Thomas Walnut Dresser – Could Shop Night Go Any Better?

Wow. What a couple of nights I’ve had in the shop. Last night after Fifi (the three year-old assistant) went to bed, I cranked on the drawer boxes making sure they were installed so that the faces would be flush with the fronts. The cut edges on the top got rounded over, sanded, and two coats of shellac. I was in the flow all the way to midnight.

Tonight was even better. I spent less than two hours in the shop and finished the trim along the bottom, and got all the drawer faces cut perfectly, even when the opening wasn’t perfect. The faces are from one piece, so the grain will flow across the front of the dresser continuously.

Next time in the shop I’ll trim out the faces and install them, making any final adjustments for a flush fit. After that all that is left is to apply the finish!

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