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Brian’s Computer Desk: Another little job – thanks to Bing

Over the weekend I got an email from a potential customer. I do this part time and have only done it for awhile, so I’ve only done a few jobs. I have plenty of projects in my backlog from family, friends, and co-workers that I need to get to, but this job was different.

Brian (the customer) had done an Internet search on Bing and found me. That’s pretty cool, and I’m glad I did the work to get listed on Bing local search and Google local search.

The job is simple enough. Brian has a computer desk made of a white oak veneer. On top of that desk are two towers with the best gaming motherboards, and they are joined in the middle by a set of shelves. Those shelves support the monitor, books, and other supplies. Brian does custom photo work, and has high end equipment. He’s upgrading his monitor and needs new shelves that join the two towers on either side of the monitor.

So I’m going to get this done for him as soon as I can get the materials. My local supplier – Redmond Hardwood Supply – has moved, and they were closed Saturday when I stopped by.

This will be a great project and hopefully when Brian needs that computer desk replaced with a new custom desk, he’ll think of me. I’ll be posting plans and progress as this project gets rolling.