48 Woodworkers You Should Get To Know – #woodchat Follow Friday

Each Friday on Twitter, you’ll see lots of tweets that list Twitter handles with the #FF hashtag. It’s basically a recommendation from the sender of the tweet to their followers letting them know that “hey, if you like my tweets, you’ll like this person’s tweets too.” It’s one great way to find people to follow because they might be tweeting about something you care about.

With Twitter’s 140 character-per-tweet limit, it can get kinda hard to include everyone that you recommend, and that’s what this post is about.

If you are interested in woodworking, and ready to share knowledge with others, then why not follow the woodworkers who participated in Woodchat Wednesday on November 2nd? Don’t just follow them, tweet to them, get to know them, and beging to share knowledge and encouragement about woodworkign.

A full list is below, with a Twitter Hovercard to see their twitter profile and easily follow them.