Thomas Walnut Dresser: Assembly Continues

Today with the help of my nephew Joshua I got the top drawer dividers, back, and top on the dresser. If you’ve ever heard a woodworker say “you can never have enough clamps” believe them. I had a ton of clamps and cauls on the case today to make sure everything was protected, had even pressure, and was held together flat and straight. Without all these clamps this would never would have come together.


Here’s the dresser from the back. I love it! It fits into a groove in the sides, bottom, and top. I am really glad I took the time to pick the right wood and make sure that the sides are matched.



The last view was the back right corner, here’s the front right corner. You can see the drawer dividers set into the top, and the inside of the case.

So here’s what’s left:

  1. Trim it out with solid walnut.
  2. Build the eight drawer boxes. Those pieces are already rough sized and prefinished.
  3. Install the drawers, trim out the faces.
  4. Install the bottom.
  5. Sand and finish.
  6. Install the pulls.
  7. Done – deliver!

Tomorrow is shop night with GAKMAN and I’ll post another progress update soon.

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