Woodworker’s Share Projects and Pictures: Woodchat Transcript April 25th, 2012

Woodchat Transcript April 25, 2012 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

@woodshaver101: just a thought for tonights topic.sharing pictures and stories of different jobs and projects. #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: Sounds good! RT @woodshaver101: just a thought for tonights topic.sharing pictures and stories of different jobs and projects. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: 20 minutes to woodchat, share pictures and stories of projects and get tips with finishing #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Welcome to woodchat, tonight’s topic is sharing pictures and stories about projects, and discussion on finishing #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Good evening all! #woodchat

@woodshaver101: hello all whats up #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks @ChrisHasFlair is Legendary! #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: I reached my daily quota of tweets shortly after last week’s #woodchat! RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks @ChrisHasFlair is Legendary!

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 welcome! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks did twitter API block you? #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Hi Guys. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: I dunno but that sounds good. 🙂 RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks did twitter API block you? #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Who’s looking forward to #WIA12? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @DJOfurnituremkr Dale so good to see you how goes it? Still doing the butter presses? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks #raiseshand #woodchat

@BillGriggs: Hello folks. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @uppercutwood You bet, many more to do. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Hi Bill! Given any more thought to that CNC challenge to make a sculpted table? RT @BillGriggs: Hello folks. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @BillGriggs welcome bill #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @BillGriggs Bill is this really you, or a bot you built? 🙂 #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Looking at old photos. Here is a mantel I carved years ago: http://t.co/FIBEs9VH #woodchat

@BillGriggs: @FlairWoodworks I’ve given it some thought. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Mantel edge detail: http://t.co/fr3jeto6 #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Nice work. Where did the wood come from? RT @woodshaver101: http://t.co/ggl1ifdl small chest from reclaimed material #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Nice design! RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Mantel edge detail: http://t.co/sFeB9OJW #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: My internet is crawling today… #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks it came from a old warehouse #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 that wood has perfect grain #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: From inside, or the framework? RT @woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks it came from a old warehouse #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @uppercutwood Thanks! I carved dozens of mantels for my local hardwood supplier. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks it was a wall guard out of 8/4 oak as long as a football field and 24 inch tall #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Nice find! RT @woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks it was a wall guard out of 8/4 oak as long as a football field and 24 inch tall #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 how did you finish it #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks .i bet at least 60 yrs old. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: So, does wax count as a finish? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 I really like this too even though it’s painted and hides the wood http://t.co/On5NLnOi #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks yes, i think so. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood I used gel stain and satin lacquer #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 all hand applied (pad or brush) or did you spray lacquer? #woodchat

@WatkinsWoodWork: @FlairWoodworks yes wax totally counts #Woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood thanks that is pigmented convertion varnish,a bullet proof finish #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Do you guys find that satin, close-to-the-wood finishes are most popular? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks No. White paint is super popular, and espresso glazed look. thanks pottery barn and crate & barrell #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Tall cherry desk. Height matches kitchen island: http://t.co/2S9ZD9nl #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks most designers call for a satin finish #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: LA LA LA LA – I CAN’T HEAR YOU! RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks No. White paint is super popular, and espresso glazed look. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @DJOfurnituremkr I like it but the lack of back legs makes me think “uh oh hurry it’s gonna fall” #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks that’s what I tell them. “I build things out of wood, if you’d like white plastic…” #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr Cool. You should build another one and put it on the other side of the wall. #woodchat @uppercutwood

@kring_l: hello all #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @uppercutwood However, I do like the contrast that sleek painted surfaces provide. My last table is an example of that. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood i agree but,I build what the customer is willing to pay for. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 so you spray your pigmented varnish then. HVLP? Target Coatings? #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @kring_l Hi James! We’re talking finishes, past projects, and stories! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks I agree. as a design element it can be powerful. I like dark dyes in that case though. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: No, what I’m willing to build! #artist RT @woodshaver101: i agree but,I build what the customer is willing to pay for. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood yes ,hvlp is the way to go #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I just sprayed some GF Water Based Dye Stain for a refinishing project. Loved it. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Practice carvings: http://t.co/RXMmztwd #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @uppercutwood Dyes provide different effects than paint. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 Agree. I love it. I spray shellac with it as well. Water based dye stain and shellac is a lot of coats in one day #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks I find they hide the grain texture less. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood any grain raising problems with the water base finish #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: That’s true. RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks I find they hide the grain texture less. #woodchat

@kring_l: ah cool how about this for a vet friend and oil man made from recycled boiler crates #woodchat http://t.co/qzd2dxY5

@woodshaver101: @kring_l those look cool #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: I picked up some bicycle rims I found behind a bike shop. Any ideas of how to incorporate them into woodwork/furniture? #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Cherry electronics/sub woofer cabinet: http://t.co/H9E6js4E #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks round tables? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Gorgeous RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Cherry electronics/sub woofer cabinet: http://t.co/CJPrDJxp #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Cover the rims with glass? RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks round tables? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Did anybody see the video this week on Woodworkweb on OSMO? any thoughts? I’m thinking about trying it http://t.co/gwFEVLti #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks check out the new Belgian brewery in ft Collins Colorado

lots of bicycle art there. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Matching media cabinet: http://t.co/CBc5D2cO #woodchat

@kring_l: @DJOfurnituremkr verry nice #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @woodshaver101 Thanks for the lead. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson I didn’t thanks for the link. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @FlairWoodworks @uppercutwood cover with glass…I thought the same thing. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks they had some cool chairs made from bike rims #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 yes, but you can mitigate by preraising #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 are you using target coatings for pigmented varnish? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood If half of what they show on the video is true. I’m all for environmentally friendly without dealing with water-base #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson what about alcohol base? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood no i use Sherman Williams just because i have an account there #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson what base does OSMO use? #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @benjamenjohnson In your profile pic, it looks like you’re blowing bubble gum. Is that s dust mask? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 thanks, I’ll give it a try. stinky and lacquer thinner cleanup? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I’m not sure what exactly what it uses for a base,I think it is plant oil based. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: My favorite finishes are Tried & True varnish oil, shellac & wax. Also Maloof mix. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr I’ve not tried Tried & True finishes but have wanted to for a while. How’s the durability? #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr Have you tried the other two Tried & True finishes? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood yes it is but there coming out with some new solvent based finishes that are more eco friendly #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @FlairWoodworks LOL. its a Resp-O-Rator Jr. goes in your mouth like a snorkle prevents glasses from fogging #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @benjamenjohnson What about your nose? #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @FlairWoodworks I’ve never had an issue with durability. Drying can be an issue at times though. Yes, the are all great. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: RT @uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson what about alcohol base? Like Shellac? OK that’s pretty ECO friendly.they even use it in candy #woodchat

@woodshaver101: water base finish coats look like plastic no depth like a solvent based finish #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr Why do you prefer Varnish Oil over the others? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @FlairWoodworks there’s a nose clip to keep you breathing through your mouth. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @FlairWoodworks Higher viscosity and sheen. It’s a thick oil. Best to heat it to aid in applying. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @FlairWoodworks I started using them after I reviewed them a few years ago. http://t.co/vxBdGen8 #woodchat

@MWA_National: Good evening #woodchat sorry we’re missing it, but a new MWA podcast is in the works.

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 some of the new ones look pretty good like Enduro Var #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @FlairWoodworks The original is great for a soft low sheen finish. The varnish oil gives you a satin/semi gloss. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @FlairWoodworks For tables about three week for 5 coats. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @MWA_National Cool! I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood who makes that never heard of it #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: I use Sherwin Wms products as well with solvent based top coat. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @RichtheCarpnter its good stuff #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 General finishes. many times I’ll use one coat of water based on top of many coats of shellac or oil #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @DJOfurnituremkr That’s a long tim to keep a shop dust-free. Is dust-free a requirement? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @MWA_National whats the mwa stand for #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: @uppercutwood I checked out the GF site last night but no distributor nearby. Does anyone get these products via mail? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 I get the depth of the oil or shellac, but the final protection of the water based. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @FlairWoodworks No, dust is not an issue. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood I’m going to give that a try #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @RichtheCarpnter I’ve ordered them online, but I prefer to run down to Seattle Woodcraft. free coffee and donut holes. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Cool. I’ll have to try one of their products! RT @DJOfurnituremkr: @FlairWoodworks No, dust is not an issue. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 I used it on the trophy bases and a table. It’s very hard (floor finish hard) #woodchat

@woodshaver101: i’ve been thinking of using shellac,wasnt sure if I could top coat with water base #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I really like GF wipe on Urethane. It’s really forgiving. I get mine at Rockler #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: @woodshaver101 Just make sure you use de-waxed. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: I learned a lot from bob flexners book understanding wood finish’s i highly recommend it #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 it’s what I do. if i add color i use dye, then lots of shellac to build up the right protection, then top coat #woodchat

@uppercutwood: amen to that RT @DJOfurnituremkr: @woodshaver101 Just make sure you use de-waxed. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @DJOfurnituremkr dewaxed maybe thats were I went wrong #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 I spray the shellac over the dye, if you rub it or brush it you could mess up the dye if it’s alcohol soluable #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: I make lots of painted cabinetry that needs to match existing trim on site. I get good results w/ HVLP and lightly thinned paint #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Could be an interesting effect. RT @uppercutwood: if you rub it or brush it you could mess up the dye if it’s alcohol soluable #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @woodshaver101 i just buy cans of sealcoat for now. first coats I dilute a bit (I don’t measure the dilution) #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: #woodchat Speaking of GF I used their Wipe on Poly on both these toys http://t.co/fyMXLNlM

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood isn’t that a mohawk product #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: @benjamenjohnson #woodchat are there any shipping restrictions on volume?

@benjamenjohnson: @RichtheCarpnter Good question. I don’t know I have a store a few miles away. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: trans tint makes some nice die pigments,i mixed mine with alcohol to get some nice color on maple and oak #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: I wish you could edit tweets…I meant wipe on urethane in my last tweet #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: @benjamenjohnson Delete and retweet. Or copy them all over to your blog and edit them all you like 🙂 #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: Note to other Sherwin Wms users- they’ve had a policy change recently regarding sale of pigmented lacquer and conversion varnish. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @woodshaver101 Thanks for the book recommend. I think its the one the guy at Rockler pulled down to show me too. Added to wishlist #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @RichtheCarpnter I think so, and it ships ORM-D (other regulated materials) #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @RichtheCarpnter new epa crap,they are coming out with some new stuff #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @benjamenjohnson its worth the investment,best book on finishing #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: Time to watch the news. See you next week. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Does anybody use pure oils, such as pure tung oil? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks that interesting effect looks like crap. #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Bye Dale. Thanks for the info on Tried & True finishes. RT @DJOfurnituremkr: Time to watch the news. See you next week. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @DJOfurnituremkr see you later dale #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: You almost made me spit out my mouthful of dinner. RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks that interesting effect looks like crap. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @DJOfurnituremkr See you later Dale. Thanks for sharing your work! #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Maybe you just need more practice? 😉 RT @uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks that interesting effect looks like crap. #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @FlairWoodworks I tried pure mineral oil once after it was recommended as a toy finish. Not impressed #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @FlairWoodworks not any more,to long to dry ,not enough protection #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @FlairWoodworks My practice tells me “when you’ve got the color coat right, don’t screw with it” #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson great laxative though #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: I might have to block you when I’m eating! RT @uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson great laxative though #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @uppercutwood thats true wisdom #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Is that knowledge gained from experience? :>) RT @uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson great laxative though #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @benjamenjohnson yes, with my kids #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: @uppercutwood I’m not going to ask. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: well nice chatting tonight ,see you all next week #woodchat

@kring_l: sorry cutting dovetails watching bruins then check #woodchat to see something about finishes and laxatives? #woodchat

@FlairWoodworks: Wow. That was a quick hour. I’m going to enjoy dinner with my family. RT @woodshaver101: see you all next week #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Looks like a good time to sign off as well. Thanks for all the “wisdom” everybody #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: Hahahaha RT @kring_l: sorry cutting dovetails watching bruins then check #woodchat to see something about finishes and laxatives?

@uppercutwood: thanks everyone for stopping by – tell your friends #woodchat

@kring_l: now sudden death gotta go #gobruins see yall next week #woodchat

@RichtheCarpnter: Talk with you guys soon. Thanks for the info. #woodchat

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