Thomas Walnut Dresser: Base

This past weekend I worked on the base for the dresser. I only had one day in the shop, it was my three year-old’s birthday party on Sunday, and I’ve been sick since Sunday afternoon. The base is solid walnut, and I took advantage of my Stanley Sweetheart #4 smoothing plane for the job.



Here’s the setup to cut the joints. backing board to minimize tear out, and the red handled clamp holds the piece to the miter gauge fence to keep my hands away from the blade.



After all the pieces were cut, I cleaned them up with the #4. Look at the shavings – they were really flying off the blade easily, and smelled so good.



All cleaned up and ready for the glue up. I love my Major League Woodworking marking gauge too.



Dear Jet – I love your clamps. Three base units glued up with tight joints.



Final product, wetted down with mineral spirits so you can see what they’ll look like with finish on them.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Walnut Dresser: Base

  1. Jason Schklar

    Love the smell of wood shavings… That and rain on tomato plants. Yum.

    Cool stuff.

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