Video Post #8: My Shop Buddies

Having a buddy in the shop is always a good thing. Sometimes our buddies are human, like my buddy Greg that helped me build the Thomas Walnut Dresser. Sometimes our buddies are dogs, like Shannon Rogers’ buddy Alex, a great looking dog that sleeps in the shop and occasionally hits his head on things. Tom Iovino has (and is) a Shop Monkey. And of course Tommy MacDonald has Al and Eli. So today I thought I’d introduce you to my woodworking buddies.

Hayden is almost four now, and loves to come into the shop. She has her own little projects and work area, and a little toolbox of plastic tools. I think it’s time to build her a little bench and get her some wooden tools.

Who are your shop buddies? Do you have fond memories of being a shop buddy?

5 thoughts on “Video Post #8: My Shop Buddies

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  2. Eric R

    Hayden is a great shop buddy !
    I was my Dad’s shop buddy, and ESPN and music are my shop buddies.
    (along with a chipmunk I call Chuky who has a nest somewhere in the corner under my bench.)

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