USFA Trophy Bases: Brainstorming Ways to Attach Trophies to Bases

One (critical) part of building the bases for the USFA Western Washington Division will be attaching the trophy cups to the bases. With off-the-shelf trophies the cup usually has a threaded bottom for a bolt. These trophies are the real deal though, and don’t come ready-to-bolt.

Here’s a picture of the trophy cup, pretty cool huh?


So I need to figure out how to attach this to the solid walnut base. Take a look at what I’m dealing with, and notice the lip as the metal rolls under the bottom.


So here are some of the ideas I’ve though of:

  1. Take the cups to a silver smith and have a piece soldered in. I’d be too worried to try this myself because I wouldn’t want to discolor the outside.
  2. Drill holes through the sides, so that I could secure a solid block in the bottom. Not the best looking effect.
  3. Epoxy a block or threaded shaft in place. Worried about this someday coming loose.

Here’s the leading idea, building a bridge across the inside of the bottom of the cup:

  1. Cut a circle that fits in the cup tightly, I won’t be able to get it past the lip and into the bottom but that’s OK
  2. Cut the center section out of the circle, and keep it as the bridge for the next step
  3. Shorten the bridge if necessary so that it will fit in the cup
  4. Put the bridge in the cup
  5. Put the other two pieces in the cup, and push them out to the sides
  6. Secure the bridge to the pieces with glue and screws
  7. Put a threaded insert in the center of the bridge
  8. Attach the cup to the base!

trophy attachment 2

If you have an idea, please leave a comment. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “USFA Trophy Bases: Brainstorming Ways to Attach Trophies to Bases

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  2. Dyami Plotke

    I like you’re idea of the bridge to hook the lip inside the base. I also like the idea of epoxy. I’m assuming that once awarded, the trophy’s won’t get much use (or will they be re-awarded every years?). Assuming that they stay on the shelf the epoxy should be more than enough. You could route out a deep recess, set the cup in epoxy and then put more epoxy over the top to lock it in. In this case, you could add dye to the epoxy and make a design element. If done cleanly, I think it could look like inlay around the base of the cup.

    Good luck, and please keep us posed on your eventual decision and progress.


  3. Neil

    Diifferent page showed base…yes you rlip idea will work, but if you make 2 slots and have the straight board piece you show about be 2 pieces overlapping, you can pull the 2 piece to fit tightly under the lip. I’d also rout out the circumferance in the woodbase, just enought where the tophy is inset just a bit 1/8″(?).

    Then attache threaded rod to through the slots and the base. Bolt to stablize.

    Better visual???? — Neil I can see it :^)

  4. Steve

    How did this end up turning out? I’m doing something similar with a silver champagne bucket turned trophy and would love to see your finished work!

  5. Matt Post author

    Hey Steve,
    I’m so behind on the blog. I just realized I never posted the final results. The system worked really well for holding the trophies to the bases without being permanent or requiring drilling or soldering into the trophy. I have pictures so I’ll try to get a post up soon. Thanks for stopping by, and let me know how your champagne bucket trophy works out. Please post a link to some photos or a blog about it.

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