Fish Tank Stand: Bracing For 501 Pounds of Water

The project in the shop that moves the slowest is the Fish Tank Stand. GAKMAN and I are building it together for his house, and we only work on it when we can get together. We both have demanding jobs at Microsoft, so that’s not often. Well, the stand is done finally, but that’s not […]

Fish Tank Stand: Face Frames and Clamping Dry Runs

Today GAKMAN and I worked on the face frame for the Fish Tank Stand. For this face frame I did things a little different: I used pocket hole screws and my new Kreg jig I cut a rabbet along the back of the frame so it would fit in to the case work The pocket […]

Fish Tank Stand: Glued up and Square

Tonight GAKMAN came over for shop night. We haven’t worked on the fish tank filter broke stand for a long time. Our last shop night was May 2nd, since then we’ve both been busy including my awesome vacation to Cabo San Lucas. Tonight we finalized some dimensions after a dry fit of the pieces, and […]