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Questions for General Finishes

I’ve really been into learning a lot about finishing lately, and I’m sure I’ve been annoying my woodworking friends on twitter with all of my finishing related tweets. Finishing is important though, it can make your hard work shine and shimmer even more than great craftsmanship. I believe to get great results, you need to understand what the professionals do, and then approximate that as well as you can in your shop. General Finishes is a company that has a line of Professional Finishes and Retail Finishes, and they have great products and sell to small woodworking shops and home woodworkers through retailers we’re all familiar with like Rockler, Woodcraft, and Eagle America.

In my quest for more finishing knowledge, and to share that with y’all, I’ve been discussing finishing with Tom at General Finishes off-and-on since May 2010. He’s agreed to answer our questions about finishing and General Finishes products, so, what are your questions? Leave a comment, and I’ll include them in my interview with Tom.

Update March 8th, 2011: Comments are now closed. Stay tuned for your answers in a new blog post.