Quick Project Craft Store Photo Tray

This is a tray my wife bought at a craft store. It’s made of pine, and the bottom is a photo frame. We’ll be giving this to my Mother-in-law for a Thanksgiving hostess gift. Projects like this are quick and easy and great reasons to keep some rattle cans of lacquer on hand. This tray was sanded, dyed with General Finishes Water Borne Dye Stain, and then sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

5 thoughts on “Quick Project Craft Store Photo Tray

  1. Matt Post author

    I know – my wife finds these little things and we customize them a bit. They are less work but because they were “crafted” people really like them.

  2. Matt Post author

    I really suggest reading the GF website for recommended spray tip sizes and techniques for spraying. Here’s a link to their techniques and here’s a link to the tip sizes. My recommedation is to practice, make sure the gun is very clean, and make sure you get the right overlap when spraying. Let the finish cure all the way then wax. Heck I used Renaissance Wax on an auto buffer this morning for that table.

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