Old Tool Sleuth: What are these (not gimlets)?

Old Tool Sleuth: These Aren’t Gimlets

I know these aren’t gimlets. But they remind me of gimlets. Could they be an upholsterers tool, or a saddlemakers?

Can you help me identify the tool manufacturer, model, and date range? And can you tell me what it was used for? If so, leave a comment.

Old Tool Sleuth: What are these (not gimlets)?

Old Tool Sleuth: What are these (not gimlets)?




3 thoughts on “Old Tool Sleuth: These Aren’t Gimlets

  1. Andrew Adams

    These might be flagging irons. Coopers used flagging irons to pull barrel heads into position.

    A suggestion for future posts. Put something in the picture to indicate the size of items.

    You might want to look at the L&IJ White catalog at toolemera.com. It has Coopers tools near the back.

  2. Andrew Adams

    Another possibility. Corkscrew like tools are used to remove rope style packing from valve stems packing glands, slip type pipe expansion joints, reciprocating pump and engine valve and piston rod packing glands, etc. The ones I’ve seen have cable handles, but I suppose something blacksmith made like these could work.

    Would your grandfather have worked someplace where changing rope packing was needed? If not I’m inclined to think me first guess (flagging irons) was right.

  3. Jill

    They look like blacksmith tools to me. Used to move the wood around when maintaining a fire. I bet my brother would know, I’m going to ask him. I’ll let you know.

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