Updated Shop Photos

This weekend my buddy Mike brought his son over to work on their Pine Derby Car. Beforehand I made sure the shop was ready and took some pictures, here you go. My shop is about 2 bays of my 3 bay garage. I get the far side, wifey parks in the near side.


Here’s the workbench with the new craftsman floor mat in front of it (thanks Wifey). I love that workbench and I’m so glad I got tons of drawers instead of doors. Wifey gets to park on the other side of that bench where the ladder is. I’ve put a power strip on a sliding cleat with the power cord running out the back. This makes it super easy to plug sanders, routers, etc. in right at the workbench. I do need an assembly table though.

Mobile Drop 008 


Here’s the main area, as seen from the ladder. The table saw with my shop made motor cover (I can’t believe Powermatic ships a cheap plastic one). The wooden motor cover has tons of places for hanging necessary things. You can see that everything is on wheels, which is a necessity. Check out that full size Jet Mortiser I got brand new last Christmas for a steal. It was a sunny day and these photos were taken with my camera phone, sorry about that. Someday I’ll take photos with Wifey’s Nikon.

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More tools on mobile bases crammed into the corner. You can see sheet goods stacked up, my bandsaw, jointer, and planer. Also overhead I store a 4’x8’ sheet of cheap insulation foam. Great for laying on the floor to cut big sheets of ply down to size safely.

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The miter saw, air compressor, drill press, and hardware storage area. Above that is a ton of wood ready to be turned into awesomeness.

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You can never have enough of these top rated Jet Parallel Clamps. Above them is a saw owned by my grandfather.

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Like I said, you can never have enough clamps. In the bay window are my old planes, my new Stanley Sweetheart #4, and my woodworking books.

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Here’s the picture of the car Mike’s son made last year. Stay tuned for pictures of the new car!

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