WIA11 Great Aussie Bevel Gauge

Love this from Vesper Tools in Australia. Perfect for dovetails and no screw to get in the way. I picked up the small one.

3 thoughts on “WIA11 Great Aussie Bevel Gauge

  1. Woodcanuck

    Dude….I was expecting a little more from this picture. Maybe you could have angled it a little higher, get more of their booth in the picture. 🙂

    Or just truncated the title….”Great Aussie…”


  2. Ryan

    Awesome – I want one.
    Ps your address is being displayed for the world to see on the invoice sheet (top left)

  3. Matt Post author

    That is the business address, same as on the contact page so I am ok with it. Thanks for looking out for me though. Hurry up and order from Vesper I think they are about to get slammed with orders. Adam Cherubini was bragging about his Vesper tools in class.

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