Thomas Walnut Dresser: Assembly Begins!

I’m pretty excited after this week, I definitely feel like I’ve turned a corner on this project. Today I assembled the web frames together into a sub assembly.


Here’s a view from the top – yes I was standing on my bench. From left to right: top web frame, drawer divider, middle web frame, drawer divider, bottom web frame. If you look closely at the left edge of the leftmost web frame you can see the dados for the drawer dividers for the top bank of drawers. Those will have matching dadoes in the top of the dresser.



Here you can see the sides clamped on as well. Woodworkers always say you can never have enough clamps, well there are 13 clamps on this thing right now. This glue up was a real pain as a one man job, but taking it a subassembly at a time, using a glue with good open time (and plenty of it), and doing a dry fit and clamp rehearsal helped. Everything is pretty square so far. Next I’ll set it up and start to trim it out. I might not put the top on until the drawers are all installed – might as well make it easy for myself.

Here’s one trick: I don’t just have this sitting on the clamps because there isn’t enough surface area to keep it from falling through the bars. It would be a ballet of frustration trying to get that to work. I glued this with the front face down because the bottom is not flush with the web frames. So, I needed a surface that ran perpendicular to the clamping bars to support the project and give the fronts a flat face to register against. If you look really closely, it’s probably easier to see on the right side of the picture, the piece is resting on a strip of ply wood that lays across all the clamping bars. To keep that piece from sticking to the glue it has a generous coat of beeswax on it.

Take the time to do the little things that will save you a lot of frustration. Doing those little helpful things doesn’t slow you down in the long run, makes your hobby more enjoyable, and your projects turn out better.

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