48 Woodworkers Get Off Their Butts: Woodchat Transcript November 16, 2011

48 woodworkers got together Wednesday November 16th to get each other motivated and out in the shop. We discussed tasks you can do in a short amount of time, and strategies for identifying and conquering inertia, getting through dreaded tasks, and other things that might keep you from spending more time in the shop.get in the shop.

We stuck to Twitter again tonight because we’re still having problems with Wompt.com. The best way to contribute to woodchat is Tweetchat.

Woodchat Transcript November 16, 2011 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

@uppercutwood: @Tumblewood confirmed. #woodchat is still on twitter tonight. The wompt chatroom is very flakey right now.

@MKatFWW: So, is #woodchat on for tonight?

@kenstonge: RT @MKatFWW: So, is #woodchat on for tonight?

@woodbard: Guess I’ll be the only one using the list…#woodchat

@asliceofwood: Is #woodchat still on? Havent seen much advertisement.

@imaginer99: RT @uppercutwood: #woodchat topic get your butt in the shop, optimize your week 2 get more shop time & things to do in the shop when you don’t have much time

@DyamiPlotke: RT @MKatFWW So, is #woodchat on for tonight? @WoodworkGuy: “Are we using TweetChat tonight or something else?#woodchat”

@TomsWorkbench: Y’all ready for #woodchat? It starts in 20 minutes! Gaak! I need my wine!

@sduffy68: Is #woodchat using the new chat client or Tweetchat?

@Tumblewood: @sduffy68 tonight is on Twitter #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy We’re on Twitter… #woodchat #woodchat

@Tumblewood: Are we gonna finally get @BobbyHagstrom on #woodchat tonight? The man is a organizational guru!

@TomsWorkbench: @NGBfurniture Go to http://t.co/hX0CgKTy and enter Woodchat in the box on top… baby! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench How much wood would a #woodchat chat, if a #woodchat could chat wood.

@JimAAshley: T minus 15m until #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @Tumblewood I’m so confused! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @JimAAshley gonna listen to some Kevin Pollack and pull a few nails while I wait #woodchat

@NGBfurniture: like this? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @NGBfurniture JUST like that #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @NGBfurniture Exactly like that #woodchat

@NGBfurniture: hope somebody has notes on how to use a slot mortiser tonight! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: I’ve got all the stuff packed up for the Great American Teach In tomorrow… BOYEEEE #woodchat #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: “Ahhhh, no need to put #woodchat in when I’m using Tweetchat.#woodchat”

@TheRealNeal: @TomsWorkbench It does auto-magically! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: Nice thing about tweetchat is no need to put in #woodchat, the #woodchat is put in for you. That’s cool they put in #woodchat 😉 #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: So, you are saying that Tweetchat #woodchats all #woodchat posts with #woodchat? AMAZING! #woodchat

@UserOfWood: what up woodies? #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: RT @Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench How much wood would a #woodchat chat, if a #woodchat could chat wood.

@theboisshop: Well, I had to ditch a work dinner early, but I managed to get home in time for #woodchat!

@JimAAshley: @TomsWorkbench Yep, it’s the #woodchattiest #woodchat that’ll #woodchatchatchat #woodchat

@sduffy68: Has the topic for tonight been officially determined? #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @JimAAshley #woodchat? #woodchat #woodchat, #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat! #WOODchat! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @theboisshop No one at word could possibly appreciate your Bad Axe saw like us, Rob. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TomsWorkbench #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #woodchat #WOODCHAT!! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TomsWorkbench and so on… ! #woodchat

@Treeworkz: Hi all – I’ve been chasing #woodchat around the interwebs, but I found it! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: Gosh, we are but MOMENTS away from the start of something big! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @JimAAshley #Woodchat? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I am here, just in a meeting. HUGS! #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: Chat chat…#woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: #woodchat Waiting with baited breath, or it beer breath…

@TomsWorkbench: Alright, everyone.. let’s kick the tires and light the fires! #woodchat

@50splinters: What am I missing on #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: #woodchat Just getting started

@Treeworkz: what’s the topic? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: So, why aren’t people getting off their butts and getting in the shop? Too tired? Not sure how to spend their time? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Or maybe you don’t want to deal with the mess? Or you’re scared of scewing something up? #woodchat

@Seanw78: Yuengling in hand, I’m here. Let’s do this #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @uppercutwood Spent some time in there earlier after work. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Money could impact shop time… #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: “too many things to do, can’t decide which to do, so I do them all, ineffectively …need focus#woodchat”

@BobbyHagstrom: @uppercutwood If my shop’s messy or things will take too much time to set up, I tend to wait until I have a larger block of time #woodchat

@Seanw78: My shop time is often limited to what I can do after the kids go to bed before my own bedtime #woodchat

@Treeworkz: Too busy tweeting! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @uppercutwood There’s a lot involved with inertia… if you are in the swing of things, you have no issues getting out there.. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Well, personally I had a break through two weeks ago thanks to this #woodchat group #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’ll be at #woodchat in just a few minutes. Sylvia just got home.

@imaginer99: @Seanw78 Your lucky, not everyone can get that! #Woodchat

@uppercutwood: @JC_McGrath We are in twitter tonight due to an issue with the chatroom. try http://t.co/XjehUYxu #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @sduffy68 Please share your experience #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: “distractions. (read: woodchat, twitter, FB, blogs…)#woodchat”

@UserOfWood: i’ve been spending time on a SketchUp drawing for a new bench, i think that counts #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: And, when you aren’t pushing a project along… wow, it’s tough to get out there! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: “@sduffy68 nice! let’s hear it#woodchat”

@JC_McGrath: @uppercutwood Got it thanks! #woodchat

@thewoodninja: My previous break was due to a mess in the shop. Took 2 days to clean it up but it was worth it. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @MansFineFurn Oh, those take a lot of time for sure! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @ToddInMontana You should join #woodchat http://t.co/RvI4yfOP

@imaginer99: @BobbyHagstrom part of my problem, don’t start it unless I can finish it. #Woodchat

@Treeworkz: Sometimes I get into the shop and my head’s not in the right space. I then end up fiddly round, cleaning, oiling, bits and pieces. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @UserOfWood I think sketchup counts too. #woodchat

@sduffy68: After posting the question two weeks ago, I sort of realized that no one was going to kick my buttock into action #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @imaginer99 You really only do projects you can finish in one shop session? that’s pretty cool. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Unless of course I took action myself, so…. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood I’m late to #woodchat because I’m in the shop!

@BobbyHagstrom: @imaginer99 I find that if I define “stopping points” to myself, I can cope with that and not delay until I have time for it all. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @DyamiPlotke Oh, you bastard! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Sometimes work has been too frustrating. I don’t want to make safety mistakes from lack of focus. #woodchat

@DJOfurnituremkr: I’m one of the lucky ones. The studio is a great place to be and it’s only a few steps away so I never really have a problem 🙂 #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: RT @Seanw78 My shop time is often limited to what I can do after the kids go to bed before my own bedtime #woodchat -mine too

@Seanw78: I have chisels that need sharpened, skills that need improved, and multiple projects in the works, both in wood and in my head #woodchat

@imaginer99: @TomsWorkbench like to finish at least one setup per session! That would be nice though! #Woodchat

@NGBfurniture: i find my work flow suffered due to the move #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: One thing that helps: Break a project into a series of difficult, but achievable goals. Each day set out to complete one. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Good goal, Tom. #woodchat

@kweinert: I’ve been trying to get my site/online shop set up so I can (hopefully) sell some pens/ornaments and be self-supporting #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @imaginer99 Nice… so you set up a ‘goal’ to get to, and finish when you get there… #woodchat

@sduffy68: That weekend I took the purpleheart and hard maple I had forseveral months and made the customary endgrain cutting board. #woodchat

@imaginer99: @BobbyHagstrom thanks! That’s going to help rethink my timing. #Woodchat

@uppercutwood: I think setting a realistic goal for your shop time is a good idea “i’m going to go out there and do x” #woodchat

@Treeworkz: We can’t all get into the shop everyday – but how do we make the most of each opportunity?? #woodchat

@JimAAshley: Be right back folks #woodchat

@Seanw78: @sduffy68 a rite of passage, that is #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I ‘m finally cleared to do stuff 6 wks after a hip replacement. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @sduffy68 Nice project to tackle… #woodchat

@sduffy68: After I finished the cutting board, I went out and bought a few small pieces of red oak. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @uppercutwood i agree i always have goals when i head to the shop #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @uppercutwood Matt – that’s the only way to fly… #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: Usually get home later than I’d like, and have many other things in the house hat need doing also. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: Hello #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy Well, welcome back to the shop! #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @NGBfurniture Good opportunity to re-organize your layout, though! Perhaps that’ll be your project for now? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: RT @MansFineFurn 1 thing that helps: Break a project into difficult but achievable goals Each day set out 2 complete 1 #woodchat @MansFineFurn: @Treeworkz plan the work, work the plan. It may seem like a waste of shop time to spend planning, but then you work efficiently #woodchat

@sduffy68: “With oak and left over purpleheart I made my first box, with box joints and dovetails#woodchat”

@TomsWorkbench: @HighRockWW WORD! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @uppercutwood goals are a great way to use time efficiently #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @sduffy68 Boxes are a great challenge.. very cool stuff. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Thanks. I snuck in the charity rocking horse build over the last 2 weekends. Don’t tell my doc… #woodchat

@asliceofwood: heyheyhey. Hows everyone tonight. Whats the topic? #woodchat

@Treeworkz: I agree – it always works better if I have a clear plan. RT @MansFineFurn: @Treeworkz plan the work, work the plan. #woodchat

@NGBfurniture: @BobbyHagstrom hah it’s been a few months already! ive been working on new pieces, but still getting used to the new space #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @TomsWorkbench Yo! #woodchat

@sduffy68: The dovetails were handcut or maybe gnawed is more appropriate #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy Oh, I’m sure he’d understand! #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @MansFineFurn that is a great approach that I have tried and put in place recently with great success. Just one process or item #woodchat

@imaginer99: @TomsWorkbench that’s kind of my minimum that I try to get done #Woodchat

@mamader: Evening all, first time on #woodchat #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @mamader Welcome! #woodchat

@Treeworkz: @mamader Hi #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @MansFineFurn @Treeworkz planning my overall steps is worth the time investment for me. #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @mamader Welcome a “board” pun intended #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: RT @TomsWorkbench: @mamader Welcome! @UserOfWood: @mamader welcome #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Hello @mamader #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @BobbyHagstrom Yeah! You showed up. #woodchat

@sduffy68: I hope to put the finish on the box this weekend if time allows. #woodchat

@Seanw78: how much time do you normally get in your shop at a time? #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @JC_McGrath Arrr arrr arrr! #woodchat

@HighRockWW: #woodchat I can say that of I don’t have a specific goal when I get in the shop I tend to waste my time

@MansFineFurn: the number of goals (tasks) you set out to accomplish isn’t relevant, just have realistic, achievable ideas of which you can do #woodchat

@NGBfurniture: sooo what exactly is the topic for tonight fellas? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @Seanw78 On avarage, about an hourish. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @Seanw78 Not enough… but, I get the most out of the time out there. #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @Seanw78 mostly weekends for me #woodchat

@asliceofwood: I try to make a goal….but it never happens the way I want it. Things always come up. #woodchat

@Treeworkz: SMART goals? Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed. I feel like I’m at work. #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @MansFineFurn It works #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I agree @HighRockWW. Otherwise I start puttering around and not accomplishing much. #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @tumblewood I just checked, and I’m here too! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @BobbyHagstrom me too, helps prevent the “hmm what should I do now?” moments #woodchat

@Tumblewood: That I hadn’t heard, but since @BobbyHagstrom is in, how about workflow, or organization? #woodchat

@Tooltutor: #woodchat whats the topic tonight?

@HighRockWW: @WoodworkGuy exactly! #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: I find that sometimes you have to kind of force the shop time, or small tasks around the house fill in the gaps. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: “@Treeworkz You nailed it. Learned it years ago in the suit world, works even better when you’re the boss and the worker bee#woodchat”

@asliceofwood: @BobbyHagstrom and there is always stuff at the house to do #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’m out here fairly regularly for 2 plus hours a night , this time of year. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @BobbyHagstrom You’ll find yourself cleaning your baseboards with a Q-tip #woodchat

@sduffy68: @BobbyHagstrom No doubt about that!!! #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @Tumblewood Yep!…! #woodchat

@Treeworkz: I have a white board to list what needs doing. If not in the head space to work on the ‘big’ project, I’m still productive. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @BobbyHagstrom I know what you mean, so when you only have small increments of time u make the most out of it #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’ve got one more board to clean then start laying out parts!! #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Fortunately, I have a bunch of holiday gifts I want to make/give this year. So shop time will be focused the next few weeks. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: “@JC_McGrath what works? missed the thread#woodchat”

@Torch02: @Treeworkz I’ve found it helpful to actually write down those SMART goals as well. Easier to be self-accountable w/ a list #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @Tumblewood that’s great Vic! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @Tumblewood Go get ’em, Vic! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’m more of a work one project at time in the shop. I always have a lot of balls in the air across the board, though. #woodchat

@ebeckham29: looking foward to the #woodchat transcript, wish I coulda made it

@TomsWorkbench: @WoodworkGuy The holiday gift thing is a definite motivator #woodchat

@theboisshop: I put a chalk board on the wall of my shop – great way to keep track of my tasks, hours, and goals. #woodchat

@lucaspeters: Am I still in time for #woodchat ? #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @HighRockWW That’s why it’s important to have the shop ready, so you don’t have to set up so much at the beginning of a session. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: Going to Flax seed oil my Benchcrafted wheels. Sweet look #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @TomsWorkbench I wish I only had one project underway at once. Definite Woodworking ADD here. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @theboisshop like that idea #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @MansFineFurn Your comment on the number or tasksof time, just that you set those incremental goals to maintain progress. #woodchat

@sduffy68: What gift projects do you all have planned? #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @ebeckham29 We’re still chatting! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: “@theboisshop Chalkboard? Dude you are OLD SCHOOL!#woodchat”

@DyamiPlotke: @lucaspeters Yep. Welcome. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: “@theboisshop: I put a chalk board on the wall of my shop – great way to keep track of my tasks, hours, and goals. #woodchat” > mine too – great if you have one #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @JimAAshley I love having it. Makes sharpening very easy and convenient. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @MKatFWW I’ve had success with the DMT xtra fine ones.. cut like a champ. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: while we’re on sharpening: dumpster dive at your local countertop fab shop, they toss lots of good flat stone (sink cutouts etc) #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: RT @HighRockWW: @TomsWorkbench @treeworkz I need a dedicated sharpening station, I have to set up each time #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @Tumblewood @mkatfww Vic, I love your sharpening station, really cool. #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @Treeworkz If not sink, just bring in a tub or set up some kind of cooler with a spigot. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: “@WoodworkGuy http://t.co/hmQSUI1G #woodchat#woodchat”

@HighRockWW: @TomsWorkbench exactly my problem! #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @TomsWorkbench You get a high polish from those? = to 8000 grit stones? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @HighRockWW Thanks, Chris #woodchat

@mamader: For those who have wet stones in an unheated garage, do you bring them inside for the winter? #woodchat

@imaginer99: @MansFineFurn That’s how I have mine! The owner didn’t care, he even put it in my van for me! #Woodchat

@TheRealNeal: Mine’s in the laundry room. Not bad, but could be better. At least I have a sink 🙂 #woodchat

@MKatFWW: I do know english, just can’t type it that well right now. #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @MansFineFurn Awesome idea; didn’t think of that…need a 24”x24” flat granite slab for sharpening… #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @mamader I would, Mike #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @MKatFWW High enough… Even with the Tormek, I keep the xtra fine by the bench for touchups #woodchat

@MKatFWW: The most important thing is to have it always at the ready. That way there’s no excuse not to sharpen. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench You’ve got a Tormek!?!? You bitch!! #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @Tumblewood Vic’s sharpening station is an inspiration for real! #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @TomsWorkbench Cool. I’ll have to check some out the next time I see them. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @MKatFWW #woodchat goes very fast! It’s speed reading and typing!

@bltww: woot… just joining the fun #woodchat

@sduffy68: @Tumblewood Vic, that sharpening station is the bomb. Excellent!!! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: “@JC_McGrath Aw, you’re bein’ sweet, Jon. shucks#woodchat”

@TomsWorkbench: @Tumblewood Come to my shop, Vic. We’ll sharpen shit there.. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @bltww welcome to the show! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @bltww Yo! Erik! #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @bltww welcome! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @bltww cool, welcome! #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: Just got here, what’d I miss? Can we start over? #woodchat

@Seanw78: Agree! “Tumblewood @TomsWorkbench You’ve got a Tormek!?!? You bitch!!” #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: I’m still on it myself . Have problems w/ vowel movement RT @MKatFWW: I do know english, just can’t type it that well right now. #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: Sometimes I build stuff for friends, which elevates my motivation to be in the shop, because I can’t wait to give it to them. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench I’m more comfy in mine..I’ll buy the beer #woodchat

@sduffy68: @JinkerPlex good evening #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @bltww Hey, Eric! #woodchat

@Seanw78: @JinkerPlex in a word, no. #woodchat

@bltww: @JinkerPlex you just missed me just getting here #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: RT @Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench You’ve got a Tormek!?!? You bitch!! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @JinkerPlex Aaron! WORD! #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @JinkerPlex only for you Aaron! #woodchat glad you made it.

@Tumblewood: @JinkerPlex Hey, Aaron..how’s fatherhood treatin’ ya? #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @Tumblewood hehe… #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @Tumblewood OK, Vic. You win. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Deadlines help me get stuff done #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: Uber laptop connectivity failure. To tweetdeck on the phone. I’ll #woodchat one way or another!

@JinkerPlex: @bltww Sweet, Erik. People are going to think it’s a Clark Kent/Superman thing. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: Is sharpening the topic for tonight? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @bltww @JinkerPlex welcome to the party #woodchat

@MKatFWW: I prefer sandpaper and granite for grinding primary bevels. Never got used to hollow grinds. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench I always win, cause I’m a horrible loser! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @thewoodninja Getting there in a hurry. #woodchat

@bltww: I’m getting 2x 220V@30A 2x 220V@20A and 2x 110@20A circuits installed this weekend. #woodchat

@Seanw78: @thewoodninja no, just another tangent. Motivation for shop time is the subject at hand. #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: @JinkerPlex @bltww Those glasses make you look totally different! #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @Tumblewood I’ve been away on biz for 3 days. Hotel was nice and quiet, got lots of catch-up sleep. Kiss that goodbye! Ha! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: “@thewoodninja no. it’s how to be productive in the shop or something like that (they’re all procrastinating with sharpening) #woodchat”

@JC_McGrath: @thewoodninja Brother, there are so many topics flying by, strap on dude, this thing is FLYING #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @thewoodninja we’ve covered tracking hours, sharpening, and there was one more thing. anyone? #woodchat

@Treeworkz: @thewoodninja bit of everything tonight. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: The strop wheel on the Tormek is awesome for touching up edges during a chisel session. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @bltww nIce #woodchat

@Seanw78: @bltww Nice. That should get the juice(s) flowing #badpun #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: I’m reorganizing the shop now. How many have dedicated sharpening stations permanently setup? #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: About ten seconds with the hone going and BANG, I’m back to the bench. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @TomsWorkbench I just rehit the chisel with my 8000 and then the 12000 japanese stone #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @Tumblewood @thewoodninja some of everything. motivation to get into shop at the beginning. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @MKatFWW I like the hollow grind, don’t need a bevel jig after hollowing it seats itself #woodchat

@MKatFWW: re: shop productivity. Don’t try to renovate a 100 yr. old house. It eats into my shop time every weekend. I work mostly at night. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: OK, Gov. Perry… RT @Tumblewood: @thewoodninja we’ve covered tracking hours, sharpening, and there was one more thing. anyone? #woodchat

@Treeworkz: Soon RT @DyamiPlotke: Im reorganizing the shop now. How many have dedicated sharpening stations permanently setup? #woodchat

@UserOfWood: @DyamiPlotke i do it’s nice #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @DyamiPlotke I’m semi-permanent. #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @DyamiPlotke Not me:( but I will grow up and be like Vic one day #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: @DyamiPlotke Don’t have one, but I really need a dedicated area. Have you seen the recent FWW article? #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @bltww Just dropped in a 220 @30amp last weekend. Installed a heater, finally! #woodchat

@wilburpan: @DyamiPlotke I do. It was the first thing I built. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @MKatFWW amen to that #woodchat

@thewoodninja: A paying client is always good motivation for me #woodchat

@Tumblewood: “@Treeworkz Me#woodchat”

@sduffy68: Seeing we reached full disfunction on the original topic… Does anyone have the 3-1/4HP Triton Router, if so comments #woodchat

@imaginer99: Not me, but mine only takes about 5 minutes to setup. #Woodchat

@bltww: ya, definitely having a dedicated sharpening station in the new shop #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @MansFineFurn That’s nice, but I jig up for primary bevels and its the same setup for secondary, too. #woodchat

@wilburpan: Am I doing this #woodchat thing right? Just drop in the #woodchat hashtag to my tweets?

@TomsWorkbench: @lucaspeters And, it’s about to get COLD in Des Moines, right? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @lucaspeters How’s that workin? good, yea? I had the same one in my little garage shop I had at the last house #woodchat

@bltww: @lucaspeters I live in Oakland, CA.. no heater required. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: +1 on dedicated sharpening station #woodchat

@Kinniska: +1 RT @BobbyHagstrom Sometimes I build for friends, which elevates my motivation to be in shop, bc I can’t wait to give it to them #woodchat

@MKatFWW: I also get in some shop time at work if I get there early enough. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @MKatFWW as a teenager I gutted & rebuilt my dad’s 100 yr old colonial. I know what a (great) time sink it is. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: OK I can finally join the party. Sorry about that. Wilbur, it’s easier if you go to http://t.co/XjehUYxu #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @wilburpan if you follow http://t.co/mfDUtbN4 you can just type and not use a hashtag #woodchat

@Treeworkz: yep – love it to death! RT @sduffy68: Does anyone have the 3-1/4HP Triton Router, if so comments #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: I’ve been forgetting the # for #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @bltww Occupy Eric’s shop! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @MKatFWW #woodchat in fact, any renovation eats into my shop time

@uppercutwood: You can practice a lot of skills and do fine work with small projects like boxes. Explore new woods, joinery, finishes. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @wilburpan yep #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @TomsWorkbench Yes, sir. Though it’s been pretty balmy here the last few days. Haven’t been able to test it. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @JinkerPlex no,but I’m SO behind in my magazine reading. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @Treeworkz Rob? Isn’t that what you have? #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @Tooltutor It is a time killer. I’m almost done with the kitchen. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @Treeworkz am i suppose to read anything into the death comment? #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @wilburpan that’s it, Wilbur! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @lucaspeters Consider it your stay of execution! 😛 #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @lucaspeters Mine kept up in a really leaky, but insulated garage. #woodchat

@bltww: @TomsWorkbench Haha… please do. I’ve got a guest room if anyone’s visiting the area. #woodchat

@wilburpan: “OK, I’m on the TweetChat thing. Boy are tweets scrolling by fast.#woodchat”

@lucaspeters: @Tumblewood I’ve only just ran it a bit; it’s only been down to about 50° in the shop, so not a good test. #woodchat

@thewoodninja: @uppercutwood Good point. A beautiful new piece of wood is always great motivation to get into the shop! #woodchat

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood Good point, just got my new scrapers in and only had 30 minutes. So I went to go play for a little! #Woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @MKatFWW shop time and a jointer bigger than my shop! 😉 #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Tumblewood are you hanging out? #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood how do you keep focused on accomplishing if you are undertaking multiple small projects? #woodchat

@MKatFWW: When I do get time in the shop I make sure i have a definitive project to complete: mill the drawer parts or cut dts for a drawer. #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @Tumblewood That’s good to hear. I’ve heard good things about it. For the price, I have high hopes. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @wilburpan it goes very fast! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @bltww Sweet! West side! #woodchat

@Treeworkz: @sduffy68 No – just my enduring love for it! #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur: “i’m late. what’s the topic(s)?#woodchat”

@MKatFWW: @DyamiPlotke Yes, a 16 in. SCMI jointer is one of the benefits of my job! #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @lucaspeters I’ve always kept my shops above 45*, just for the glues and other chemicals #woodchat

@uppercutwood: Things you can do with little time: sweep, sharpen, practive a dovetail, make a to do list, sketch a new design #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: Spending more time in the design phase can help you be more excited for your customer to see your work. #woodchat

@wilburpan: Any way to get to posts that have scrolled off the screen? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: “@uppercutwood no..just on TweetChat#woodchat”

@thewoodninja: I tend to keep a notebook with step by step tasks as I’m working on a project. I check them off as I complete them. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: RT @MKatFWW: When I do get time in the shop I make sure i have a definitive project to complete: mill the drawer parts or cut dts for a drawer. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @lucaspeters Hey, by the way, Lucas – thanks to @wood_magazine for their support of #woodchat

@sduffy68: @Treeworkz Does the power lockout feature create major issues with under the table adjustments and powering on and off? #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Thought size only mattered to women… RT @DyamiPlotke: @MKatFWW shop time and a jointer bigger than my shop! 😉 #woodchat

@MKatFWW: When i have little time I just clean my shop. Or sort through the wood stack and dream. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Tumblewood starting one, can I see your handsome face. #gross #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @wilburpan I dont think so #woodchat

@imaginer99: @wilburpan I just wait for the transcripts! #Woodchat

@Tumblewood: @uppercutwood sure, I’ll pop over #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @lucaspeters yes Lucas, thank you #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @WoodworkGuy It matters to ww’kers, too! at least when it comes to iron. #woodchat

@wilburpan: @MKatFWW You may not remember, but you showed my son how to use your shoulder plane at the LN event in NJ last summer. #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @TomsWorkbench Well, we like wood, and we like chatting. Like chocolate and peanut butter. #woodchat

@Treeworkz: @sduffy68 – No just position it where you can reach it. Still easier than lifting out. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: “how’s it going guys#woodchat”

@wilburpan: “@MKatFWW I posted a picture of that on my blog.#woodchat”

@MKatFWW: @wilburpan I do remember that. Does he still have an interest? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @uppercutwood I don’t see one yet..just checked your G+ page #woodchat

@HighRockWW: #woodchat I try and keep out the tools I need for a project so there is less setup time when I get in the shop #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: ROFLMAO! long, sharp & flat RT @MKatFWW: @WoodworkGuy It matters to ww’kers, too! at least when it comes to iron. #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @woodshaver101 Howdy #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: Ya know, someone at #WIA was giving me the “Bigger saw is better” line. But, I just love my contractor saw so much. #woodchat

@theboisshop: @sduffy68 I have the Triton too. The power lockout becomes second nature. And nice piece of mind too – love that router. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @MKatFWW lucky. Wholesale pricing on polyisocyanurate is my fringe benefit. I’m about to take full advantage of it. #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @uppercutwood NP. Let us know how we can help. #woodchat

@wilburpan: @MKatFWW He’s all over the Pinewood Derby thing. He’s figured out the difference between rasps and files. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Tumblewood should be there now. #woodchat

@LaMacchiaDesign: What’s up everyone? I’m in the shop tonight so I missing most of the chat. I wanted to stop by and say hello though. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @theboisshop good DC? #woodchat? I need better router DC…HATE DUST!!

@MKatFWW: @wilburpan It’s cool when someone’s kid hangs out at LN show. My son loves to be in the shop. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @HighRockWW I assume you mean power tools? Hand tools tend to pile up on the bench if I don’t put them away when I’m done with em #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I just got the Bosch MRC23EVSK great router so far. Love the power button on the handles. Thanks @DyamiPlotke #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @DyamiPlotke I’m sure that’s great, but I don’t know what it is! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @lucaspeters Maybe you can build a chatroom for us? #woodchat

@Tumblewood: “@uppercutwood Dude..are you gonna start a chat? I can’t keep track of both, I’m an old fart#woodchat”

@Black_SheepWW: “Have to say, I do miss my contractor saw. It has severed me well over the years. #woodchat”

@HighRockWW: @theboisshop @sduffy68 is that the one woodcraft has on sale right now? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Tumblewood does your router have a vac attachment or can you use rockler’s whirlwind? #woodchat

@JinkerPlex: Gotta run guys. Have a happy #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @LaMacchiaDesign welcome! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @theboisshop how’s the dust collection on the Triton? #woodchat

@Treeworkz: @LaMacchiaDesign Glad you did. #woodchat

@MKatFWW: @wilburpan Nice. Pinewood derby is fun. #woodchat

@Seanw78: @uppercutwood That one’s on my shopping list for sure #woodchat

@sduffy68: @theboisshop @Treeworkz Looks like I’ll need to order my new Triton sometime this week then. Thanks for the feedback!!! #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @DyamiPlotke Hey, get some sleep! That baby girls needs a wide awake daddy! #woodchat

@sduffy68: @HighRockWW Yuppers!!! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Severed…nice one. RT @Black_SheepWW: Have to say, I do miss my contractor saw. It has severed me well over the years. #woodchat

@Seanw78: @JinkerPlex Later, Aaron. go take care of that wonderful kid of yours #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @JinkerPlex take it easy! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: There will be a standard woodchat transcript again #woodchat

@mamader: I love my contractor saw too. Well tuned, they can perform very well for a very long time. #woodchat

@Treeworkz: OUCH! RT @Black_SheepWW: Have to say, I do miss my contractor saw. It has severed me well over the years. #woodchat

@MKatFWW: I’m out. Got to get some sleep. #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @uppercutwood Weren’t you playing with one on your site? Not robust enough? Or was it too hard to migrate folks over? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @Black_SheepWW that new saw you have will make you happier #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @MansFineFurn I mean that I try and set up before I leave for the next time #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: LOVE my Rockler Vortex! RT @uppercutwood: @Tumblewood does your router have a vac attachment or can you use rockler’s whirlwind? #woodchat

@pickettfurnitur: i have a 3 1/4 triton dedicated for my routing table as well. does everything as advertised. no complaints. #woodchat

@MKatFWW: And thanks for the chat. It was fun. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @MKatFWW its very high R-value ridgid insulation. R-20 in one 3.3” panel. My shop walls will be R-40 soon. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: I had a cheaper contractor saw, but upgrade to a hybrid earlier this year, love it. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @lucaspeters #woodchat the chat solution is having problems

@TomsWorkbench: Speaking of DC.. .I have the Fein DC/shop vac… dude, that thing ROCKS! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @MKatFWW have a good one! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @JinkerPlex bye, Aaron. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @lucaspeters folks want to migrate over but too many people had problems with wompt #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @JinkerPlex later Aaron! #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: “@woodshaver101 it does. Bi It the first time I turned it on to use it, it scared the crap out of me. #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @JimAAshley My contractor saw is an old Ridgid 3612. Love that thing! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @MKatFWW goodnight, Matt. Thanks for joining us. #woodchat

@bltww: @theboisshop your bracketology videos have now gotten Price stuck in my head two days now #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @Black_SheepWW more power #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: I finally got a SawStop a few years ago, not so much for the device, but more for the quality and beefiness. I absolutely love it. #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @MKatFWW glad you joined us. #woodchat

@sduffy68: Have an opportunity to get a Grizzly 2HP dust collector for $200.00 – Good deal or bad? #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: @sduffy68 Pretty decent price #woodchat

@wilburpan: @TomsWorkbench Here’s the table saw you need. It takes a 16” blade. http://t.co/BuePOyZL #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TomsWorkbench Cool, the Ridgid one is quite a step, or 2 or 3 above what I had 🙂 #woodchat

@bltww: @BobbyHagstrom which model did you get? I just ordered a 3HP Professional #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: Goodnight gents. A whole bin of topics tonight, good stuff. Thanks for getting this back together once again! #woodchat

@TheRealNeal: I’m cutting out early folks. Too much other stuuf to do to keep up. Catch ya later! #woodchat

@mamader: @sduffy68 Sounds like a good deal too me. Power it up before you buy it. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @sduffy68 take it! #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @uppercutwood I see. I like the tweetchat. Gets a little hectic at times, but not familiar with other options. #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: @woodshaver101 cut through some 2” hard maple with no problem #woodchat

@sduffy68: “@TomsWorkbench has an autostart included#woodchat”

@TomsWorkbench: @wilburpan Easy there, Wilbur… #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @sduffy68 depends how much wear and tear is on it #woodchat

@Treeworkz: Speaking of dusties. Does anyone use one of those blue Rockler cyclone separators? Do they work? #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @lucaspeters you can see the chatroom at http://t.co/XbQs2mvQ #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @sduffy68 I have some reward points and may pick that one up. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: “@Black_SheepWW what horse power is that saw#woodchat”

@TomsWorkbench: @sduffy68 Up, that Fein starts with the tool and then shuts off a few seconds after you let off the trigger. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Geez! That gave “Tim Taylor” a stiffy… RT @wilburpan: @TomsWorkbench Here’s the table saw you need. #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @Treeworkz Asa from FWW likes them #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: @BobbyHagstrom they sure do have a massive trunnion on them #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: “RT @lucaspeters: @uppercutwood Im Liking #tweetchat as well.. Just need to learn to navigate it to follow along#woodchat”

@imaginer99: @Treeworkz Fine woodworking just did a review on dust separators #Woodchat

@sduffy68: @woodshaver101 about a year old with approx. 200 hours according to what I am being told. #woodchat

@Treeworkz: @DyamiPlotke Thanks #woodchat

@sawdustislife: @sduffy68 I have the Grizzly G0548Z and I love it http://t.co/Rp3mgN5c Added wireless on/off switch, it’s great. #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: @woodshaver101 3 horse power #woodchat

@Treeworkz: Thanks. Ill look. RT @imaginer99: @Treeworkz Fine woodworking just did a review on dust separators #woodchat

@sduffy68: @HighRockWW based on the comments it sounds like a winner to me!!! #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @Treeworkz its in the current Shops issue. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @sduffy68 that price isnt bad,see how it works and shuts down #woodchat

@TomsWorkbench: Alright, gang… I have to hit the hay… Seven presentations tomorrow. Wish me luck. #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @Black_SheepWW The only thing I didn’t like about the SawStop was getting it off the pickup truck bed…. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: So why can’t people get off their butt and start working. Does it look like too much work? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @Black_SheepWW my delta is 3 hp,not to bad,5 hp is to much #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Take care Tom. Good luck tomorrow. #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @TomsWorkbench Take it easy Tom! Good luck. #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: Good night gang, a whole lot of topics. Good stuff #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: @TomsWorkbench good luck, Tom. #woodchat

@Treeworkz: “@TomsWorkbench Bye Tom.#woodchat”

@BobbyHagstrom: @TomsWorkbench Good luck! #woodchat

@sduffy68: @woodshaver101 been told to try to look at wear on the impeller, but not sure how easy that is to accomplish #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @TomsWorkbench later Tom! #woodchat

@bltww: @TomsWorkbench good luck Tom #woodchat

@lucaspeters: @TomsWorkbench Later, Tom! #woodchat

@JC_McGrath: @TomsWorkbench have fun lol #woodchat

@DyamiPlotke: I’m still here, but I’m putting down the phone to focus on the shop. Keep chatting wood. #woodchat

@sduffy68: @TomsWorkbench Later Tom good luck with the knuckleheads tomorrow!!! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood I think it was too much work to think about that question, seems to have drifted a bit in your absence. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @TomsWorkbench Goodnight sweet prince #woodchat

@HighRockWW: @sduffy68 I may have to stop by and check it out this weekend. #woodchat

@weilworks26: came in ~30 min after start of #woodchat tonight. took me 20 mins just to get caught up! dang guys you’ll talk fast!

@woodshaver101: @pickettfurnitur a few screws and you can look right at it #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @uppercutwood There must be an underlying “dread” involved, perhaps a messy shop, or people think there’s too many things to do? #woodchat

@HighRockWW: “@weilworks26: came in ~30 min after start of #woodchat tonight. took me 20 mins just to get caught up! dang guys you’ll talk fast!” @BobbyHagstrom: @HighRockWW @weilworks26 Yep yep!! #woodchat

@sduffy68: @HighRockWW sale ends the 23rd #woodchat

@Tumblewood: I’m gonna go clean one more board #woodchat

@wilburpan: @weilworks26 Type fast is more like it. :@) #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: RT @BobbyHagstrom: @uppercutwood There must be an underlying “dread”… too many things to do? feeling overwhelmed and avoiding #woodchat

@woodshaver101: what clamps do you guys prefer #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: If you find yourself making excuses for not going in the shop, ask yourself if it’s something you can solve. #woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: @uppercutwood I’m guilty, I come home from work and watch tv. Been working late lately.#woodchat

@HighRockWW: @Tumblewood have fun Vic! #woodchat

@Tooltutor: @BobbyHagstrom @uppercutwood #woodchat well articulated. “dread” of another unfinished project holds me back too often

@sduffy68: @woodshaver101 Jet Parallels Rock!!! #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @Tumblewood Have a good one! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: RT @BobbyHagstrom: If you find yourself making excuses for not going in the shop, ask yourself if its something you can solve. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @Black_SheepWW I’m self employed,I work all hours and all days #woodchat

@theboisshop: There is one point in every project where I have to “power through” – usually a tedious or challenging part. #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Which ever I can reach… Like Bessey F’s Need to try Jet though. RT @woodshaver101: what clamps do you guys prefer #woodchat

@wilburpan: @woodshaver101 Not a real popular choice, but Wetzler clamps rock. http://t.co/iYDVIudN #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Tooltutor what about dread of failing, or dread of the “not so fun parts” like damnit I have to go sand. #woodchat

@Tooltutor: #woodchat break down the project into smaller discrete tasks to help move things forward

@sduffy68: Hope everyone has a great remainder of the week and if I don’t make it next week happy thanksgiving!!! #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @sduffy68 I like the jorgensone cabinet master similar to bessys #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @sduffy68 You too! take care #woodchat

@bltww: ok, time for me to check out as well. later all #woodchat

@wilburpan: “@uppercutwood That’s what smoothing planes are for. :@)#woodchat”

@Wood_Jedi: “@uppercutwood The shop and my projects is my livelyhood. I can’t stay away from it#woodchat”

@WoodworkGuy: Back @ ya! RT @sduffy68: Hope everyone has a great remainder of the week and if I don’t make it next week happy thanksgiving!!! #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: ditto RT @woodshaver101: @sduffy68 I like the jorgensone cabinet master similar to bessys #woodchat

@JimAAshley: @bltww take it easy #woodchat

@uppercutwood: “@bltww See you later Eric #woodchat”

@woodshaver101: @sduffy68 take care and a good holiday to #woodchat

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood Definitely when it comes time for finishing, I like shavings, not chemicals. #Woodchat

@Tooltutor: @uppercutwood #woodchat definitely. The not fun part definitely stalls progress

@JimAAshley: Have a good night folks! take care. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: I like water. RT @imaginer99: @uppercutwood Definitely when it comes time for finishing, I like shavings, not chemicals. #woodchat

@Treeworkz: Later, everyone. Thanks for the ride. #woodchat

@wilburpan: I think a lot of guys are leaving now so they can go watch “Revenge”. :@) #woodchat

@WoodworkGuy: Off to make the world safe for my kegerator! Take care all and have a great Thanksgiving! #woodchat

@HighRockWW: #woodchat time for me to call it a night guys, it’s been fun!

@uppercutwood: @Treeworkz thanks for coming by #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: “@wilburpan LOL you might be onto something#woodchat”

@Tooltutor: #woodchat gotta feed the preggo. Catch y’all next week. Hope u get in some shop time before then. Me included.

@imaginer99: @uppercutwood That’s my next thing I want to learn about. I like the cherry table finish you just put on. #Woodchat

@Black_SheepWW: Gotta go, my boss just text me, hope I don’t have to go back to work. #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @bltww Me too…the 3hp version of the SawStop has plenty of power. #woodchat

@lucaspeters: Gotta check out, guys. Later! #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @Black_SheepWW have a good one,take care #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @lucaspeters have a good night #woodchat

@imaginer99: @BobbyHagstrom Is there ever a time when you need 5hp? I have 3 and never once had an issue. #Woodchat

@uppercutwood: @imaginer99 General Finishes Water Based Dye Stain is so awesome. Bought tons of it today. #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @lucaspeters See you later Lucas #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: I like Rockler’s Sam Maloof finish. Takes a number of coats to get it right, but it’s totally worth it. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood what color was that one you used on the birch, cherry? #woodchat

@woodshaver101: good night ,have a great thanks giving all #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @BobbyHagstrom I tried it, and hated it. I was brushing and I prefer to spray or use a wiping varnish. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: Hey guys when spraying your Lacquer finishes do you sand between coats or before the final coat? #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @imaginer99 I don’t think so, if someone does, either they’re cutting something way too dense, or the blade is dull! #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Wood_Jedi I usually sand after the first coat and then only lightly sand with high grit to remove any nibs. #woodchat

@woodshaver101: @Wood_Jedi 320 gritt between every one and tack cloth to,will get a nice look #woodchat

@BobbyHagstrom: @uppercutwood I still like to use foam brushes; haven’t bought an HVLP yet. #woodchat

@imaginer99: @BobbyHagstrom Thanks #Woodchat

@uppercutwood: @uppercutwood but I try to avoid lacquer and go with water based stuff. Lacquer gives me a hangover #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: @uppercutwood have you tried Resisthane waterborne ‘pre-cat’ lacquer? #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @woodshaver101 I figured as much, just wanted to make sure i wasnt doing to much unneccessary work… #woodchat

@uppercutwood: @Wood_Jedi if the finish is smooth, don’t bother sanding at all #woodchat

@wilburpan: @BobbyHagstrom Back in the 1940s-50s table saws came with 1HP motors, and they had to cut the same wood that we do today. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: Im using CAB acrylic for the first time.. Not what i usually use in a lacquer. just thought id try it out.. #woodchat

@Wood_Jedi: @uppercutwood Its sprays very nicely thats why i was asking if i should sand between coats.. but its good to get other opinions #woodchat

@imaginer99: Thanks for woodchat everyone! Is it on for next week? #Woodchat

@uppercutwood: Woodchat is officially over for tonight I’ll get working on the transcript. #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Bye guys and/or gals thanks for the chat #woodchat

@kring_l: Sorry im late #woodchat shellac time in the shop trying to catch up

@uppercutwood: @MansFineFurn thanks for coming by! #woodchat

@ramblinrdesigns: How do you access the transcript? I missed the discussion. #woodchat

@statweestics: #woodchat is getting popular, +900% the last hour : http://t.co/Edzb2mFG

@wilburpan: Tried #woodchat live for the first time tonight. Man, at times that was like drinking from a firehose.

@DyamiPlotke: @wilburpan #woodchat is a fire hose, but one filled with woodworking goodness. Thanks for joining in, Wilbur.

@kweinert: @wilburpan or two 🙂 #woodchat

@MansFineFurn: Poll: Which grain pattern do you prefer for this drawer design? http://t.co/SFUy5otW via @polldaddy #woodchat amplify with @WoodWhisperer

@WoodWhisperer: RT @MansFineFurn: Poll: Which grain pattern do you prefer for this drawer design? http://t.co/SFUy5otW via @polldaddy #woodchat amplify with @WoodWhisperer

@woodbard: @uppercutwood Which water based finishes do you use? #woodchat

@benjamenjohnson: Man, I totally spaced out and forgot about woodchat last night. Guess I’ll try to remember next week. #woodchat

@Tumblewood: @benjamenjohnson some nice gems. #woodchat The transcript will be posted soon.

@Black_SheepWW: Donna pointed out l to me that I misspelled some words on #woodchat last night. That’s what I get for trying to keep up on an iPad.

@imaginer99: @Black_SheepWW Happened to me last week, I now read before sending. #Woodchat

@MKatFWW: #woodchat was fun last night, but a blur. It’s a bit tough to keep 4-5 conversations at once, all while watching another 10 or so.

@ebeckham29: Is the #Woodchat transcripts out yet? I couldn’t stay online last night and missed everything. It was worth it though

@uppercutwood: Running late on posting the #woodchat transcript, sorry about that. Will try to get it done tonight.

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