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Starting Upper Cut Woodworks: Project Workflow and Documentation

I imagine the workflow of a job will go like this:

  1. Customer contacts me, describes what they want, perhaps sends pictures.
  2. I discuss the project with the customer: needs & wants, budget, materials, finish, hardware, timelines, etc.
  3. I sit down a design the project in SketchUp, create an initial cutlist, and price things like hinges, knobs, and other hardware.
  4. I then write the project up, with the sketch and the estimate, into a document.
  5. The customer signs the document, provides half the payment, and I begin work.
  6. Upon delivery the customer pays the rest, signs that everything was delivered as promised.

It’s interesting to note that I am only billing the customer for step 5. If the customer doesn’t sign on the dotted line, I’m out my design time.

There are some things i need to figure out here though:

  1. What should I do if my estimate is way too low?
  2. What should I do when it’s difficult to get the customer to pay?
  3. What should this document look like from a structure perspective, and what should the content be to make it legally binding without being too unfriendly?
  4. How do I incorporate customer visits and design change requests during the build (between steps 5 & 6)?
  5. What should the relationship with the customer be post-delivery: warranty, follow-up, etc.?

Potential customers: I’d love to know what you think of this process and how I can make it great for you.

Woodworking buddies: I’d also love to know your opinions on how to make this work from a business perspective. If you have sample documents that you’re willing to share, email them to me.