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A Trip to Compton Lumber

This past weekend I made a trip to Compton Lumber to pick up the few materials I needed for Brian’s Computer Desk. Wifey went along and took some pictures, and I thought I’d share them. Compton is in downtown Seattle and their service (and prices) beat the other guys.


Compton has been in business for a very long time, and the same family is running the business. Sorry about the shadow on the sign.



Here I am, ready to go in with my sample from the customer.



You don’t realize this is back behind the little building you enter, but this huge warehouse of wood is tucked off to the side.



At the racks of the S4S material.



Here I am looking at some very nice figure in some pieces, which you can’t see unfortunately. Dreaming of a bigger truck and a bigger shop.



S4S to the left, rough stock to the right, sheet goods towards the back. There is another aisle that has more building material type inventory, and an elevated shop area.



All this wood wanted to go home with me that day, but I just couldn’t take it.



You pick a sheet, they show you both sides. Here I am checking the underside.



Here I am checking the top.  Plain sliced on one side, and rotary sliced on the other. I only needed a half sheet, so it was off to be cut.



They have a nice section of woods specifically for woodworkers, non-domestic and exotics. Check out the wide Padouk board that was begging for a ride home.