48 Woodworkers You Should Get To Know – #Woodchat Follow Friday

Below is a list of 48 great woodworkers that participated in Woodchat on November 16, 2011. They want to get you into the shop and make you a more successful woodworker. You should visit their blogs, follow their tweets, and engage them in a conversation about woodworking. We’re committed to learning from each other and keeping each other motivated.

@woodbard, @Tumblewood, @fwmagazine, @uppercutwood, @MKatFWW, @kenstonge, @asliceofwood, @imaginer99, @DyamiPlotke, @WoodworkGuy, @TomsWorkbench, @sduffy68, @JimAAshley, @NGBfurniture, @TheRealNeal, @UserOfWood, @BobbyHagstrom, @theboisshop, @Treeworkz, @50splinters, @Seanw78, @MansFineFurn, @JC_McGrath, @thewoodninja, @DJOfurnituremkr, @kweinert, @HighRockWW, @mamader, @Tooltutor, @Torch02, @ebeckham29, @lucaspeters, @Wood_Jedi, @bltww, @JinkerPlex, @wilburpan, @Kinniska, @Black_SheepWW, @pickettfurnitur, @woodshaver101, @LaMacchiaDesign, @sawdustislife, @weilworks26, @kring_l, @ramblinrdesigns, @statweestics, @WoodWhisperer, @benjamenjohnson

If you’re interested in the conversations we’re having, check out these transcripts:

Online Woodworking Thrives with 48 Woodworkers – Woodchat Transcript November 2, 2011

46 Woodworkers Chat About Tools – Woodchat Transcript November 9, 2011

48 Woodworkers Get Off Their Butts – Woodchat Transcript November 16, 2011

And don’t forget to review the Woodchat Announcement and principles, and Vote for Topics.


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