Video Post #7: Woodworker’s $160 Portable Spray Booth Part 2: The Finished Booth

I’ve been holding on to some video for a while, things have been busy at work shipping the Internet Explorer 9 RC. If you aren’t running IE9, you should, and check out the Site Mode Integration for Upper Cut Woodworks.

Today was a snow day, so I’ve been working at home and getting through some blog backlog. Marc Spagnuolo posted on Twitter “one of the first things I’m going to do in the new shop is make a break-down spray booth. I hate the nibs yo!” and Shannon Rogers replied “@WoodWhisperer I hear that, did you catch @uppercutwood’s post on his knock down booth?” So I figured it was time to get off my butt and post the final video for the spray booth. Marc is currently moving his shop back to its previous location and he’s going to take the time to design a very functional space. I can’t wait to see the completed shop.

22 thoughts on “Video Post #7: Woodworker’s $160 Portable Spray Booth Part 2: The Finished Booth

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  2. Bobby

    Wow, a double bonus–spray booth design and shop tour! I bought a bunch of those 8×4 foam panels for insulation and it didn’t occur to me to use them for a spray booth. Why didn’t I think of that? That solves a bunch of problems for me since I won’t be building a separate shed for quite awhile. Thanks!

  3. Matt Post author


    Great to see you on the blog, thanks for stopping by. Looks like our booths are very similar. I sure thought mine was a great idea until I saw Jeff’s book.

  4. Matt Post author

    Hey Bobby,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. The little fan in the booth works pretty well, I was worried about it because it wa sonly $19. But the filters have a telltale shadow on them showing that the overspray is making it through. A stronger fan would do a better job of course. If you build a spray booth, you may want to look at Al’s he has got quite a blower on his.

  5. Dyami

    Nice, Matt. Very well done. I like the idea. I’m toying with ultimately making mine out of EPDM (vulcanized rubber) sheets I get from work so it’ll roll up, but it’s the same basic idea.

    Also, was that a BOB stoller I saw in the garage? They absolutely rock. I’ve pushed mine (with both twins in it) through loose sand at the beach. This may be a woodworking blog/chat, but I’d recco a BOB stroller just as highly as a Woodpecker square to anyone who’ll listen.

    For the editing, did you use Windows Live Movie Maker?

  6. Matt Post author

    Hey Dyami,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Yes, that’s a BOB stroller. We love it but Hayden is now four so we don’t use it that much. For the editing I did the following:
    1. I created my logo animation in powerpoint and saved it as a video.
    2. I edit my videos in Windows Live Movie Maker (it’s free)
    3. I encode them and equalize the audio in Microsoft Expression Encoder
    4. I upload to

    It doesn’t take that long at all and I’m getting better at it. I wrote all the steps and settings into a document so that I do them right each time, with the correct settings each time.

    Have fun in the shop!

  7. Dyami

    Thanks, Matt.
    We’ve outgrown our BOB too.

    I’ve got a bunch of crappy videos on my HD now and I’ll be shooting some more tomorrow a the Woodworking Shows so I’ll definitely be trying out Windows Live Movie Maker.

  8. Vic Hubbard

    Excellent post, Matt!! I’m going to go a similar route to Dyami. I plan on using heavy rubber on barn door tracks, mounted to the ceiling over by my double doors. I’ll bug ya for the video steps. I need to start doing video. Thanks for the double entendres, they made me laugh!

  9. Matt Post author

    Thanks Marc,
    I have some pictures of the booth in use that I’ll post soon. I’d say the bigger the fan, the better. Oh, and my garage doors are 8 foot doors, so when I open them slightly to allow clearance for the fan, it’s hard to push the booth all the way against them. Might be best to cut the panels down to 7′.

    Let me know how your build goes.

  10. Will Wilson

    Hey Matt,

    Awesome post! I just attended a seminar about spray finishing and they guy was from Apollo. They make super nice sprayers but they are way above my budget. I was toying with the notion of an Earlex based on Marc’s video. How do you like yours? I won’t spray very often and I think it is very much in line with what I am looking to do,

    Hey do you think you could do a product review on yours for an upcoming post? Just a thought.

    Thanks for the great posts!


  11. Matt Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Will,
    I really like my Earlex. Caveat: I’ve never used the Fuji, Apollo, or other sprayers. It’s small, works well, and is easy to clean. My favorite guys at Eagle America have the accessories.

    Things I wish I could change:

    • The gun needs a bigger handle. I have big man hands.
    • I can find the needles and cups online, but not replacement air filters.
    • I wish I had the long hose from the HV7000
    • I’ve heard that the hose has non standard fittings, or that the gun is non standard, or something like that. I think that makes a difference if you do a lot of spraying and interchanging stuff.

    Sure, I’ll do a review of the sprayer in the future – have you seen the review by Marc Spagnuolo?

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  14. Rosie

    hey matt, Really cool idea! I am hoping to build this spary booth this summer. When are you going to put up the pictures of the spary booth in use? I am not sure how to put the fan on and the filter?

  15. John

    Thanks for taking the time to produce and post this video. I’m getting ready to build one myself and really like what you’ve done! Have you had any problems opening the garage during cooler (winter) temps?

  16. Matt Post author

    Hey John, no problems yet in winter. My garage is heated and well lit. Of course our winters are mild – mostly just wet and dark. I have had to figure out some ways of dealing with the wind (like bungies). Also when spraying I disconnect the garage dool from the opener.

  17. Matt Post author

    Hey Rosie,

    I just set the fan on the floor, right next to the booth, and attach the filter to the fan with a bungie cord. Low tech, I know. I took some awesome video of the booth in use – at least I thought I did! The camera was not recording at the time so I’ll need to reshoot the video. Thanks for stopping by.

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