Video Post #2: Shop Tip: Fixing a Zero Clearance Insert

Keep your old zero clearance inserts and reuse them for dadoes. Here’s a short video showing how I reused a zero clearance insert that I had ruined.

3 thoughts on “Video Post #2: Shop Tip: Fixing a Zero Clearance Insert

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  2. Will Wilson

    Hey Matt,

    Great tip. I have an old Craftsman contractor saw (’79 ish) and it doesn’t have any holes for set screws for my ZC insert. Any ideas on how I can hold it in place. I am probably asking for it to become a projectile by just setting it in there and I don’t think I have enough room to drill and tap holes?

    Thanks for the video post. It was great and just long enough too! Did you shoot that on a smart phone? The quality was very good.


  3. Matt Post author

    Hey Will, glad you liked the post.

    My insert doesn’t have screws that hold it in either, it is a friction fit. The screws you see in the insert are for leveling the insert flush with the table. I do think you could do a tab underneath on the backside so it won’t lift up and become a projectile.

    The video was shot totally spur of the moment with a Samsung Digital Camcorder model SC-MX20. It records H264 video straight to SD cards. I then did some quick editing (mostly trimming) with Windows Live Movie Maker and encoded with Microsoft Expression Encoder.

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