Shop Tip: The Beastmaster Crosscut Sled

I built this to cut the big panels for the Thomas Walnut Dresser. It’s built from Appleply, and weighs a ton. So glad I made this finally. in the picture below it’s out of position on the saw, it’ rides in both miter slots. The wide end is to the right of the saw kerf.


The fences are made from Baltic Birch, three layers thick, with another block to bury the blade.



The corners are rounded to make this easier to handle.



Here’s my shop helper – she had face paint on from a birthday party. She likes to sit on the workbench.

5 thoughts on “Shop Tip: The Beastmaster Crosscut Sled

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  4. Will

    Hey Matt. Awesome crosscut sled. I have destroyed 2 light duty ones and now it’s time to get down to business. I would like to use your sled as the inspiration for mine and would like to kindly ask for some specifics:

    1.) What is the inside dim (fence to fence)? I probably won’t cross cut anything > 24″ on the TS but who knows.

    2.) How tall is the rear fence? I am always clamping stop blocks to my fence and need to be able to fit a clamp over it. I have seen designs that taper up to over the blade and then go back down to a smaller height.

    3.) What if anything did you finish it with?

    4.) Where do you store it when not cross cutting? Does it pretty much live on the TS?

    5.) If you need to make any non-90 deg cuts, how do you account for those? Is the sled strictly for 90 deg cuts? Do you have a replaceable center piece that can accommodate alternate angles?

    Thanks for sharing. Your blog is great and I really appreciate your frequent posts.

  5. Matt Post author

    Hey Will,

    I’m just back from vacation, sunburned and rested. I hope you had a great weekend. I’ll try to get a blog post out this week that answers your questions. Thanks for following!

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