ways to acquire tools, who would like to share their idea or question? #woodchat

@imaginer99: @DJOfurnituremkr Great taste! #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DJOfurnituremkr I really take care of my tools and I get them fixed when they break. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @asliceofwood Add to that keeping you blade edges sharp. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: Port City Monumental IPA here. Good stuff.#woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I have always liked combing flea markets for other tools #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Neighbors moving away RT @uppercutwood: … interesting ways to acquire tools, who would like to share their idea or question? #woodchat

@asliceofwood: you can get some great finds at auctions and yard sales/flea markets #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @uppercutwood Don’t ever underestimate the power of Craigslist when starting out, especially for power tools #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: and ebay#woodchat

@uppercutwood: There are lots of people who get GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome, you see that with woodworkers, fisherman, any hobby #woodchat

@uppercutwood: One way is to start with a basic set, and then only buy tools when you can’t make progress on a project without a given tool #woodchat

@dividedlight: @uppercutwood I’ve purchase a few tools used. That’s always an adventure. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Just acquired a Stanley No. 6C for $20.00. Needed cleaned a bit but otherwise seemed in good condition. #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: #woodchat hello guys whats the topic tonight

@WoodworkGuy: Yard/estate sales can be good. But sometimes they are really proud of their stuff #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: My favorite shop: http://t.co/ZAtsAsEg #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood I’d be curious if anyone has experience with the popular tool pushers – Patrick Leach or Hyperkitten, etc #woodchat

@sduffy68: Should I sand the sole and the sides?#woodchat

@uppercutwood: Good tips are to buy on craigslist, ebay, flea markets, etc. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @MansFineFurn i’ve been burned a few time on ebay. even when i ask all the right questions. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @sleepydogwood acquiring and caring for the right tools #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: Buy quality the first time, everytime #woodchat

@sharpendwood: Hey everyone#woodchat

@MansFineFurn: I get my tools from shannon when he clans his shop #woodchat

@sduffy68: I actually found this plane in the pawn shop. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: talk people down when dealing on craigslist. most just want the tool gone #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @DJOfurnituremkr I’ve found that I sharpen my chisels more often since I made a jig for setting up the distance on my honing guide #woodchat

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood I agree on only buying what you need, but the prob i run into is which brand? #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @uppercutwood I did that yesterday. Finally bought 4 50” parallel clamps after 12 yrs of woodworking because I had no other option #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JinkerPlex Yes I have bought from http://t.co/jJgmly8N Patrick Leach and he’s been great. Online and at WIA. #woodchat

@ebeckham29: Missing #woodchat for this….

@DJOfurnituremkr: I used to be a power to junkie. View link after #woodchat: http://t.co/nNwBjipd #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @thewoodninja I hope you bought the @jettools clamps #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: Cool, something I been doing all summer #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @UserOfWood yeah, you need to be a saavy shopper sometimes with ebay, but more often, a decent deal with a little cleanup. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I’ve had rotten luck at garage and estate sales. All I ever find are candy dished and kids clothes #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @imaginer99 the brand depends on the tool, some companies are better at different things #woodchat

@asliceofwood: sales at local tool stores and the up coming BLACK FRIDAY! great deals #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: I was overwhelmed at Leach’s WIA booth. So many things, and I know so littel about selecting good stuff. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I’ve been getting more into hand tools in the last yr. Like the stronger sense of “hands-on” #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: I’ve had to bow out of many ebay auctions when the prices started getting too high. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @uppercutwood Had to go with 2 jorgensen & Bessey as I only have local access to Lowe’s & Home Depot #woodchat

@dividedlight: @thewoodninja I purchased a rockwell lathe on craigslist. A new motor and some belts and it’s as good as new.#woodchat

@UserOfWood: @benjamenjohnson same here, at least out west where i’m at. it seems there much more back east. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson Garage sales are hit and miss #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @TheRealNeal prices can sky rocket quick on ebay #woodchat

@HighRockWW: Hey #woodchat how is everyone doing tonight!

@MansFineFurn: For stanley planes Leach’s Blood and Gore page is a great resource for research#woodchat

@uppercutwood: @HighRockWW Welcome! #woodchat

@csp2430: Decide on the job, then make sure you have the tools you need. Not other way round. #woodchat #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @HighRockWW Good evening, Chris! #woodchat

@Torch02: @JinkerPlex With Patrick, you really need to know what you want. He’s not a “browsing” store. That said, he’s sold me good things #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I have a new, contractor version, of the Stanley Block Plane. With tuning and honing this plane works fine. #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I like jet clamps the best out of the ones I have used #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @HighRockWW great! how are you chris? #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: I’d like to start getting more hand saws and a good brace. Any suggestions on brands and what to look for? #woodchat

@imaginer99: Is it better to store planes on the side or bottom down? #woodchat

@UserOfWood: i’ve had good luck with josh at http://t.co/iXRDjWIK #woodchat

@thewoodninja: Got a great deal @ Woodcraft on #4, 5, & 6 Groz bench planes. $85 + shipping. Very pleased with them. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: know your price limit, and keep looking, if not, its the market RT @asliceofwood: @TheRealNeal prices can sky rocket quick on ebay #woodchat

@swedishiron: Hey Guys.. new to #woodchat I’ve had the best luck buying my tools at auctions.. there are good auctions where the ebay seller buy #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: On the plus side, my father in law retired being a mechanic and I got a whole bunch of his tools — no woodworking tools though #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @Torch02 Good tip. I’m still trying to figure out what I want, I suppose. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @asliceofwood @TheRealNeal Yeah, ebay auctions can ratchet up quick. Sometimes you can snipe a deal, but not often #woodchat

@imaginer99: @TheRealNeal Same here, tried sharpening some old ones but need to look at what’s out there #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Disston saws and a good book on saw sharpening RT @TheRealNeal: Id like to start getting more hand saws … #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: Is it just me or are Josh’s prices generally much lower than Patrick Leach’s? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: Hello. #woodchat

@csp2430: @imaginer99 I store them bottom down – gently. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Was $20 to much for a Stanley No6C?#woodchat

@Torch02: @asliceofwood @TheRealNeal The urban legend is used LN planes selling for more on eBay than new ones cost direct! #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @imaginer99 Store on bottom if on wood. You risk a cut when stored on side. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @WoodworkGuy especially on much needed tools or tools that can be easily restored #woodchat

@kweinert: I got a perfectly servicable 14” bandsaw from Craigslist – 20 years old or so but it did a fine job. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @Torch02 I don’t doubt that. SCAMMERS #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: I stoere my planes on te sole sitting on cork #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: ditto RT @csp2430: @imaginer99 I store them bottom down – gently. #woodchat

@csp2430: Hi to everyone saying Hi. #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I found a nice rip saw today for $5 but it needs some TLC but I think it will be worth the work #woodchat

@dividedlight: @Torch02 If only I kept my boxes. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Many plans will tell you what tools you need to complete the project. Thos. Moser’s book is a good one http://t.co/jALdzZrP #woodchat

@imaginer99: @DJOfurnituremkr @csp2430 not worried about cut, just the keeping the edge #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @Torch02 I’ve seen them get real close. Don’t undersatnd the mentality there #woodchat

@Torch02: @asliceofwood Not scamming, so much as the thrill of the auction #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @TheRealNeal Ron Herman’s sharpening DVD from PopWood is great to learn how to sharpen. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I’ve heard many people say they’ve had luck on Craiglist, but I don’t have the time to watch every hour. #woodchat

@csp2430: I have to stop buying saws at flea markets and learn to sharpen the ones I have. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: No ,sound about right RT @sduffy68: Was $20 to much for a Stanley No6C? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Buying old tools and fixing them up is a great option. High quality, low cost, and you have to learn how to maintain them. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: RT @WoodworkGuy: @TheRealNeal Ron Hermans sharpening DVD from PopWood is great to learn how to sharpen. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @csp2430 Maybe I need to find some local flea markets! #woodchat

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood Thanks i needed this! #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @benjamenjohnson thats what craigslist on smartphones is phone. you can always check on the go #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: You need to know if they’re worth it first RESEARCH! RT @uppercutwood: Buying old tools and fixing them up is a great option. … #woodchat

@thewoodninja: Anyone have thoughts on the Scary Sharp system? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Sounds like a good price to me RT @sduffy68: Was $20 to much for a Stanley No6C? #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @benjamenjohnson There is a site called heycraig that will e-mail you when your search terms come up on Craigslist. i.e.”Bandsaw” #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @thewoodninja where is that sold? #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @benjamenjohnson the best deals I have found are from local online auctions #woodchat

@uppercutwood: RT @JinkerPlex: There is a site called heycraig that will e-mail you when your search terms come up on Craigslist. i.e.”Bandsaw” #woodchat

@csp2430: Restoring is a good start on learning to maintain them. RT @uppercutwood: Buying old tools and fixing them up is a great option. #woodchat

@sduffy68: I bought a Delta Jointer on Craigslist was fairly satisfied after tuning it a bit. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @uppercutwood I’m thinking more about brand/model (Disston, etc.) I’ll get to sharpening later 🙂 #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @HighRockWW Yeah, are those the auctions you and Todd never tell me about? 🙂 #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Anyone ever had good luck at Estate Sales (olddeadwoodworkers..com) #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @asliceofwood It isn’t that I know of. Just using varying grits of sandpaper for sharpening. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: RT @JinkerPlex: @benjamenjohnson There is a site called heycraig that will e-mail you when your search terms come up on Craigslist. i.e.”Bandsaw” #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @JinkerPlex Thanks, I’ll look into that! #woodchat

@sduffy68: I bought the 6C plane at a pawn shop. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Has anyone used Rob Cosman’s Hand Plane Revival DVD? I’ve enjoyed it and the IBC blade. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @sduffy68 Glad it tuned up nicely. Did you have 2 travel far for it? I had to go the next state over 2 get my craig’s list jointer #woodchat

@kweinert: On Craigslist out here in Denver I either see stuff that’s not worth looking at or it’s like this: DELTA UNISAW table saw – $1200 #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @thewoodninja ha, ok. you can tell I haven’t done any sharpening. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @sleepydogwood I’ve been using Electrolysis as a rust remover with great results! Bigger stuff I use Evaporust. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I am having old planes restored by Steve Nisbett – the guy on eBay that re-machines planes #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @thewoodninja it works great but I prefer stones… #woodchat

@sduffy68: In my area there are some good estate sales but most do not turn up quality tools. Sort of luck of the draw. #woodchat

@swedishiron: @kweinert the Denver Craigslist rarely lists old hand tools.. well at reasonable prices #woodchat

@csp2430: Evaporust works great. For surface rust, I like to use citric acid. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @asliceofwood Me either. I just got some new planes today & it seems like the cheaper option to start. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @thewoodninja Hmm last tweet didn’t go through. I use scary sharp. It’s easy if stuff is already sharp. not so easy otherwise #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Works fine, RT @asliceofwood varying grits of sandpaper for sharpening. Get a piece of broken granite from a counter guy (free) #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I use my Tormek to regrind a bevel and Sigma Water stones to hone #woodchat

@JimAAshley: Hi folks! Sorry a bit late… we have company at the house, so may be back and forth some. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @HighRockWW where do you get your stones from? #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @uppercutwood for vintage stereo equipment, but not tools :)#woodchat

@sduffy68: @dyamiplotke had to drive 2.5 hours from WV to VA #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @JinkerPlex yea I picked up a LN #7 for $100 new condition. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JimAAshley glad you’re here #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @HighRockWW What’s your best guess of cost to get the required stones etc. to get started? #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @thewoodninja i might get some planes for Christmas (maybe) and i need to learn to sharpen #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: don’t forget refurbished tools they can be a great deal and most have at least a year warranty #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: The best option, if you can afford it is to buy LN new. You CAN’t go wrong with them, except the empty wallet…#woodchat

@HighRockWW: @JinkerPlex I still get emails from them on new actions but not tools lately. I will let you know the next time #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @thewoodninja depends on the stones, king stones are cheap. I got the Sigmas. Sandpaper works too. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @uppercutwood thanks! #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @HighRockWW Rub it in, dude. 🙂 #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: @HighRockWW A $100? You stole that thing for that price! #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: #woodchat what’s up everyone? Glad to be here.

@DyamiPlotke: @sduffy68 Not too bad. I had to go from Long Island to Mid Connecticut. About the same time. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @LaMacchiaDesign Hello. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @MansFineFurn Therein lies the problem-wallet’s already empty 🙂 #woodchat

@csp2430: Veritas are excellent planes, as well. Bit cheaper than LN. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @asliceofwood Without having used LN or Lee Valley to compare, I’m impressed with the Groz from Woodcraft #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @kweinert Some people are just too proud of their stuff. Got lucky on ebay with a Craftsman 10” saw in great condition for $110. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @asliceofwood sharpening is not hard. Lie Nielson teaches you on youtube and has plans for their sharpening helper jig #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @LaMacchiaDesign Glad you could make it #woodchat

@uppercutwood: RT @thewoodninja: @asliceofwood Without having used LN or Lee Valley to compare, Im impressed with the Groz from Woodcraft #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @asliceofwood @highlandwood is here in Atlanta so I go there #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @thewoodninja i thought about those. did you get the package deal? #woodchat

@sduffy68: @DyamiPlotke Here in my area there just isn’t the market for older quality tools or newer power tools. Its luck or junk. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Not a fan of their blade adjusters but love LV in general RT @csp2430: Veritas are excellent planes, as well. Bit cheaper than LN. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: LUCKY! RT @HighRockWW: @asliceofwood @highlandwood is here in Atlanta so I go there #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: I try to buy quality tools so that I know the problem is me, not the tool. #woodchat

@csp2430: Just have to make sure you can recognize ‘sharp’. RT @uppercutwood: @asliceofwood sharpening is not hard. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @thewoodninja Did you have to tune the Groz much? #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @asliceofwood Negative. Individually bought #4, 5, & 6. $85 + shipping #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: @uppercutwood I just got a IBC blade chip breaker and they are pretty nice but I still think I like Hock blades better #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JinkerPlex good point Aaron, don’t buy expensive tools until the tools are holding you back, not your skills #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @JinkerPlex I’m the same, though sometimes I break the tools and I say that’s the tool, not me. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @thewoodninja ok #woodchat

@sduffy68: Anyone have luck with the Wood River planes from Woodcraft? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @sleepydogwood What do you like better about the hock blades #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: #woodchat I like my LN, Veritas, and old Stanley planes. They each come with pros and cons.

@TheRealNeal: I have a few of the Woodriver planes-the low angle block plane is excellent. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @TheRealNeal Get an old stanley plane and just buy a new iron (LN/Woodcraft/Hock) Makes a HUGE difference (Love the HOCK) #woodchat

@Torch02: I would like to thank #woodchat for making the rest of my timeline unreadable 😉

@WoodworkGuy: @asliceofwood I like the L-N sharpening kit and the sharpening article in the 8/10 FWW #woodchat

@uppercutwood: When the reason you can’t get a good surface is the plane, not your sharpening or planing skills, then maybe get a new plane #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: How about pawn shops? 1) I Never find good deals 2) I don’t want fenced goods — at least I’ve heard. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @DyamiPlotke I paid the extra $3.50 for the sharpening service & was making shavings in less than 10 mins. Still need honing tho #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Anyone think about trying Japanese planes or building your own Krenov style? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @sduffy68 Shannon tried them in a view recently. He said there were nice, but not quite a Lie-Nielson. #woodchat

@sharpendwood: The woodriver stuff seems to be good entry level, no? #woodchat

@asliceofwood: how difficult is it to build a hand plane? is it cheaper? #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @JinkerPlex lol…who me..:) #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Yes, IMHO, RT @sharpendwood: The woodriver stuff seems to be good entry level, no? #woodchat

@sharpendwood: RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Anyone think about trying Japanese planes or building your own Krenov style? #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @DJOfurnituremkr i made a wooden plane from a Hock kit. it was fun and worked really well #woodchat

@kweinert: I had a 6” jointer and 18/36 drum sander shipped from NY to Denver. Bought off a WW met on Charles Neil’s site #woodchat

@sonicfedora: Just got here. If we are talking about woodriver planes… I have the 6. I’m happy with it. My next plane will be a lv though.#woodchat

@uppercutwood: @asliceofwood it’s not hard. @morton just built one from a hock kit #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: Thats my next plane direction RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Anyone think about trying Japanese planes or building your own Krenov style? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @kweinert how much was shipping? #woodchat

@imaginer99: @asliceofwood I saw a video on it and it looked pretty easy. Plan on building a couple myself! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @DJOfurnituremkr I’ve thought of taking a shot at a Hock Krenov kit. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @DyamiPlotke I consider LN and Veritas to have higher expectations, but the Wood Rivers are more in my price range. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @uppercutwood is it cheaper? #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: @sharpendwood I’ve built a couple of them and I have one built by Krenov himself1 #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: I watched that. Made me want to get one! RT @uppercutwood: @asliceofwood its not hard. @morton just built one from a hock kit #woodchat

@kweinert: @MansFineFurn Around $200/$250 as I recall. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @WoodworkGuy do it! it’s not that hard and you can shape the plane anyway you want. Report back on your build 🙂 #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Japanese planes are my favorite: http://t.co/tbZhtH50 #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @DJOfurnituremkr here’s the one i made. http://t.co/xj0OJoue #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: I have all king stones except my 8000 great is a norton. all have worked well. Purchased at woodcraft. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @DJOfurnituremkr I have built several Krenov style planes including my G&G planes and love them with Hock irons #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I think I just like doing business with Ron Hock better than IBC #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @DJOfurnituremkr I’m trying to avoid the japanese tool trend, I’m not good at my current culture of tools yet #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @UserOfWood Very nice! I really like the Hock blades. #woodchat

@imaginer99: @UserOfWood Nice! #woodchat

@csp2430: Nice work. RT @UserOfWood: @DJOfurnituremkr heres the one i made. http://t.co/sBIctZ67 #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @sleepydogwood I can full appreciate that, Hock is a great guy. Is there any difference in performance? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @uppercutwood I want the kit so I can get a hands-on idea on the design. Read Krenov’s books but want something tangible #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @UserOfWood Nice, Maybe I’ll have to try one. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: can you get a cheap plane and just use the parts for a build? #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: @sleepydogwood i’ll second that! I’d rather give me money to Ron Hock #woodchat

@uppercutwood: We’ve talked a lot about hand tools and buying them. Regarding care of tools, does everyone have a Wooby for their hand tools? #woodchat

@JimAAshley: Only Japanese tool I have is a flush cut saw. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @benjamenjohnson it’s a fun project, and not that hard #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: #woodchat I have a set of Norton’s which are ok. I also have a Japanese stone that I really like. I’d like to try ceramic next.

@Torch02: @sduffy68 @DyamiPlotke There’s also something to be said for buying something handmade locally instead of mass-produced from China #woodchat

@thewoodninja: How about a vote for the very first tool to buy when getting started? #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood School me, Matt. What the heck is a woobie? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood What’s a Wooby? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood I have a wooby sitting around and some oil for it, but I’ve never used it. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @WoodworkGuy David Finck has a good book on making wood planes: http://t.co/uDxocfZy #woodchat

@csp2430: yea, but I hate Chris S’s name for it. RT @uppercutwood: Regarding care of tools, does everyone have a Wooby for their hand tools? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @DJOfurnituremkr @UserOfWood I want to get a couple of Hock blades for my 65 block and No 4. Just order them with the Krenov kit! #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I not gotten to use or sharpen them enough to tell the IBC does come sharpened and the Hock needs to be honed but besides that #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Define Wooby please? RT @uppercutwood:. Regarding care of tools, does everyone have a Wooby for their hand tools? #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @asliceofwood cheap planes normally have thin irons, better off buying a decent iron #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Old oily rag for wiping down tools. Rust prevention. RT @benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood Whats a Wooby? #woodchat

@sduffy68: @Torch02 agreed, but sometimes price is the ring that rules them all. #woodchat

@csp2430: It’s an oily rag. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @Torch02 TOTALLY AGREE! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @csp2430 What is your name for it. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @WoodworkGuy i’ve bought some of Hock’s replacement blades and really like them #woodchat

@sduffy68: Do you have to sharpen a wooby? — Just Kidding!!! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood rag with oil #woodchat

@csp2430: Oily rag? But I guess I never actually call it anything.@uppercutwood #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: On the Wooby, I’ve never had a rust problem in my shop. So I don’t use one #woodchat

@asliceofwood: Thats a complicated name. RT @MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood rag with oil #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @uppercutwood Yes. A wooby soaked in Jojoba oil. #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: Oily rag, huh? Then I have a ton of them under my old beater car. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson I live in Washington. Our skin rusts. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Bag full of microfiber rags at Home depot ~$5, 8oz bottle of camellia oil, ~$20 #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I made a plane last night #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @sleepydogwood pictures? #woodchat

@thewoodninja: I can’t say I didn’t learn anything tonight. I now know what a wooby is! #woodchat

@Morton: @WoodworkGuy @uppercutwood that’s why I started with a hock kit. Training wheels. Then jump off from there. Ron is an awesome guy. #woodchat

@csp2430: Yep that’s what I use. RT @MansFineFurn: Bag full of microfiber rags at Home depot ~$5, 8oz bottle of camellia oil, ~$20 #woodchat

@imaginer99: I’ve never had a problem with rust, are you in a humid climate? #Woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: I don’t want to hear that you were causing trouble at #woodchat tonight because I wasn’t around to keep an eye out 🙂

@UserOfWood: @uppercutwood i’m up in Bothell not far from you #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: My favorite tool: Stanley #80 scraper, best buy ever #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @sleepydogwood well let’s see it …. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Let’s talk about power hand tools. What power hand tools, what brands, and what sources? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I need a new handheld router, any experience with the PC 890? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @uppercutwood LOL #woodchat

@dividedlight: @imaginer99 I live in the northeast and rust is a problem. Weather change. #woodchat

@csp2430: I used to live in a dry climate. Now 1 kilometre from the Pacific Ocean with sub tropical rainforest at the end of the road. Yikes #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Rather broad, can you narrow scope?RT @uppercutwood: … power hand tools. What power hand tools, what brands, and what sources? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I’m partial to my Dewalt 14.4 driver with *gasp* Nicads. #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @uppercutwood #woodchat Power to the people! I like DeWalt but Hitachi has been doing good in reviews lately

@uppercutwood: @UserOfWood Dude I should come crash at your house, eat your food, and mess up your shop! 🙂 #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @dividedlight everything rusts up there #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood No opinion on the PC 890, but the consensus vote when I bought last year was the Bosch kit. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: It’s ok, not as good as the older version RT @uppercutwood: I need a new handheld router, any experience with the PC 890? #woodchat

@dividedlight: @uppercutwood I have three and I like them a lot. #woodchat

@csp2430: Triton routers are great! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JinkerPlex did you get the Bosch kit, which one? #woodchat

@imaginer99: I like dewalt also but rigid usually has similar quality but lower price. #Woodchat

@UserOfWood: @uppercutwood funny, but we should hook up, we are starting up a Modern Woodworkers Assoc here in Seattle #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @uppercutwood Looked at the 890. Nice unit. Got a better deal on Hitachi M12VC and really like it. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @benjamenjohnson no gasping. I’ve dumped almost all my NiCads. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @DavidJUlschmid @asliceofwood yea it is ridiculous some of the things they pass off as tools #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @dividedlight You have three of the PC890s? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Love my little Bosch Colt, use it for lots of things instead of the bigger routers #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: Very happy with the Bosch plung Router


@sduffy68: @JinkerPlex was it the 1617 evs kit? I am considering it, but was looking for confirmation. #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @uppercutwood #woodchat All my routers are Craftsman. Figure if I’ll be able to frankentool them if they break. Yay for electronics skills!

@LaMacchiaDesign: Agreed RT @MansFineFurn: Love my little Bosch Colt, use it for lots of things instead of the bigger routers #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: Let’s see how many @DyamiPlotke has 🙂 RT @uppercutwood: @dividedlight You have three of the PC890s? #woodchat

@imaginer99: @UserOfWood I’ll remember , trying to move up to that area soon! #Woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood I got the Bosch 1617, 2.25hp comes with fixed and mobile base. Love it so far. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I want soft start, variable speed, 1/2” collet, pc bushings. dust collection, lighting, are extras. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I have an older 690. Been pretty solid for years. Not much experience hand held, it’s usually in my table #woodchat

@asliceofwood: I got a craftsman…works good so far #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @TheRealNeal I only have one PC890, but I have 9 routers overall. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @LaMacchiaDesign the colt doesn’t have a 1/2” collet #woodchat

@ebeckham29: Hello #woodchat#woodchat

@dividedlight: @uppercutwood two mounted in router tables and one hand held with two bases. I don’t care for the plunge base.#woodchat

@thewoodninja: I have the PC 693 w/fixed & plunge bases. Love it. #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: http://t.co/WRcLi9NF #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MansFineFurn I love mine after I returned the first one that burnt out after an hour. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson My 690 almost cut my cajones off the other day #woodchat

@Seanw78: @JinkerPlex I’ve gotten a few things from hyperkitten. Dividers and a brace I needed. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: nope, it’s only flaw RT @uppercutwood: @LaMacchiaDesign the colt doesnt have a 1/2” collet #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @DyamiPlotke of all your routers, how do you like the 890 #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @sduffy68 Only quirk so far on the Bosch 1617 is that you can’t use typical PC style bushings. #woodchat

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood I have a plunge craftsman 3hp, it’s big but does everything! #Woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @dividedlight #woodchat. Do you make wood and glass projects? I love the combination. I’d love to hear some design/building tips!

@uppercutwood: @MansFineFurn the Colt height adjustment is also crap. the base is also too small. I got an aftermarket base. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @JinkerPlex whats the workaround? for the PC bushings. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JinkerPlex the Bosch proprietary bushing system is dumb #woodchat

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood I’m curious , does your router hang low? #Woodchat

@TheRealNeal: Good to know! RT @DyamiPlotke: @TheRealNeal I only have one PC890, but I have 9 routers overall. #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: Ouch RT @uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson My 690 almost cut my cajones off the other day #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood Yeah, mine sent me to the emergency room earlier this year. Stung like a bastard, no permanent damage #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood More Bosch 1617: You can buy adapter that accepts standard PC bushings. Ring inside a ring inside a ring, but works. #woodchat

@Seanw78: @sleepydogwood I second the jet clamps #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DavidJUlschmid I do. I had big plans for artsy projects but I mostly build windows and doors for houses. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @DavidJUlschmid I’d like to try glass etching, It looks pretty easy to do. #woodchat

@csp2430: Better than Besseys? RT @Seanw78: @sleepydogwood I second the jet clamps #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood I haven’t used my 890 too much. I like my Bosch 1617EVS best. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood Don’t used the depth adjustment as much, but it’s never slowed me down to badly, it’s not a plunge router afterall #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Found a great way to get the SWMBO happy. She wanted to learn to scroll saw. Now she’s into woodworking! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JinkerPlex still dumb #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @JinkerPlex You can also replace the black base with a clear base. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @dividedlight do you build exterior entry doors? #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I have seven routers and I just got a new Ridgit the little one I like #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @dividedlight Have you done stained glass? Foil or came? #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @DyamiPlotke like mine best too, but only competition in my shop is a freebie Ryobi I was gifted. What a POS. #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DavidJUlschmid I’m going to start a blog this winter. #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: The Bosh have soft start. #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: Yeah i dont like how the base and motor body interact, very clumsy & awkward adjusting RT @uppercutwood: @MansFineFurn. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: Anyone have the big boy Festool router? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I love my 690 mounted in a lift with a digital readout. set it to the depth you want, hit zero, and then back it off #woodchat

@imaginer99: @csp2430 I have both and they both work great but jets are nicer but cost a little extra too. #Woodchat

@sleepydogwood: The older PC are a lot better that the new stuff #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @DyamiPlotke The clear base is another good route, Dyami. #woodchat

@csp2430: @woodworkguy We have quite a few ladies in our club who like the scroll work and pyrography. Me? – I prefer joinery. #woodchat

@dividedlight: I build entry doors.RT @sduffy68: @dividedlight do you build exterior entry doors? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson I am looking for handheld. I’ll definitely put on a clear base plate. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: amen: RT @sleepydogwood: The older PC are a lot better that the new stuff #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @csp2430 @Seanw78 @sleepydogwood Hmmm.. will have to check Jet clamps out. Need some more… #woodchat

@ebeckham29: Anyone try the Triton brand? I’ve been looking at them @Woodcraft but haven’t ever used them #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @Seanw78 @sleepydogwood #woodchat Hey, Sean Wiz New Ski. What Jet clamps are you referring too? Parallel jaw clamps? I have Ponys.

@benjamenjohnson: @sleepydogwood when hand routing it would be nice to have a built in speed control and soft start, but again mine lives in table #woodchat

@woodshaver101: I like my stanley #45 plane for small runs of molding#woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @MansFineFurn @sleepydogwood I sadly second that… #woodchat

@csp2430: yep – have 3 – fantastic RT @ebeckham29: Anyone try the Triton brand? Ive been looking at them @Woodcraft but havent ever used the #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DyamiPlotke Although the 890 is tall it seems to balance very well, stable. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @dividedlight one of my future projects will be to rebuild our front door. Its arched top and use to have a round window. #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @dividedlight I totally look forward to that! #woodchat I blog at http://t.co/vXPfzSrO. My best glass project is at http://t.co/JSK0LATD

@sleepydogwood: @ebeckham29 @Woodcraft I looked at them but when I went back to get one they were out #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DavidJUlschmid No. Wooden muntins and stained glass though. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @JinkerPlex Much as I love the PC 890, the PC 690 gets the most work in my shop. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: @thewoodninja SWMBO won’t let me refinance for Festool… Like my house is worth anything these days… 🙁 #woodchat

@imaginer99: Does anyone use or recommend scrapers? #Woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: #woodchat how about favorite 3hp routers for table mounts?

@uppercutwood: What are the five essential power hand tools? router, circular saw, drill, jigsaw, what else? #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @csp2430 Great they are actually reasonably priced and they normally have them on sale#woodchat

@JimAAshley: the one router I have is Ridgid, which was an upgrade to a Craftsman (1/4” only collet)#woodchat

@Tumblewood: Woodchat is up in G+…check it out when you get a chance. Let us know what you want from #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @imaginer99 yes, scrapers are unbelievable #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: a thousand times YES!!! Best tools ever, card scrapers and the Stanley #80. RT @imaginer99: Does anyone use or recommend scrapers? #woodchat

@sduffy68: @uppercutwood RotoZip LOL #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DavidJUlschmid I can’t remember if I’m following you but I will check later. #woodchat

@csp2430: sander RT @uppercutwood: What are the five essential power hand tools? router, circular saw, drill, jigsaw, what else? #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @ebeckham29 I got an email from @Woodcraft that the Triton 3 1/4hp is on sale for $199 #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I keep getting spammed for using G+ #woodchat

@asliceofwood: any recomendations for buying? RT @uppercutwood: @imaginer99 yes, scrapers are unbelievable #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JimAAshley How was the Ridgid, it looks good from a feature perspective #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @uppercutwood I think you are right, about essential hand tools although I would add a few sanders #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Dremel

@RT @sduffy68: @uppercutwood RotoZip LOL #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood Sander maybe? #woodchat

@imaginer99: @MansFineFurn @uppercutwood thanks! I’m looking to get a few. #Woodchat

@Tumblewood: @asliceofwood I just get them a few at a time from Woodcraft or wherever..doesn’t matter much..they all need a good amount of work #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @ebeckham29 Winner winner chicken dinner, a ROS and maybe a detail sander #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: @ebeckham29 Its a shame to I always have like PCs tools my belt sander has lasted 15 years and is going strong. #woodchat

@dividedlight: @sduffy68 Restoration and new? #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @HighRockWW I got that one, I was in there today and saw them and held one, felt pretty good. Just wish I could had trial ran it. #woodchat

@csp2430: The Triton routers are terrific in tables – you don’t need a router lift because they wind up so high #woodchat

@jmk89: @uppercutwood ROS #woodchat

@asliceofwood: my dremel 3000 has worked pretty good so far. RT @uppercutwood: Dremel RT @sduffy68: @uppercutwood RotoZip LOL #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Tumblewood what do you mean “spammed”? Haven’t had any issues…yet. #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @MansFineFurn @imaginer99 #woodchat Love me my Sandvik scrapers. Thick for course removal, thin just before finish. Down with sandpaper!

@Tumblewood: @MansFineFurn I’ve got three in my Mentions right now. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @Tumblewood do they wear out quick? are there different sizes? #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @uppercutwood Ilike it, definitely an upgrade for me. Soft start, variable speed, does both 1/2” and 1/4” bits. Also has LED. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Could any of you get by with out a table saw? #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @sleepydogwood We had a few PC sanders come through our shelter’s thrift store today, flew out the door before I could get there #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @ebeckham29 I may pick one up this weekend… #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @uppercutwood I got it on deal from HD, was display unit. #woodchat

@imaginer99: @DJOfurnituremkr Are you serious? No, not me #Woodchat

@uppercutwood: maybe if you have a good bandsaw RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Could any of you get by with out a table saw? #woodchat

@csp2430: No. I’m in love with my Powermatic. RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Could any of you get by with out a table saw? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @DJOfurnituremkr i could..but, I have room and don’t see the need to do without #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @DJOfurnituremkr NO, you can pry my table saw from my cold dead hands! #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @DJOfurnituremkr it would be hard for me, but a band saw could replace a TS for most of what i do #woodchat

@dividedlight: @DJOfurnituremkr No way. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @UserOfWood Word…I want a 20” BS #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: DITTO: RT @DavidJUlschmid: @MansFineFurn @imaginer99 #woodchat Love me my Sandvik scrapers. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @dividedlight My mother had the door replaced 10-12 years ago and they put in a solid slab. So I will be replacing new. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @asliceofwood Don’t buy until you have the $$$ to get a good file & burnishing rod. They need to be sharp to work right. #woodchat

@mitwoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr Maybe if I had a quality bandsaw #woodchat

@kweinert: @DJOfurnituremkr Right now I am, but that’s because I’m very limited in space, been turning lately. Bandsaw would work for me. #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: @uppercutwood I have the palm size Ridgit and its a good strong router I like that it came with a edge guide and two bases #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: Yes but I really love my TS and probably wouldn’t consider it. RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Could any of you get by with out a table saw? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @thewoodninja Depends on what you use them for. @ToddinMontana has a great vid on using them for more agressive work #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @DJOfurnituremkr I don’t think I could make it without a table saw. Do have respect for my 18” band saw. Do you use a table saw? #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @JimAAshley @uppercutwood I have the Rigid as well. Very well made, the highest quality power tool I have (not sayin’ much) #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Ten minutes left what questions can we help people with? #woodchat

@asliceofwood: hmmm…guess I got to wait a little while RT @thewoodninja: @asliceofwood Dont buy until you have the $$$ to get a good file & bur #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @HighRockWW If I wasn’t flying to Maine and having my lil girl, I might. Might get to run by LN store its only 45 mins away #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @DJOfurnituremkr Not me. It’s the heart of my shop. #woodchat

@csp2430: Anyone like Yankee screwdrivers like I do? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood 12 volt drill, router, jig saw, Random Orbit sander & another sander (or router) #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: I would take an Aggazzani 24” band saw over a Saw Stop any day. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Yes, I think so, Bandsaw and handtools can do most of it . RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Could any of you get by with out a table saw? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @DJOfurnituremkr THEY ARE GOING TO BURY ME WITH MY OLD UNISAW #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @DJOfurnituremkr BS is much safer than a TS any day. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TheRealNeal Nice! Yeah, I’ve learned a lot from my early tool purchases. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: RT @woodshaver101: @DJOfurnituremkr THEY ARE GOING TO BURY ME WITH MY OLD UNISAW YES! #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: I could for the furniture I build but not the carpentry or mill work I do #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Everyone knows to avoid harbor freight power tools, right? :0 #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @DJOfurnituremkr i LIKE MY OLD INCA 710 BANDSAW,i COULD GET BY WITH THAT #woodchat

@imaginer99: What degree do you it on your bench and mortifying chisels? #Woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: Anyone have the new DeWalt DWP611 routers? #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @uppercutwood could get by without a TS. Have you seen that guy rip boards by hand? Ouch! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TheRealNeal @uppercutwood Nice! Yeah, I’ve learned a lot from my early tool purchases. #woodchat

@jmk89: @csp2430 Yes, I reckon Yankee screwdrivers are the forgotten gem of tools #woodchat

@asliceofwood: I got a drill press as gift. not impressed RT @uppercutwood: Everyone knows to avoid harbor freight power tools, right? :0 #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @uppercutwood harbor who? #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @uppercutwood I’ve actually found a few harbor freight tools that work decent… as paper weights #woodchat

@Tumblewood: RT @Tumblewood: Hey Everyone..be sure to Add Woodchat to your G+ circles. #woodchat

@Torch02: @DJOfurnituremkr ‘Yes’ for everyone – we all could; we’re too resourceful to not be able to. But that doesn’t mean we should #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @woodshaver101 That is a great saw. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I have a friend that swears by them. I don’t risk it though #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @JimAAshley My previous one was Craftsman too-a real cheap one that my dad bought in the early eighties-night and day. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I am hoping to get a 14” bandsaw soon for resawing and other things. #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: @csp2430 I love my yankee and with a bit holder it even is better #woodchat

@Seanw78: @DavidJUlschmid @sleepydogwood I’ve got the parallels and f style. Grips are great, work smooth. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @asliceofwood HF is only good for bits and pieces.#woodchat

@theodorescott: @DJOfurnituremkr I am getting rid of mine within the next month. #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: RT @ebeckham29: @uppercutwood I’ve actually found a few harbor freight tools that work decent… as paper weights #woodchat

@Tumblewood: Matt..you grabbing the transcript for tonights #woodchat???

@thewoodninja: @WoodworkGuy Get a Wood Slicer blade! Got mine today & LOVE it! #woodchat

@csp2430: yes – needs the bit holder RT @sleepydogwood: @csp2430 I love my yankee and with a bit holder it even is better #woodchat

@asliceofwood: You have to be selective on the purchase RT @Tumblewood: @asliceofwood HF is only good for bits and pieces #woodchat

@blowery: @DJOfurnituremkr I sold mine and I’m getting by. Have my eyes on a decent bandsaw though, mostly for long rips and resawing. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Made the big mistake of jumping into an inexpensive craftman TS early on and to date haven’t replaced it. Any suggestions on used? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @thewoodninja I use timberwolf..have a Resaw King, too #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @Seanw78 @sleepydogwood #woodchat. I need some new F-Styles. I’ll check out the Jets. Where do you get them?

@ebeckham29: @WoodworkGuy I hope to get one eventually, I was looking at the Rikon’s seem to be decent. Better then my 10” ryobi #woodchat

@Tumblewood: The Resaw King is overpriced in my opinion #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Thoughts on the the Wood Slicer Bandsaw blades from highland ww? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: thewoodninja @WoodworkGuy Get a Wood Slicer blade! Got mine today & LOVE it!— I need a bandsaw first #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: Dont forget to look for HOW I WOOD DO IT the last friday of the month. we got 2 new blogger and this month we are doing mortices #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @Tumblewood I plan to buy the Timberwolf next #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @MansFineFurn I hear good things #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @DavidJUlschmid @ebeckham29 @uppercutwood. my dust collector is HF, that’s the only thing though I have from them. #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @sduffy68 I got a Grizzly cabinet saw on Craigslist, but really you just have to shop the deals for used stuff. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @MansFineFurn i use woodslicer blades and really like them #woodchat

@asliceofwood: @JimAAshley how is that dc? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @thewoodninja be sure to use the loose tension…they do a good job of resawing #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @thewoodninja @WoodworkGuy #woodchat I second the Wood Slicer recommendation. Smooth cuts and they somehow demand less power from the motor

@sduffy68: QUESTION – What to look out for on used Dust Collection? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Wood Slicer: I’ve had mixed results: First one dulled REALLY fast, current one, going strong #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @DavidJUlschmid My thoughts exactly #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Thanks everyone for showing up tonight, we’ll post the transcript on a few sites tomorrow. #woodchat

@Seanw78: @DavidJUlschmid @sleepydogwood think I got them from rockler on sale a few years ago. Not sure where now. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @sduffy68 look for a motor that runs and a unit you can replace the filter on. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: RT @Tumblewood: @sduffy68 open the housing and look at the windings #windings #woodchat

@kweinert: I have a benchtop DP from HF – have yet to get to drill without wobbling. #woodchat

@ebeckham29: @JinkerPlex agreed I just got 7 18v Rigid drills 15 batteries and 5 chargers for $40 and only 3 of the bats. are bad #woodchat

@sduffy68: Kinda what I figured RT @JinkerPlex: @sduffy68 I got a Grizzly cabinet saw on Craigslist, but really you just have to shop the… #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @thewoodninja @Tumblewood #woodchat I had a timberwolf. Wood slicer is superior IMHO

@JimAAshley: @asliceofwood It sucks (ha, ha)… seriously, it works well, don’t have much to compare it to #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: @DavidJUlschmid @Seanw78 I got mine @rockler and they were kits so they were $99 for 4 clamps #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Man that went by fast #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @uppercutwood damn that was quick! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @sduffy68 check the motor, impeller, and bags. those are the keys #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @uppercutwood I’ll put it on mine too if you want to send it to me #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Take care everyone, see you next week. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: IHave the new jorgenson parallel clamps I like em better than my bessys #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood We’ll soon be setting up a transcript page on http://t.co/HkZmqHXZ #woodchat

@woodbard: Guess I am late…#woodchat #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @DavidJUlschmid I produce almost smooth cuts with my Drift Master and Timberwolf #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @DJOfurnituremkr later dale #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @DJOfurnituremkr good night, Dale. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: If anyone is still here: recommendations for benchtop mortisers? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @woodbard hey Al. #woodchat

@dividedlight: @sduffy68 I have a 10” jet cabinet saw and I like it. I see cabinet saws on CL locally. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @woodbard hi Al. #woodchat

@asliceofwood: See everyone next week! #woodchat

@csp2430: Thanks all. #woodchat

@Morton: @MansFineFurn careful with the use. Exotics will dull it fast. So will non-straight cuts. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @woodbard Hi Al. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Great chat all! #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: #woodchat later y’all! Until next time…

@thewoodninja: Thanks for all the great content guys. And thanks for teaching me what a wooby is! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @MansFineFurn Do you do a lot of mortise / tenon? I like floating tenons..my bench top is a waste of space #woodchat

@woodbard: Hi, everyone – sorry I totally missed a good one! #woodchat #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @woodbard. Evening Al! #woodchat

@dividedlight: See you next week. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @uppercutwood The one I am going to look at this weekend is the Grizzly 2hp model. It seems to get good reviews “new” anyway. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @Tumblewood I agree. Floating tenons are way more forgiving.#woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodbard welcome Al! quick question: your top 5 handtools… go! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: G’night all! Now I know what a wooby is too! #woodchat

@sduffy68: @DJOfurnituremkr Take care! See you next week! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @sduffy68 it’s all about the sustained static CFM #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @Tumblewood space I have, using the drill press setup now, but I hate switching it out every time I want to mortise/drill. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @thewoodninja not just forgiving…functional! #woodchat

@woodshaver101: I got here late see you all next week #woodchat

@sduffy68: @JimAAshley Take it easy. See you next week!!! #woodchat

@ebeckham29: must read transcript and learn what wooby is… things to do things to do #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Thanks everyone for showing up. I’m going to start working on the transcriot now. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: Got to go guys. So long and thanks for all the fish! #woodchat

@dividedlight: @uppercutwood I have a LN rabbetting block plane that is high on the list. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @ebeckham29 wooby is oily rag to wipe tools down and prevent rust #woodchat

@sduffy68: @dividedlight Have a great week!!! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: OK it’s daddy time now. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @uppercutwood Matt..you’re catching the transcript, right? #woodchat

@woodbard: Stanley 4-1/2, Ray Iles 5/15-inch mortise chisel, Czeck Edge dovetail chisel, Stanley beader tool, ToolsForWorkingWood turning saw #woodchat

@sleepydogwood: @uppercutwood pencil, hammer, block plane, coping saw, 3/8 chisel. #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @MansFineFurn Did you watch @WoodWhisperer video about mortisers? It was a good one. Might use that to inform you decision #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: Thanks to all and good night. We’ll see you next week. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Tumblewood yes, I’m doing the transcript and will post it to my site and send it to whoever wants it for their site. #woodchat

@imaginer99: Goodnight all.. Till next week. #Woodchat

@ebeckham29: @uppercutwood totally not what I was thinking… but its a new fun thing to say. Thanks! #woodchat

@sduffy68: @uppercutwood Thanks for the #woodchat have a great week!!! #woodchat

@piratecolie: I wish my husband wood make me a ring out of wood. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @DavidJUlschmid nope, but now I will! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @DyamiPlotke I need to start a page for just suggested topics for #woodchat on http://t.co/QD6bGSuZ

@woodbard: @Tumblewood Who is Woodchat Woodchat on g+?#woodchat

@sleepydogwood: See everyone next week, say safe #woodchat

@sduffy68: Everyone have a great week and no splinters. See ya’ll next Wednesday!!!!! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: off to clean some more timbers..ciao all #woodchat

@lucaspeters: Rats! I missed #woodchat. I look forward to the transcript.

@DavidJUlschmid: @benjamenjohnson #woodchat chemical or abrasive etching?

@MansFineFurn: @Tumblewood if you’re still there, I can’t find you on G+ (woodchat that is…) how do I find you? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @MansFineFurn Look up Woodchat Woodchat..first and last name..couldn’t find a business account way in #woodchat

@dividedlight: @sduffy68 You too. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Look at “setup a google+ ‘PAGE’ RT @Tumblewood: @MansFineFurn Look up Woodchat … find a business account way in #woodchat

@DavidJUlschmid: @lucaspeters it was GREAT! The hour flew by. Lots of good stuff #woodchat

@kweinert: I just created a calendar file for this meeting. Not sure it’s correct, could someone try http://t.co/1iJCqerv ? #woodchat

@kweinert: @MansFineFurn From my main page I just put woodchat in the search and he came up right off. #woodchat

@kennyboat: #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @kweinert woodchat is not it, it’s blank, instead search woodchat woodchat, he’s there. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: It opens, but it’s not an invitation (can’t be added to my calendar by accepting.) RT @kweinert: I just created a calendar file… #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @DavidJUlschmid Chemical. Like this only with stencils: http://t.co/GNkZSmgX #woodchat

@celamens: Dang! Looks like I missed woodchat! #Woodchat

Woodworking in America: Photos from Day One

It’s late at night after a great day one here at Woodworking in America. I finally met some of the guys from the guild in person and hung out with them during the day, at dinner, and during the pub crawl. The show floor was packed with about 65 vendors showing anything you could imagine.

It was great to run into Kari Hultman and wander through the Sindelar Tool Museum with her. She has a real appreciation and knowledge for antique hand tools, and I can’t wait to see her complete some of her planned reproductions.

I bought a Lie-Nielsen progressive pitch dovetail saw for my dovetail class with Frank Klausz tomorrow, I can’t wait to use it when I get back to the shop. After Christopher Schwarz’s class on planes, I bought the Veritas Router Plane for cleaning up tenons, dadoes, rabbets, etc.

It was a busy day and after the following seven classes, I’m beat:

  1. Sharpening & Using Chisels and Scrapers, Marc Adams
  2. Understanding the Many Forms of Chisels, Ron Herman
  3. Better Design Using Simple Shapes & Forms, George Walker
  4. Planing Impossible Woods, Christopher Schwarz
  5. The Essential Router Plane, Christopher Schwarz
  6. Put Some Mojo in Your Designs, George Walker
  7. Set Up a Band Saw, Michael Fortune

Some pictures are below, enjoy. More detailed posts to come.

Brian’s White Oak Computer Desk

In mid August I wrote about a nice little job I picked up from Bing. Brian needs a new bridge to go between the two shelf hutches on his computer desk, here’s an update.

Brian’s Original Computer Desk

First, let’s take a look at Brian’s original desk that he had custom made a few years back. Brian does high end photography so he has lots of computer equipment: battery backups, high end printers (to the left, hidden in this picture), software, extra hard drives and most importantly a high end color calibrated monitor. Well, Brian is upgrading his monitor and wants his hutch modified to accommodate it. See that shelf above the monitor in the picture below? I’m making him a wider one.

Bakke Computer Desk

Materials and Suppliers

For this project, I used white oak plywood from Compton Lumber (my favorite local source), and white oak solids for the edge trim, matching our oak doors. I decided not to buy the iron on white oak trim even though I’ve had great results with the solid wood variety from Freud. I cut strips and applied them by hand, then handplaned them flush with the case. The finish on this is Minwax Wipe-On Satin Poly. It’s an easy to use product and Fine Woodworking gave it a good review as well. So after more hours than I estimated, the case is sanded and the first coat of poly is on. This turned out really square, I took my time with the cuts, sneaking up on just the right settings, and I used the Beastmaster to cut the panels.


In this picture you can see the new bridge between the towers. This is essentially a strong box used as a shelf and to hold the towers together.

Glue Cleanup

Quick question? Do you know what sucks more than cleaning up glue squeeze out from inside corners? Two things: forgetting the blue tape trick so that you don’t have any cleanup, and not cleaning it up all the way and having it effect the finish. The picture below shows those inside corners and a bit of the solid edge banding I glued onto the case.


Plain sliced vs. Rotary sliced

One side of the plywood was plain sliced, the other rotary. Can you tell which is which? Pretty easy huh. That rotary sliced side is going to be hidden so that’s why it is on the outside.


All that is left now is to wait, lightly sand, and apply another coat of finish.