Limericks for Popular Woodworking

There have been a lot of editorial staff changes over at Popular Woodworking Magazine lately. Glen Huey is transitioning from Senior Editor to contributing editor. Chris Schwarz is leaving his role as Editor to pursue woodworking and his publishing company Lost Art Press.

These are all big changes at my favorite woodworking magazine. In this modern age of digital publications choking out traditional magazine and newspapers, Popular Woodworking has thrived.

Despite these changes, I’m confident that Popular Woodworking will continue to thrive. Although the roles and titles are changing all three will still be involved with making Popular Woodworking and Woodworking in America conference great. All these changes seem to be on good terms, and the magazine is healthy from a business perspective.

Megan posted a T. S. Eliot poem as a comment  to Chris’ Lost Art Press blog:

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

~ T.S. Eliot

Chris however wanted something more salty:

Unless it begins:

“There once was a whore from Nantucket…”

It ain’t poetry.

So, if it’s salty limericks he wants, let’s give it to him. Post your woodworking related limerick in the comments.

A jointer down in ol’ Kentuck
Threw down his pen, and exclaimed “oh f-ck!”
Tom the plane-maker said,
“build ’til you’re dead!”
So he loaded his tools in his truck


A bodger from fair Tennessee
Worried his skills were too rusty
He closed down his Mac book
picked up an old French book
And discovered they were still trusty

Thanks Steve, Glen, Chris, and all everyone else at Popular Woodworking for great contributions to the craft.

5 thoughts on “Limericks for Popular Woodworking

  1. Robert Pridgen

    Here’s one for you:

    In the woodworking world much is constant
    Like the plane and the saw and the quadrant.
    But when good writers leave,
    It gives all cause to grieve,
    Or at least get a little despondent.

  2. Matt Post author

    A powertool junky named Huey
    Was working too hard and screamed “Phooey”
    Shanesy was real eager
    To not be the leader
    So Huey and Shanesy made changey

  3. Torch02

    I met a girl with a red fro
    She named her new workbench Gluebo
    Atop it she jumped
    Which got the boys pumped
    With advances she had to forego

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  5. Tom Iovino

    There once was a woodworker named Schwarz
    Who wasn’t into golf or other sports
    “I do my hand planing
    which is physically draining”
    Was one of his frequent retorts.

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