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Woodworkers Discuss Finishes: Woodchat Transcript December 28, 2011

Great discussions tonight among woodworkers of all levels regarding finishing during #woodchat.

Woodchat Transcript December 28, 2011 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

@HighRock RT @DyamiPlotke: Don’t forget,#woodchat starts in less than an hour. 9:00pm eastern. I’ll be popping in & out, but they’ll be many great woodworkers about.

@Tumblewood Tweechat for #woodchat is recording already. testing! ONE TWO THREE#woodchat

@MansFineFurn @DyamiPlotke whoops, almost forgot it’s#woodchat Wednesday!

@imaginer99 Is it time yet? #Woodchat

@asliceofwood Any plans for the chat tonight?#woodchat

@FlairWoodworks Oh, what? I might actually be around for#woodchat tonight, which starts in eight minutes. I’ll be posting as @ChrisHasFlair

@asliceofwood @FlairWoodworks you could post as both and confuse people. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy Hello everyone in #woodchat tonight

@Tumblewood Hello all. Welcome to the last Woodchat of the year. Let’s make it something very cool in the new year! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn Hey all, I’ll be in and out, gotta put the little one to bed shortly #woodchat

@woodbard @Tumblewood Hi, Vic. Happy New Year (before I forget). I will be in and out tonight. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy What’s the #woodchat topic?

@MansFineFurn Salut Nick Hey Vic, Al #woodchat

@asliceofwood Hows everyone doing tonight? #woodchat

@woodbard @MansFineFurn Hi, Nick, Nick, Jeff :)#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Hello, hello. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @woodbard Hey Al. How goes it?#woodchat

@NGBfurniture so whats la topic pour this night?#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Devon-nous parler en francais ce soir pendant #woodchat

@woodbard @ChrisHasFlair hmmm… Non – merci.#woodchat

@asliceofwood @ChrisHasFlair yep #woodchat

@NGBfurniture jesu, ma francais c’est pouri! c’est un peut triste par ce que je vie en montreal!#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Hello everyone.. #woodchat #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood So do we have a topic tonight for #woodchat?

@NGBfurniture haha wow i dont think ive typed in french in like 5 years #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy ….Looking for the French Rosetta Stone software to translate…. #woodchat

@NGBfurniture sooo many mistakes #woodchat

@asliceofwood seems like there are not many folks here tonight. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn Nick, I figured you’d be up on it, given your surroundings… I can’t type in French unless I have a french keyboard layout#woodchat

@FlairWoodworks @NGBfurniture RDF (LOL) #woodchat

@NGBfurniture @MansFineFurn haha all my friends are anglo and i only speak french when i absolutely need to. oddly i have family in france…#woodchat

@FlairWoodworks So who else is in the shop right now?#woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom @ChrisHasFlair !Si! ?Que? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy maybe it’s quality and not quantity tonight in #woodchat @asliceofwood

@ChrisHasFlair @BobbyHagstrom Quoi? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn @FlairWoodworks I wish…rugrats#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Let’s go with that because it’s better than neither! RT @WoodworkGuy: maybe it’s quality and not quantity tonight in#woodchat @asliceofwood

@Wood_Jedi @FlairWoodworks, IM in the shop working on a sewing box for my grandfather’s girlfriend #woodchat#woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom @FlairWoodworks I’m about to drive home to my shop; but I’m shopping for bath fan duct and a mirror. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Wood_Jedi Is that a traditional design or a new one? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy so #woodchat tonight is French dovetails vs. English dovetails??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Wood_Jedi Right now Im making a custom set of brass knife hinges for the box. testing my metal working skills #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke Hello #woodchat I’ve got more shop improvements, the Clockwork Bench & a massive Lego table on deck for 2012. You?

@MansFineFurn alright gents (ladies?) how about some topic proposals? #woodchat

@NGBfurniture totally in the mood for a poutine now…#woodchat

@asliceofwood anyone get any new toys for the holidays? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @ChrisHasFlair, its a custom design…not like your traditional ones#woodchat

@MansFineFurn @asliceofwood no, don’t rub it in#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood No tools. I can’t think of any more that I need. #woodchat

@uppercutwood @Tumblewood #woodchat sorry I’m late we just got to our cabin. What did y’all give or get woodworking related for Christmas?

@DyamiPlotke @FlairWoodworks I’m in the shop.#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Topic idea for #woodchat: Highs and lows of 2011.

@asliceofwood @piratecolie got me a scroll saw. I got to test it out a bit, but haven’t cut much with it yet #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood santa didnt bring me my lathe. ๐Ÿ™ I think @DyamiPlotke got the word out to put me on the naughty list#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood Make some 3D jigsaw puzzles! They’re fun to make but even more fun to play with. #woodchat

@NGBfurniture @ChrisHasFlair thats a good one!#woodchat

@asliceofwood @Wood_Jedi yeah i remember@DyamiPlotke trying to get you on that list #woodchat

@Tumblewood @uppercutwood Hey Matt! Feeling any better?! #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks @NGBfurniture Ha ha. I asked for 6″ clamps one year and got spring clamps 6″ long overall! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood you will like the scrollsaw, i enjoy working on mine #woodchat

@asliceofwood @ChrisHasFlair I will have to try. I also want to make a wooden gear clock.#woodchat

@FlairWoodworks @Wood_Jedi Have you got any sketches or pictures to share? #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood Wooden gear clocks are fiddly. #woodchat

@Tumblewood I think I experienced plenty of Christmas prior to the actual holiday! #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood Personally, I wouldn’t want to do one on the scroll saw.#woodchat

@NGBfurniture @FlairWoodworks hahaha exactly!!#woodchat

@asliceofwood @piratecolie also got me a #18 sweetheart plane. I think she likes me a little. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn I had a tool wishlist a mile long…I got underwear and pajamas #woodchat

@asliceofwood @ChrisHasFlair I’m up for the challenge#woodchat

@victorjhawkins Will have to forgo #woodchat. Grandkids and I are making peanut butter cookies.

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood What is a #18?#woodchat

@Tumblewood Some of you know what I’m working on. What are you all doing in the shop!?#woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @asliceofwood I got a cool apron for Christmas. You? #woodchattwitpic.com/7zzlu6

@Wood_Jedi @FlairWoodworks I will post pictures as soon as i get a tad bit further, IM designing it as I go but will definitely post pics #woodchat

@NGBfurniture my high and low was moving into this new shop, so much to set up yet i have a nice new spot to work! #woodchat

@asliceofwood @MansFineFurn haha the must haves#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood I’m working on prototyping a chair… still. #ItsAProcess #woodchat

@asliceofwood @DyamiPlotke you got me beat#woodchat

@pickettfurnitur #woodchat Hello everyone!

@Tumblewood @NGBfurniture What’s your new environment? How big/light? etc?#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi waiting for Tumblewood to finish the bench so I can come over and pick it up..lol since he wont deliver it to my shop..lol #woodchat

@asliceofwood @ChrisHasFlair is that the one that was getting designed while sleeping in?#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair There were many highs this year, including Time Warp Tool Works, WIA, watching my blog grow… #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood That’s the one! #woodchat

@asliceofwood @pickettfurnitur welcome #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur #woodchat lots to do in the shop in the new year. Most importantly, finish building photo studio and conference room bathroom.

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi Laney, others are gonna do much more beautiful benches #woodchat

@NGBfurniture @Tumblewood its a sketchy spot closer to home, instead of sharing with 3 others im alone, 900 SQFT, lighting is alright#woodchat

@WoodworkGuy I got a years tuition for HTS from Santa Wife. She got a spa day and a LED light for her scroll saw #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair is making some very nice molding planes, if y’all aren’t aware.#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @WoodworkGuy Your wife scrolls? Nice!#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood, i dont know, there is something about them old timbers that make yours stand out #woodchat

@Tumblewood @NGBfurniture 900 can be an effective shop #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Wood_Jedi Old timbers and big timbers are awesome! #woodchat

@asliceofwood a high for me was starting to make videos. It’s hard to think of lows.#woodchat

@Tumblewood @WoodworkGuy I saw that! Congrats!#woodchat

@NGBfurniture @Tumblewood oh it is! its just the whole moving into a new building kinda thing…#woodchat

@MansFineFurn back in a bit folks, gotta tuck in the toddler #woodchat

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi I’m looking forward to gettin some oil on it. #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur No tools for Xmas, but I did receive a copy of Nakashoma’s book, Soul of a Tree. Who has read it? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @ChrisHasFlair Yes indeed it is. She likes WW but isn’t into the TS or other large power tools #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi I have been following @ChrisHasFlair’s plane making.. very nice #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @pickettfurnitur Nakashima’s book was good, but I enjoyed reading Maloof’s more. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @asliceofwood Send me your site add. I’ll post it on Woodchat+… #woodchat

@JustSqEnough Hi all new Android so trying this from it tonight #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @pickettfurnitur that looks like a really cool book! Give a book report sometime…#woodchat

@Chris_TW2 Thanks! RT @Wood_Jedi: I have been following Chris’ plane making.. very nice#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Can you keep up? RT @JustSqEnough: Hi all new Android so trying this from it tonight #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair Maloof is probably my most endeared making in this century. Not to say he’s the best. I just loved him.#woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @Tumblewood Thanks. I’m looking forward to it. Want to brush up/learn hand tool skills #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood I don’t love his work, but I loved his book. #woodchat

@JustSqEnough @ChrisHasFlair so far I’ll let you know#woodchat

@asliceofwood @Tumblewood where do you want me to send it to? so many options #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur Did you ever meet him? @TumblewoodMaloof is probably my most endeared making in this century. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair I love how he approach the craft and his life. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood Yes, it’s his attitudes that I appreciate. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @asliceofwood post it here..I’ll add to my feeder #woodchat

@JohnVerreault #woodchat mother-in-law just got me a belated Xmas gift– Bessey K-Body to match the 1 from 12 Days of Christmas promo–sweet!

@JustSqEnough Anyone get shop time over the weeken#woodchat

@Tumblewood @pickettfurnitur No…just seen lots of video / interviews/ etc. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @JustSqEnough Over the Christmas weekend? No way! #woodchat

@asliceofwood asliceofwoodworkshop.com #woodchat

@Tumblewood @JohnVerreault They should always be purchased in pairs. They get lonely#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson Holy crap I was closing a twitter tab and I saw the #woodchat hashtag and just remembered it was a woodchat night.#woodchat

@JC_McGrath Just running by to say hope all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, some needed shop time for me tonight, have a good chat! #woodchat

@Tumblewood @JustSqEnough Nothing but shop time. Sylvia was sick #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Hey guy be sure to check out my new woodworking forum SHOP TALKbit.ly/w2vzz4 #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur I love that his business card simply said ‘woodworker’ @ChrisHasFlair@Tumblewood Yes, it’s his attitudes that I appreciate. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @JC_McGrath I hope you have a productive evening in the shop! #woodchat

@JohnVerreault @JustSqEnough unfortunately not#woodchat

@Tumblewood @benjamenjohnson I figured it’d be slow due to the holidays #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi if you havent been to the website yet either..lol…stop byasimpledesignofocala.com #woodchat

@Tumblewood @JC_McGrath Hey Jon! #woodchat

@asliceofwood @Tumblewoodasliceofwoodworkshop.com #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Its free to register and you can use your favorite social networks to register or create a unique user name #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Any users of EvapoRust? Do you get odd patterns left behind afterwards? Picture coming… #woodchat

@JustSqEnough @Tumblewood I saw your feed bench is looking good #woodchat

@JohnVerreault @Tumblewood LOL — I agree #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson Haven’t been in the shop much this week except to get drywall and paint supplies.#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood i know you are a busy man, but be sure to stop into the forum and let me know what you thinkbit.ly/w2vzz4 #woodchat

@woodbard @Tumblewood For sandy’s Fast Turn set. Curly maple lid top, curly maple box, finger joint joinery #woodchatyfrog.com/gyxrcllvj

@Tumblewood Guys, I’ll start a list of blogs over on Woodchat G+. I’ve been trying to find workers to bring to everyone’s attention.#woodchat

@asliceofwood @Tumblewood your welcome #woodchat

@asliceofwood @Wood_Jedi you need more live shop cam time #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @ChrisHasFlair I have some EvapoRust for my vintage Disston Saws, but haven’t had time to clean them up. Thanks for warning. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks Why does EvapoRust leave this pattern behind? How do I remove it? #woodchatpic.twitter.com/9NoFiRIT

@JC_McGrath @Tumblewood hey Vic! Dude, you are cooking on bench, coming along so good! Awesome!@ChrisHasFlair thanks, hope so! #woodchat

@Tumblewood @JustSqEnough Thanks, David..it’s a big challenge for me, so I’m having a lot of fun. #woodchat

@JimAAshley Evening everyone! #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood I have a list on a G+ thread from a couple months ago. I’ll try to dig it up later after #woodchat

@Tumblewood @asliceofwood Who does? I’ve got the cam up now. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @JimAAshley Hey Jim. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @JimAAshley Hi Jim! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood I know i do. I just bought a new shop cam and am making the lighting..then the live shop cam will be streaming a lot #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair I know that Al Navas has an exhaustive list. #woodchat

@sharpendwood Too busy to really participate but hello to everyone in #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood @asliceofwood was telling me I do..lol.. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Hello @sharpendwood #woodchat

@asliceofwood @Wood_Jedi I need to run electricity in my shop. Really need some good lighting. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @ChrisHasFlair I remember that post! I still haven’t recovered from the fire hose of info. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair Thank you, sir!.#woodchat

@MansFineFurn @ChrisHasFlair yes sometimes don’t leave it on/in too long #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood Why don’t you add your blog to that list? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood I am making all my softbox lighting for the shop cam and videos #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Oh, did I leave it on too long? RT@MansFineFurn: @ChrisHasFlair yes sometimes don’t leave it on/in too long#woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair I will. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @MansFineFurn Any recommendations to get it off? Not that it really matters…#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @ascliceofwood I want to get the shop lighting done before I have to start this boat remodel for a client. #woodchat

@Tumblewood Question for all: Is a live (G+ hangout) of any interest y’all? I’ll work harder on it if it is. But, only so much time..so..??#woodchat

@asliceofwood @Wood_Jedi I’m sure that would help. I have a little shop light I use right now. It is pittyful. #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur That’s what she said @ChrisHasFlair Any recommendations to get it off? Not that it really matters… #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @asliceofwoodhackaday.com/2011/06/04/shoยฆ#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair It looks artistic. Perhaps I’ll just treat the rest of the plane’s sole the same way.pic.twitter.com/cIwqbF9N #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood whats this G+ blog you are talking about? are you looking for sites to link too? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @Tumblewood a live G+ would work for me #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @JustSqEnough I do #woodchat from my phone (Droid X) most weeks. Set a dedicated column in tweetdeck.

@ChrisHasFlair @benjamenjohnson Ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ #woodchat

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi do you need to run all new electric? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood, it cant be as small as mine brother..lol. I am adding an addition onto it in the next month #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood I like it here. We don’t have to wait to speak. #woodchat

@asliceofwood @benjamenjohnson Thanks I will have to check it out #woodchat

@asliceofwood @Wood_Jedi wanna bet your ts on it? haha #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood, no not me.. I think@asliceofwood was saying he needed to#woodchat

@JustSqEnough @DyamiPlotke i’m using tweet chat just to not have to type the tag each time#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @asliceofwood I’m really happy, brighter, no flicker, and instant on. #woodchat

@Tumblewood What I was thinking is that via a hang out, we could do demonstrations/shop tours/etc. Most would be in a chat#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood, my shop is fully wired, I was talking bout building new studio lighting softboxes for my videos and streaming cam #woodchat

@JustSqEnough @DyamiPlotke working so far #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood That could be cool. Is lag an issue with more people in a hangout?#woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @JustSqEnough I got a wee bit of shop time prior 2 tonight & banged out these quick & dirty Lego tables #woodchattwitpic.com/7zzwee

@asliceofwood @Tumblewood yeah I do. I have a seperate 16×16 shed and have to main wire running back to the house, just need to hook it up. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @JC_McGrath thanks, Jon.enjoy your shop time. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood ..not my tablesaw..lol Ill bet you a winebottle balancer on it..lol#woodchat

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi oh cool! I’ll have to see what you do. #woodchat

@asliceofwood @benjamenjohnson no warming up of the lights? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @DyamiPlotke I’m installing tweetdeck on my android tablet as we speak to check it out #woodchat

@asliceofwood @Wood_Jedi haha #woodchat

@JimAAshley @Tumblewood Sounds like a good idea, not sure how many simultaneous video connections G+ allows (?) #woodchat

@Tumblewood @DyamiPlotke Ain’t it cool to know how to knock something out!? #woodchat

@dbwolverinefan First time in here. Evening all. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood I win, ill give you my address to ship the balancer… 10×16 here ..lol #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @dbwolverinefan welcome to #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke RT @Tumblewood I’ll start a list of blogs over on Woodchat G+ Been trying 2 find workers 2 bring 2 everyone’s attention#woodchat Twitter, there is an option to “Auto include hashtags when replying” #woodchat

@woodbard @Tumblewood Mee too – dunt wurry, b hoppy ๐Ÿ™‚ #woodchat

@BillGriggs Ipad2. no tools. #Woodchat

@WoodworkGuy Holiday was nice, but work is a real pain now. Piling on work the last 2 weeks – and could have a “headcount reduction” by 12/31 #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @asliceofwood See you around, Tim.#woodchat

@Tumblewood If you didn’t see it on Woodchat G+..This lady if phenomenally talentedandiwolfe.blogspot.com #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy Take care @asliceofwood #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur Signing off #woodchat Follow me and I’ll follow back. Good night!

@woodbard @Tumblewood G’nite everyone, and Happy New Year – may 2012 bring ONLY the best to all, and to your loved ones!#woodchat

@Tumblewood On G+ Direct me to people whom you are impressed with their work. I’d like to highlight them #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @woodbard Take care Al! #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @woodbard Goodnight, Al. Catch you in the New Year! #woodchat

@Tumblewood @woodbard Goodnight Al #woodchat

@Tumblewood @woodbard Let’s talk sometime next week, Al #woodchat

@BillGriggs I am planning to make a box from Cherry, looking for finishing ideas. #Woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood That @FlairWoodworksguy does some interesting stuff :)#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi By the way, Happy New Year to you all!!!! in case i dont run into you before then#woodchat

@woodbard @Tumblewood I’ll be ready, Vic. Let me know a bit ahead of time. Working on book, and daily hangouts for interpreting work. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench Oh, boy, here I am… #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair RT @Wood_Jedi: By the way, Happy New Year to you all!!!! in case i don’t run into you before then #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair I need to catch up with you, too Chris. When you have a few minutes in the evening #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @TomsWorkbench Hi Tom. Eight minutes… make ’em count! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench What a crazy couple of days of family stuff.. OY! More tomorrow #woodchat

@Tumblewood @ChrisHasFlair Haha!! Yes, he does!#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Tumblewood Tonight, or another night?#Canucks game at 7:30… #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @TomsWorkbench Hey Tom! #woodchat

@Tumblewood @woodbard I’ll try to send you a message via Twitter during the day for that evening#woodchat

@TomsWorkbench Did y’all see how I fouled up my cope and stick cuts? Classic bonehead….#woodchat

@woodbard @Tumblewood Cool – see you soon, Vic. Happy New Year!!! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @BillGriggs #woodchat I like tung oil but you have to reapply every once ina while. Ive heard good things about danish oil

@WoodworkGuy @TomsWorkbench what you get when you “monkey” around… #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @TomsWorkbench I’ve seen that before. I teach a seminar on cope and stick.#woodchat

@Tumblewood @TomsWorkbench BUDDY!!! YOU MADE HIT!!! Now I’m ready for the new year! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench I MAY get some time in the shop tomorrow or Friday…. I hope… #woodchat

@Tumblewood @TomsWorkbench Anything like your DTs ….ducking #woodchat

@Tumblewood @woodbard To you and Sandy, too!#woodchat

@TomsWorkbench I got a few minutes here, Vic. :-)#woodchat

@JimAAshley @TomsWorkbench hey Tom! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench Oh, Vic, my DT’s are awesome… the ones I cut with the Keller jig! #woodchat

@BillGriggs @benjamenjohnson I was thinking of trying, GOOD STUFF for the finish.#Woodchat

@TomsWorkbench JIM!!!! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @asliceofwood i feel bad it wasnt@DyamiPlotke IT WAS@TomsWorkbench who got me on the bad list so i didnt get my lathe!! LOL#woodchat

@Tumblewood @TomsWorkbench I need to get John Funk to figure out how to do a thumbs up emoticon! #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Y’know, since I met @TomsWorkbenchat WIA, I read his posts with more enthusiasm. #woodchat

@JimAAshley @asliceofwood happy new year!#woodchat

@TomsWorkbench @Wood_Jedi Woah.. @IggyMonkey got you on the naughty list! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench @ChrisHasFlair Gosh, thanks! I hope you like ’em… #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @TomsWorkbench…YEP he sure did!! I got socks for Christmas..No lathe in sight on that Christmas eve night!! #woodchat

@JimAAshley @woodbard Happy New Year Al.#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @TomsWorkbench I do enjoy your writing. Your polls are interesting too, but I should go back and check the results later. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench @Wood_Jedi Stupid @IggyMonkey#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @BillGriggs Havent seen that before. Let us know how it turns out #woodchat

@MansFineFurn #woodchat @benjamenjohnson@BillGriggs tung oil ‘finish’ (has the varnish mixed in) doesn’t need to be reapplied like raw tung.

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood you should do something woodworking related for the emoticon..lol#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @Wood_Jedi Tracksaw: ___@____#woodchat

@TomsWorkbench @ChrisHasFlair You are always welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚ You do very good work, Chris. #woodchat

@BillGriggs @benjamenjohnson I got it from the local hardwood mill. He swears by it.#Woodchat

@MansFineFurn #woodchat @BillGriggs check@theboisshop ‘s site, does a lot in cherry w/ a BLO-wax finish, I mix varnish in to build after the initial BLO

@TomsWorkbench OK, folks, I’m ready to hit the hay… Late nights and lots of family this week is wearing me out! #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @MansFineFurn that hasnt been my experience with the tung oil mixes. it still gets dull over time #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @TomsWorkbench Take care Tom.#woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair @TomsWorkbench See ya Tom!#woodchat

@BillGriggs @MansFineFurn Thanks for the tip & link.#Woodchat

@MansFineFurn @benjamenjohnson may depend on the varnish content of the mix. you can always overcoat it with shellac/poly/whatever #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @ChrisHasFlair Nice tracsawicon!#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Ive said it once, Ill say it again, then ill shut up… be sure to check out the Shop Talk woodworking forum bit.ly/w2vzz4#woodchat

@JimAAshley Have a good night folks! Happy New Year to everyone! #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Night @TomsWorkbench #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi Night @JimAAshley Happy New Year#woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @asliceofwood then get to it. It’ll be well worth it. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @benjamenjohnson glad to hear it.#woodchat

@benjamenjohnson @MansFineFurn overcoating kind of defeats the purpose ๐Ÿ™‚ Im liking wipe on urethane lately,maybe illtry that#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @BillGriggs if you are here, thanks for following!! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @woodbard desktop tweetdeck or tweetdeck for Android? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson #woodchat See you next year! Time to sign off.

@BillGriggs @Wood_Jedi Your welcome #Woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @benjamenjohnson take care. Happy new year to you and yours. #woodchat

@ChrisHasFlair Hope you guys have a good night and a happy New Years if I don’t talk to you before. I’ll be around, but focused on the shop. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @ChrisHasFlair same to you Chris.#woodchat

@MansFineFurn @benjamenjohnson I did the tung finish then wipe poly on the crib bit.ly/qEmaB7. oil 4 depth/pop figure, poly to protect#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @ChrisHasFlair Goodnight, Happy New Year!! #woodchat

@uppercutwood1 @Tumblewood feeling a little better. Wifey sick now. In Crescent Bar.#woodchat

@DyamiPlotke @woodbard I’ll have to try that out. I do 90% of my tweeting by phone. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @TomsWorkbench Did you catch my bench progress, Tom!? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke Goodnight #woodchat the insulation is calling.

@Tumblewood1 @DyamiPlotke I’m beat tonight. Stayed up too late writing. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @MansFineFurn, Did you guys see the Desktop Easel I made finished it with Tung Oil asimpledesignofocala.com#woodchat

@Tumblewood @uppercutwood I’ll send you the transcript, Matt. #woodchat

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi Yes..I still haven’t shown it to my wife. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy @MansFineFurn you too, Nick.#woodchat

@mikeputnam @BillGriggs can you do inlays? mother of pearl apple logo? #Woodchat

@BillGriggs @Wood_Jedi Thanks Laney. #Woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @JimAAshley, my Christmas was very nice #woodchat

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi This is what I love to use.#woodchat

@MansFineFurn @Wood_Jedi Y, I like the tung oil finish with wax on top too, lately blending my own BLO/Varnish mix, then waxing#woodchat. Came out nice!

@Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi Sorry..link didn’t postsutherlandwelles.com/products/tung-ยฆ#woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood Id like to put a link to your blog on my website if you’re interested I have @WoodWhisperer and@MereMortalWW on there #woodchat

@BillGriggs @mikeputnam My software will do inlays. I haven,t done any yet though. It,s on my list. #Woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood, I like the rich Lusture of a Tung oil finish #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi @Tumblewood I just got the link.. Polymerized Tung Oil, definitely going to check that out!! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn @Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi where do you get the sutherlands? #woodchat

@BillGriggs @mikeputnam what did youhave inmind?#Woodchat

@MansFineFurn @MansFineFurn: @Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi where do you get the sutherlands? #woodchatย
@Wood_Jedi Im sure you can order it from their website @MansFineFurnsutherlandwelles.com/products/tung-ยฆ#woodchat

@MansFineFurn @Tumblewood @Wood_Jedi I’m sure, they’re not an existing supplier. & Lee Valley doesn’t have it, despite Sutherland’s saying so #woodchat

@MansFineFurn ok, goodnight for real this time…#woodchat