Some Comments on the Bosch Colt Router

A few months ago, I purchased the Bosch Colt Router. I wanted a small handheld router that could get into tight places, was light and easy to handle, and was felt safer. A router is a pretty dangerous tool, spinning very sharp carbide at super high RPM, gouging into wood, and all in the palm of your hand!

I chose the Colt because Bosch is known for good tools, and it was recommended by Tommy MacDonald. I’m pretty sure I remember him using it on his Bombe Secretary.

Anyways, here’s my (mostly constructive) feedback to Bosch:

  1. The base on this thing is too small. I understand why you’d want a small base, but you could do something narrow, but also wide. That would allow it to get in small spaces but also be stable. I’ve upgraded my base to something bigger.
  2. The edge guide is a bit flimsy, although it works. I was expecting a better edge guide from Bosch. I think I’ll research after market edge guides.
  3. Adjusting the height is tough. There is a ‘gross adjust’ feature where you just unlock the base and move the motor in the base to adjust. That works fine although I sometimes doubt it is secured when done. The fine adjust just doesn’t seem to work, and the part about rotating the motor in the base seems wacky. I just try to get lucky with the gross adjustment.
  4. The included wrench for the collet is great. It’s a real wrench.
  5. The collet lock button is nice, but should stick out farther.

And here’s my overall feedback for all routers, I wish all router manufacturers did the following:

  1. Your baseplates should be thick, stable, flat, and clear.
  2. Your bases should have plenty of windows to make the work visible, these should be clear plastic to increase safety.

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