Woodworking Passion

Upper Cut Woodworks was founded early in 2010 after years of woodworking as a hobby and completing many projects for my home, for relatives, and for friends. I enjoy working with families to custom design and build pieces for their homes. I build one piece at a time using only responsibly harvested wood, safe finishes, and modern twists on time proven techniques.

I have been woodworking since was young, learning from my grandfather. His father was a Cooper, and his tools now on display at the Nordic Heritage Museum. My skill development has been via books, television, internet blogs and video, and attending the Woodworking in America conferences and classes. I also build as much as I can. I am also a member of many woodworking communities, and currently host a weekly online chat for woodworkers of all skill levels.

Designing with Upper Cut Woodworks

Your inquiry about custom furniture will be answered by me, the woodworker that will build your project. That first inquiry begins a conversation and relationship that will last throughout the process. Our initial conversation will be design-centered and will center on the following areas:.

Users: the users of the piece in quantity, size, and capability

Purpose: the pure function of the piece, including special considerations

Environment: the space the piece will occupy including the lighting, sound, primary use, and color and texture in the room

Style & Color: best communicated visually with pictures a style is in coordination with, but not limited by, other pieces in the setting

Materials & Texture: the choice of wood, the prevalence of grain, and even the smoothness of curves and finishes – this reaches beyond the wood and can incorporate other materials such as metal, glass, or fiber

Watch the Build

These conversations will guide the design, from which I will provide you with 3D visualizations that include dimensions. Upon agreeing on the design, I will provide you with an estimate to build your piece that includes the materials and finishes. When the job begins building you’ll watch your piece move through the woodworking stages in pictures and video on the Upper Cut Woodworks Blog. Past posts have included selecting and preparing lumber, construction of casework and joinery, applying trim and hardware, and applying finishes. By watching how your piece is constructed you will understand how much care is put into the woodworking process, and you will get a sense of the quality of your new heirloom. Pieces are delivered free of charge when complete, within a reason.

Advantages to Custom Woodworking

Working with Upper Cut Woodworks has many advantages over store bought furniture. Throughout the process you are involved in the design, material selection, hardware selection, and finish selection. The piece is designed and built to specific dimensions to fit your space. Construction details can be customized for your use scenario, such as: a top can be braced to hold a heavy fish tank, doors can be made with hidden magnetic latches, electronics can be accommodated with venting or power strips, or lighting can be incorporated to highlight your treasures. Hidden compartments are a fun and popular customization.

You can be assured that your piece is built with quality products that are safe for your family and responsibly farmed or manufactured. Our wood products are overwhelmingly from the USA and Canada and all are Forest Stewardship Council certified. Our stains and finishes are water-borne and manufactured domestically. I do not use wood fiber products like particle board or MDF, when sheet goods are necessary I use domestic hardwood plywood.

Finishes are either applied by hand with brush or rag or hand sprayed.

About Matt, the Chief Woodworker

I am a married 42-year-old father of two girls. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in August 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have fifteen years of experience building great teams at Microsoft that delivered successfully on many projects. I continue to enjoy working with people to build and deliver great software as well as fishing and building custom furniture.