Cool Old Tools

My great-grandfather was a Cooper, so I like old tools. My family knows this and so as they come across old tools they send them my way. I’m totally cool with that. Here are pictures of the latest finds.

Mobile Drop 011

This is a very old plane, you can see it’s broken, and rusted, but someday I’d like to clean this up. If you have information that can help me identify this model, that’d be great. I believe it’s pre-1902 because of the low tip (stubby knob on the front).


Mobile Drop 015

This very cool set of Auger Bits comes in a custom box, and you can see that it’s a multi-level box. The hinge on the back is a real work of art. I love Stanley’s old Motto “The Tool Box of the World.” I wish they still felt that way.


Mobile Drop 012

This is an old Starrett Plumb Bob. It’s heavy, has a braided cord to reduce the never-ending twist that some plumb-bobs experience, and that point is sharp! I mean like, scary sharp!

2 thoughts on “Cool Old Tools

  1. Brian Meeks

    I have a guess about the plane, as I have one that looks just like it. Is it a Stanley no. 27? I may be wrong. I am not an expert.
    The site is looking good.

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