Woodchat with Jimmy DiResta’s Revised List of Top 10 Tools

Jimmy DiResta came back to Woodchat on December 11th, 2013 to answer even more questions from Woodchatters and revise his list of Top 10 Tools, based on the best DeWalt tools set.

You can also watch Jimmy and his brother John in the DIY Network series Hammered here, for free. Woodchatters also found Matthew “Rat Boy” DiResta on YouTube, here. John and Matthew have a channel as well, here.

Jimmy DiResta’s Top 10 Tools, v2.0

  1. Band saw
  2. Table saw
  3. Festool Domino
  4. Low angle block plane
  5. Pullsaw
  6. DeWalt Track Saw
  7. Mortising Chisel (gift from Nick Offerman)
  8. 16oz Estwing hammer with straight claw (the best one, according to ContractorCulture)
  9. Lathe
  10. Heavy steel bricks used for clamping stops, etc.

Also, the Woodchat videos are now here. You can watch the December 11th edition of Woodchat with Jimmy DiResta below.

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