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Lie-Nielsen Seattle Hand Tool Flyer

Lie-Nielsen Seattle Hand Tool Event

I was pretty happy the other day when heading to my mail box and finding this little beauty

Lie-Nielsen Seattle Hand Tool Flyer

Lie-Nielsen Seattle Hand Tool Flyer

Lie-Nielsen is bringing their Hand Tool Event back to Seattle Central Community College’s Wood Construction Center and I’m going to go there. I was there last year and picked up a set of chisels and a small shoulder plane. This year I think I’ll upgrade to a Lie-Nielsen block plane, and a new wall calendar for my office.

First of all, it’s free. So why wouldn’t I go to see Deneb sharpen? They bring their full line of woodworking hand tools, tshirts, calendars, books, videos, and hand tool care accessories. Everything is setup for you to learn from the expert demonstrators and staff, try the tools yourself, and buy the tools at pretty good deals with no shipping costs. And they have a door prize giveaway so I might get something for free.

If you haven’t been to a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, I recommend them. Click here to find one near you.

48 Woodworkers You Should Get To Know – #Woodchat Follow Friday

Below is a list of 48 great woodworkers that participated in Woodchat on November 16, 2011. They want to get you into the shop and make you a more successful woodworker. You should visit their blogs, follow their tweets, and engage them in a conversation about woodworking. We’re committed to learning from each other and keeping each other motivated.

@woodbard, @Tumblewood, @fwmagazine, @uppercutwood, @MKatFWW, @kenstonge, @asliceofwood, @imaginer99, @DyamiPlotke, @WoodworkGuy, @TomsWorkbench, @sduffy68, @JimAAshley, @NGBfurniture, @TheRealNeal, @UserOfWood, @BobbyHagstrom, @theboisshop, @Treeworkz, @50splinters, @Seanw78, @MansFineFurn, @JC_McGrath, @thewoodninja, @DJOfurnituremkr, @kweinert, @HighRockWW, @mamader, @Tooltutor, @Torch02, @ebeckham29, @lucaspeters, @Wood_Jedi, @bltww, @JinkerPlex, @wilburpan, @Kinniska, @Black_SheepWW, @pickettfurnitur, @woodshaver101, @LaMacchiaDesign, @sawdustislife, @weilworks26, @kring_l, @ramblinrdesigns, @statweestics, @WoodWhisperer, @benjamenjohnson

If you’re interested in the conversations we’re having, check out these transcripts:

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And don’t forget to review the Woodchat Announcement and principles, and Vote for Topics.


46 Woodworkers You Should Get To Know – #woodchat Follow Friday

If you are interested in woodworking, and ready to share knowledge with others, then why not follow the woodworkers who participated in Woodchat Wednesday on November 9th? Don’t just follow them, tweet to them, get to know them, and beging to share knowledge and encouragement about woodworkign.

A full list is below, with a Twitter Hovercard to see their twitter profile and easily follow them.