Some Pictures of Redmond Hardwood Supply

Today I stopped by Redmond Hardwood Supply to see if they had a half sheet of White Oak Ply they’d sell me. They didn’t, so I have to go into Seattle to Compton Lumber and the bridge is closed so this will be really fun. But I did get to take some pictures of Hardwood Supply’s new shop area. They have a lot of the bigger and newer Grizzly tools, and lots and lots of wood ready to go. Sorry that the pictures are small and blurry, I’m taking them with a pre-release Windows Phone 7 device that I’m not an expert photographer yet.

Take a stick out of the pile.

and head to the jointer, the monster Grizzly G0455 10” four-blade jointer.

Then you head over to the planer, for some reason that photo didn’t make it. But it’s a Grizzly G0454 20” planer. Makes sense to me to pair the jointer and planer size.

Then rip it on the dedicated rip saw.


Or you could rip it and cut it to length on the panel saw, note the Powermatic model 66 to the right.

When you are all done, give them a good sanding – heck put the entire door through if you want. That is a monster sander and I don’t know the brand.

Thanks to Redmond Hardwood Supply for letting me snap these photos. Good luck in your new shop!

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